sergiu pasca

Video: Neuroscientist Sergiu Pasca on his pioneering efforts to grow brain organoids from stem cells

Sergiu Pasca | 
When [Stanford University brain researcher Sergiu] Pasca started his own lab at the university in 2014, he continued working on ...
cancer survivor deep in thought standing by the window shutterstock

Video: Two mutations join forces to create deadlier cancer

Brian Stallard | 
Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have discovered that ...
a c b da b ac

Video: Here’s what sugar does to our brains

Nicole Avena | 
When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation ...

Video: Can meat substitutes like the GMO Impossible Burger make inroads as a meat substitute in China and other countries?

Beth Kowitt, Patrick Brown | 
Meat substitutes are surging in popularity as an environmentalist backlash against meat intensifies and as the taste of meat substitutes ...
crops on mars

Video: Crops engineered with nanoparticles could survive bleak environments—including space

Tyler Berrigan | 
A family of nanoparticles known as metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, can absorb harmful UV radiation. Joseph Richardson is a nano-engineer ...
is red meat bad for you or good x feature

Video: Does eating red meat increase cancer risk? Here’s what’s wrong with a recent study.

Tiffany Doherty | 
The old chestnut that eating red meat leads to cancer is back. A [recent] study claimed that eating red meat ...
wellness eating bugs

Video: Prof Joe Schwarcz on why bugs may be coming to our dinner plates

Joe Schwarcz | 
Pretty soon there will be 9 billion people coming to dinner. That population boom is going to require an increase ...
web e

Video: Targeting glioblastoma and other deadly cancers with nanoparticles, chemotherapy

Stephen Frederico | 
Nanoparticles are capable of carrying chemotherapy to areas of the body afflicted by cancer. However, what if these nanoparticles were ...

Video: African biotech scientist Margaret Karembu defends safety, sustainability of GMO crops

Margaret Karembu, Nick Saik | 
Environmental scientist Margaret Karembu takes on common objections to GMO crops in this interview with Know Ideas Media founder Nick ...

Video: Alzheimer’s and the disappointing history of amyloid research

Alex Hogan, Damian Garde | 
The idea that sticky brain plaques cause Alzheimer’s disease began as an interesting hypothesis and eventually became drug industry dogma. Now, ...
caudipteryx x

Video: Robot dinosaurs show us how flight evolved

Michael Irving | 
Modern birds are believed to have evolved from certain types of dinosaurs, and the transitional species Archaeopteryx sits neatly in ...
5-5-2019 dna off switch x x

Video: What does it mean to ‘turn on’ a gene?

Alla Katsnelson | 
In the murky darkness, blue and green blobs are dancing. Sometimes they keep decorous distances from each other, but other ...
4-28-2019 k om npd cxbawng ozcpnjm

Video: Even if you’ve never taken a DNA test ‘your genetic privacy might already be compromised’

Rachel Becker, William Poor | 
The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA tests comes with a host of thorny problems, including how to interpret the data and major questions about genetic privacy ...
gmo tom

Video: Where did the infamous needle-in-a-tomato anti-GMO image come from?

Nick Saik | 
It’s become something of a personal quest: find the original “syringe-in-the-plant” image. For the last 5 years, I’ve been communicating ...
lab burger

Video: Lab-grown meat could hit the market within five years

Lab-grown meat, cultured from the stem cells of animals, is considered by many to be a sustainable and ethical solution ...
vertical farming

Video: Tomorrow’s crops could be grown indoors, without soil or pesticides

Ed Vega | 
As the world's population grows and climate change accelerates, farmers are increasingly turning to biotechnology, engineering and data science to ...
gmo wheat

Podcast: There’s more to plant breeding than GMOs. Overlooked biotech tools help develop new crops

Dale Leftwich, Harpinder Randawa | 
When most people hear the term biotechnology they think GMOs. It’s important to know that biotechnology is much more than ...
Screen Shot at PM

Video: EU Parliament member calls for ‘pragmatic’ debate about crop gene editing in Europe

Jan Huitema | 
Dutch MEP Jan Huitema spoke before the Agriculture Committee of the EU Parliament on January 7. He called for a ...
germsonaplanemaskmh x

Video: Why infectious diseases are so troublesome for air travelers

Alex Hogan | 
When Emirates Flight EK203 landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport last September, it did not proceed to its ...
non gmo labels consolidated label

Video: How accurate is Non-GMO Project’s butterfly label?

Nick Saik | 
Make no mistake, the Non-GMO Project isn't here to sell you safer food, they're just here to make money on ...

Video: Why many food companies won’t pick a side in the GMO debate

Nick Saik | 
In this video, Know Ideas Media founder Nick Saik explains why farmers and agriculture companies have to get involved in ...

Video: How the Environmental Working Group manipulated the math on glyphosate safety levels to create ‘Roundup in Cheerios’ scare

Nick Saik | 
The weed killer glyphosate (aka Roundup in patented form) is lauded by farmers as a safe, effective herbicide. However, there ...

Video: Why gene editing could change the path of human evolution

Jamie Metzl | 
Most people think the genetics revolution is primarily about healthcare. But what's really at play is the evolutionary trajectory of ...
identical twins alike but not alike peter zelewski

Video: Looking back at groundbreaking twins research—and its impact on genetics

Henrik Dynesen | 
“I have looked at the data, and I’m collecting the data, and I’m still absolutely astounded. I still haven’t settled ...
e c b f d e a c

Video: How does the brain act on what it sees?

Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky | 
What we see often determines how we act: We hit the brakes if a car is stopped ahead of us ...

We talk to our dogs. Do they understand the words we use?

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds | 
Dogs know what 'get the ball' means, but do they truly understand what we say? ...
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