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Episodes produced for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project.
The GLP features numerous podcasts from around the web, providing a wealth of biotechnology information. We also host three podcasts:
• Science Facts & Fallacies with Cameron English and Kevin Folta
• Genetics Unzipped – the Genetics Society podcast with Kat Arney
• Talking Biotech with Kevin Folta
us congress

Talking Biotech: Scientists testify on GMOs before Congress; American Farm Bureau on biotech challenges

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Briefing US lawmakers on GMOs: Chris Barbey and Alejandra Abril Guevara; Farm Bureau view of biotech challenges: Andrew Wamsley ...
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Talking Biotech: Anti-GMOers misrepresent glyphosate study; Carrots’ evolutionary roots and future

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Activists twisted my glyphosate research: Fiona Young; Carrot future: Shelby Ellison and Philipp Simon ...

Talking Biotech: Neal Carter on non-browing Arctic Apple; Jonathan Wendel on DNA of cotton

Arctic Apple: Neal Carter; Genetic origin of cotton: Jonathan Wendel ...
tb pod

Talking Biotech: Life-saving banana for Uganda; Grape domestication and improvement

Engineering bananas: James Dale; Genetic improvement of grapes: Sean Myles ...

Talking Biotech: Engineering hornless cows; Blueberry origins

Hornless cattle gene editing: Alison Van Eenennaam; Domestic blueberries: Paul Lyrene ...

Talking Biotech: Introduction, and Sleuth4Health Julee K

Sleuth4Health blogger Julee K. Julee ...

Podcast: UC-Davis’ Van Eenennaam on health impact of GMO crops on humans and animals

 |  Poultry Site
University of California-Davis animal biotechnology professor Alison Van Eenennaam, author of recent research published in the Journal of Animal Science [NOTE: article behind paywall ...

Podcast: GLP’s Jon Entine interviewed on Vancouver’s CKNW

 |  CKNW
A new poll shows that the majority of British Columbians aren't too keen on genetically modified foods. Many of them ...

Podcast: Part II of organic grower Jack’s Farm Radio interview with GLP’s Jon Entine

 |  Jack's Farm Radio
In Part II of Dan Heckler's interview with GLP’s Jon Entine, the discussion turns to environmental sustainability and claims by ...

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