Video: Inside the quest to truly understand the living cell

Jeffrey Delviscio | 
“I would be happy to have a rudimentary understanding of a single cell.” That doesn’t sound like a shocking statement, ...
New born Frisian red white calf

Video: Inside the quest to improve farm animal welfare by tweaking their genes

Aki Ito | 
For nine nerve-racking months beginning in the summer of 2014, Dan Carlson waited for his lab experiments to be born ...

Video: Why having a dog can put you in a ‘state of calm’

Emma Fierberg | 
Your pets have a larger effect on your body and brain than you might think. They have the ability to ...

Why we don’t all need to be vegans in the pursuit of sustainability

Andrew Porterfield | 
Humans are unique in the degree to which they can manipulate their surroundings. And agriculture is one enormous way to ...
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Video: How CRISPR is changing the GMO debate

Nick Saik | 
CRISPR is changing everything we thought we knew about Genetic Engineering, because according to the USDA, they won't be regulating ...
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Tester beware: Deleting your genetic data is ‘essentially impossible’

Kristen Houser | 
[Bloomberg journalist] Kristen V. Brown sent her spit to at least three different companies over the years. She went around ...
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Viewpoint: Neonicotinoid use on field crops should be reined in

John Tooker | 
Planting season for corn and soybeans across the U.S. corn belt is drawing to a close. As they plant, farmers are participating ...
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Using evolution to break barriers in an ‘increasingly polarized, politicized world’

Rachel E. Gross | 
Rick Potts is no atheist-evolutionist-Darwinist. That often comes as a surprise to the faith communities he works with as head ...

Battling constipation with synthetic biology and DNA manipulation

Ricki Lewis | 
Ateam of researchers has cleverly combined synthetic biology, recombinant DNA technology and microbiome manipulation to fashion a novel targeted treatment ...
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Video: Can blight-resistant GMO trees save the American Chestnut?

The American Chestnut tree used to be a staple in American forests until it essentially became extinct due to blight ...
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Video: How disease-resistant GMO potatoes could help Uganda’s potato farmers reduce pesticide spraying

This video describes advances by the International Potato Center and the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) of Uganda to develop ...
African farmer

GMO crops in Africa: How South African farmers paved the way

Nkechi Isaac | 
“I feel I wasted my time working for over 20 years as an electrical engineer in Johannesburg,” said Khambi Frans ...

EU food safety chief: Reelection—not reality—motivated Europe’s anti-glyphosate politicians

Some politicians spoke “loudly” against glyphosate, the world’s most commonly used weedkiller, before their elections but came back to reality ...

Video: Our bodies continue ‘ticking right along’ after we die

Sarah Crespi | 
When you’re dead, you’re dead—right? No pulse, no brain activity, no signs of life. But at the cellular level, things ...
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Video: A quick history of biotechnology

Nick Saik | 
Here’s a history of DNA, genes, and chromosomes as fast as possible. Read full, original post: A History Of Biotechnology ...
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Funny or Die website: ‘All-Natural, Non-GMO 100% Gluten-Free Internet Video!’

Wyatt Bechtel | 
If you've walked through the grocery store you've probably seen the marketing spin of food labels. “Non-GMO,” “gluten free,” “natural,” ...
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Video: Can CRISPR gene editing help solve world’s food and farming challenges?

A research team at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is developing higher-yielding tomato plants with a gene-editing tool called Crispr-Cas9. Are ...
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About the musician who played the flute — during her brain surgery

Jamie Wells | 
A professional musician suffering from career-affecting tremors underwent deep brain stimulation. This procedure can help Parkinson's patients, epileptics, and those ...
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Video: How GMO bananas could help Ugandan farmers overcome bacterial wilt disease

Uganda's political system holds the key to helping farmers who are struggling with the devastating banana bacterial wilt disease. Read ...
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Video: Genetic Literacy Project founder Jon Entine on GMOs and ‘chemophobia’

Jon Entine, Ricardo Lopes | 
In this episode of The Dissenter, Ricardo Lopes interviews Genetic Literacy Project founder Jon Entine about bioengineering, GMOs and "chemophobia." Ricardo ...
John Franz image history page

Video: John Franz invented the herbicide glyphosate—is he a farming hero or villain?

Nick Saik | 
Who's the man behind Glyphosate, and why is he winning some of the highest honors in science if his invention ...
fall armyworm mgmt

Video: The science behind insect-resistant GMO Bt corn—explained

Joel Ochieng, Senior Research Fellow and Leader of Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Nairobi, explains what a GMO is -- ...

Futurist Jamie Metzl: Through gene editing ‘we will increasingly direct our own evolutionary process’

Jamie Metzl | 
In this talk from last month's South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals, futurist Jamie ...

Video: Innovative brain-mapping techniques could unlock neuroscience secrets

Monique Brouillette | 
What [neuroscientist Tony] Zador showed me was a map of 50,000 neurons in the cerebral cortex of a mouse. It ...

Video: How genetics is revolutionizing medicine and disease research

Sharon Begley | 
This three-part series of documentary shorts, produced by Retro Report in partnership with STAT, looks back at the roots of three of ...
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Video: Does ‘organic’ mean GMO-free?

Nick Saik | 
The definition of what "GMO" means is most important in the context of organic production, because they’ve been the champions ...
wheat harvest

Video: How CRISPR can help us feed the world

Shelley Schlender | 
Bread and chocolate are staples of the American diet. And a scientific team in California is working hard to make ...
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