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Can synthetic biology help deliver an AI brain as smart as the real thing?

John Cumbers | 
To create artificial general intelligence, we need to study the brain ...
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‘Almost no limit’: Synthetic biology has turned the stuff of science fiction into the stuff of science

Jonathan Shaw | 
Synthetic biology, or the application of engineering principles to the design of life, presents world-changing prospects. Could components of a ...
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Fighting climate change by reprogramming yeast, bacteria to feast on carbon dioxide

Kostas Vavitsas | 
An organism easily adapted to different environments and ready to consume any compound would be a valuable tool ...
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Most food flavorings could be made with GMO microbes, sparing large amounts of farmland

Elaine Watson | 
In future, the majority of natural flavors could be produced from microscopic armies of microbes programmed to convert sugars into ...
prime editing

CRISPR gene editing’s ‘prime’ upgrade could snip out 89% of genetic diseases

Kostas Vavitsas | 
The new editing technique has the capability to introduce specified changes to the DNA: mutations, deletions, and insertions of new ...
science dnastorage dsc

3D-printed plastic bunny contains its own blueprint coded in synthetic DNA

Megan Molteni | 
The kumquat-sized bunny, cute as it may be, isn’t a toy or a good luck charm. But if you cut ...
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Viewpoint: Synthetic biology, and the quest to engineer life, will define a generation

Desiree Ho | 
More than ever, the systemic and slowly unfolding problems in our world today will define my generation. From petroleum-based production ...

Billion-year-old microbes could give us new food, fuel sources—if we can figure out how to use them

Kostas Vavitsas | 
We can’t afford to let this potential biotech breakthrough go to waste ...
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Virtual reality gets more realistic: Vibrating synthetic skin simulates touch

Edd Gent | 
While they’re still struggling to gain commercial traction, the latest VR headsets are able to transport people to impressive virtual ...
d printing living skin

Bioengineering’s ‘holy grail’: Scientists closer to creating printable skin to cover burns, other injuries

Emily Matchar | 
Creating a durable, natural-looking skin substitute to cover burn injuries or other wounds has been a bioengineer’s holy grail for decades ...
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Artificial lungs grown in ‘hijacked’ mouse embryo could pave way for human transplants

Shelly Fan | 
Vaping aside, as dangerous air quality becomes increasingly prevalent in cities around the globe, the risk of serious lung disease ...
human chromosomes

Infographic: Creating artificial human chromosomes

Ruth Williams | 
To convert a piece of cloned DNA into a centromere-containing human artificial chromosome (HAC), an array of repeated LacO sequences ...
magnetic skin

‘Magnetic skin’ turns your body into a remote control, opening doors and controlling lights with a wave of the hand

Iris Deng | 
A Saudi research team has developed a ‘magnetic skin’ that can open a door or control a switch remotely with ...

Sugar-free sweetener derived from GMO yeast could hit grocery stores in 2020

Kristen Painter | 
Cargill Inc. and the Dutch ingredients giant Royal DSM this week began churning out a new sugar substitute that mimics ...
human factors

How synthetic biology will allow us to redesign humans ‘from the ground up’

Jason Dorrier | 
Just as physics and chemistry have given humans power over the world of the inanimate, biology is giving us the ...

4 keys to the future of synthetic genomics, including the ability to ‘construct entire chromosomes’

Dan Samorodnitsky | 
We are already living in a synthetic biology world. Within that huge world is an enormous variety of ideas and ...

These gene-edited pigs could eliminate shortage of human organ transplants

Karen Weintraub | 
It’s what’s inside this animal that matters. Her body has been made a little less pig-like, with four genetic modifications ...

Podcast: Can we ‘outsmart’ cancer with synthetic biology? Dr. Tim Lu talks customized disease treatments

Cameron English, Tim Lu | 
On this episode of Biotech Facts and Fallacies, Tim Lu talks to Cameron English about Senti's progress toward "outsmarting complex ...

Meet the ‘flavorists’: Food chemists who make plant-based Beyond, Impossible burgers taste like ‘meat’

Laura Reiley | 
Marie Wright dips four long strips of paper, the kind you’d sniff a perfume sample from in Sephora, into bottles ...
a mouse embryo developing

Create a fetus without an egg or sperm? Researchers have done it with mice

Yasmin Tayag | 
Reproduction used to be a simple thing: two parents, one egg, one sperm, one embryo, one baby. But on [October ...
genome project–write scientists create synthetic human genomes

4 innovations—including stronger gene-editing skills—that would allow us to rewrite genomes from the ground up

Edd Gent | 
The ability to read genomes has transformed our understanding of biology. Being able to write them would give us unprecedented ...

For synthetic biology to reach its potential, building new chromosomes from scratch must become commonplace—and we may be getting close

Kostas Vavitsas | 
Many of the needed technological breakthroughs can be achieved in the next several years ...
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‘Drink like there is tomorrow’: Inside the quest to prevent hangovers with a GMO probiotic

John Cumbers | 
Engineered probiotics and other microbes provide amazing opportunities ...
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Viewpoint: From biofuels to food flavorings, here’s 10 ways biotechnology boosts sustainability

Clara Fernández | 
As climate change looms over our future, many industries are turning to biology for solutions to make all aspects of ...
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Are undiscovered antibiotics ‘silently waiting’ in our own bodies? Researchers scour microbiome for helpful genes

Shelly Fan | 
[A] study led by Dr. Mohamed Donia from Princeton University pushed the dark microbiome world into the light by targeting the ...

Turning DNA into a hard drive for data storage. How do you extract the data when you need it?

Emily Leproust, Emily Mullin | 
With massive amounts of data being generated around the world every day, DNA is poised to provide an ultracompact storage ...
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Viewpoint: Don’t expect synthetic biology to reverse climate change. But it could help, if we use it correctly.

Kostas Vavitsas | 
There are several ways in which synthetic biology may have a positive contribution to our carbon footprint ...
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