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Neutralizing toxic military explosives with GMO plants

Kevin Folta, Liz Rylott | 
Military preparedness means testing ammunition in controlled field trials, as well as decommissioning obsolete weaponry. The result is a significant ...
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Talking Biotech: Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat debunks flawed glyphosate-cancer meta-analysis. Were the mistakes deliberate?

Geoffrey Kabat, Kevin Folta | 
A skeptical look at the latest glyphosate-cancer study reveals critical errors ...

Talking Biotech: Ethos Chocolate—the pro-GMO candy brand winning over biotech skeptics

Kevin Folta, Rebecca Larson | 
Ethos chocolate hypes its use of GMO ingredients to promote crop biotechnology ...
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Talking Biotech: How AAAS, world’s largest science organization, promoted ‘data-less conspiracy’ linking glyphosate to kidney disease

Kevin Folta | 
There is no evidence that glyphosate causes kidney disease. Why does the AAAS say otherwise? ...
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Talking Biotech: Recruiting bees as soldiers in the war on plant pests

Kevin Folta | 
The company Bee Vectoring Technologies uses bees to control deadly plant pests ...
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Talking Biotech: Regulating gene-edited animals as drugs will stifle food innovation

Alison Van Eenennaam, Kevin Folta | 
Animal gene editing could revolutionize food production. But FDA regulation stands in the way ...
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Talking Biotech: Extreme GMO skeptics know the least about genetics—how should science communicators respond?

Kevin Folta, Philip Fernbach | 
People most opposed to GMOs know little about them. How does this impact science communication? ...

Talking Biotech: Genetic engineering could protect at-risk forests—but regulation blocks progress

Kevin Folta, Steve Strauss | 
Changing climates and pathogens threaten forests. Biotechnology could help, if regulators get out of the way ...

Talking Biotech: Turning GMO plants into carcinogen-catching air filters

Kevin Folta, Stuart Strand | 
Could GMO houseplants purify the air in our homes? ...
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Talking Biotech: Environmentalist Erin Brockovich is wrong about Monsanto, glyphosate and cancer

Kevin Folta, Robert Saik | 
Famous environmental advocate Erin Brockovich says glyphosate causes cancer. Here's why she's wrong ...

Talking Biotech: How do we get consumers to think like scientists?

Kevin Folta, Thomas Zinnen | 
Thomas Zinnen and Kevin Folta tackle a perennial question: How do you communicate science to a hostile audience? ...

Talking Biotech: Tough questions about genetic engineering—a listener interviews Dr. Kevin Folta

Gary Nolan, Kevin Folta | 
Roles are reversed on this week's podcast. Science enthusiast and blogger Gary Nolan interviews Dr. Folta ...
plant breeding oilseed rape as example

Talking Biotech: As demand for food rises, the world needs more plant scientists

Kevin Folta, Marcio Resende, Patricio Muñoz | 
The world needs plant scientists. Two experts explain how you can join the field ...

Talking Biotech: Meet the liquor store owner boycotting Smirnoff’s ‘non-GMO’ vodka

Allison Nondorf, Kevin Folta | 
Meet Allison Nondorf, a farmer and co-owner of A&C Liquid Assets in Kansas. The liquor store refuses to sell Smirnoff's ...
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Talking Biotech: How regulation threatens the future of biotechnology

Kevin Folta, Matt Ward | 
Technology is revolutionizing health care and food production. But excessive regulation slows these important developments. What does this mean for ...
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Talking Biotech: How insects could make our food supply more sustainable

Kevin Folta, Sam Glickstein | 
Producing feed for animals we eat has led to overfishing and other environmental challenges. Feeding our livestock insects might solve ...
How To Cut A Mango Tutorial

Talking Biotech: Mango is a vital food crop worldwide. But where did it come from?

Emily Warschefsky, Kevin Folta | 
Mango is popular worldwide, but especially important in India and southeast Asia. On this episode, Emily Warschefsky and Kevin Folta ...

Talking Biotech: Does LaCroix sparking water really contain cockroach insecticide?

Kevin Folta, Samantha Arroyo | 
Join Kevin Folta as he tackles recent concerns that LaCroix sparkling water contains cockroach-killing insecticides ...

Beyond pesticides: Engineered crops that fertilize themselves from air

Alan Bennett, Kevin Folta | 
Plants are surrounded by nitrogen, but it's unusable as found in the atmosphere. Scientists may be able to change that ...

Talking Biotech: Thalidomide once caused birth defects—now it treats cancer

Katherine Donovan, Kevin Folta | 
The sleep medication thalidomide caused thousands of birth defects in the 1960s. But experts say it's also a powerful cancer ...
Vanilla Extract by Mike Mozartflickr

Talking Biotech: There’s a worldwide vanilla shortage. Can science save our favorite food flavoring?

Alan Chambers, Kevin Folta | 
Vanilla is the world's favorite food flavoring—but there's not enough to go around. Thankfully, scientists are developing new ways to ...
critical thinking

Talking Biotech: Using psychology to disarm anti-GMO activists

Itamar Schatz, Kevin Folta | 
Activists use fear to spread doubt about GMO safety. How can scientists counter this powerful debate tactic? ...
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Talking Biotech: 30-year study confirms environmental benefits of glyphosate use

Kevin Folta, Robert Saik | 
Anti-GMO activists continue to warn about the dangers of glyphosate, but 30 years of data show the controversial herbicide is ...
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Talking Biotech: The Kevin Folta—Biofortified controversy: When transparency and confidentiality conflict

Kevin Folta, Paul Vincelli | 
Transparency helps scientists earn public trust. But what happens when their research requires confidentiality? Kevin Folta and Paul Vincelli tackle ...

Talking Biotech: Artemisinin—the malaria treatment that could help prevent 400,000 deaths a year

Ian Graham, Kevin Folta | 
University of York's Dr. Ian Graham joins Kevin Folta to discuss how the plant-derived compound artemesia could help beat back ...

Talking Biotech: Chicken is the most widely grown animal in the world, but where did this popular bird come from?

Greger Larson, Kevin Folta | 
Chicken is essential to modern agriculture, but where did it come from? Oxford University's Dr. Greger Larson explores this popular ...
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