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10 unique GMO products and benefits, and more on the way

Carol Curchoe | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Carol Lynn Curchoe is a scientist, teacher, consultant, advisor, and author.] [GMOs] have been used to benefit human ...
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Do organic and conventional farmers use similar amounts of pesticides?

Jessica Shade | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s note: This opinion column was written by Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs for The Organic Center. It was ...
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Why do consumers prefer organic to conventional produce when both use pesticides?

Ryan Tipps | AGDAILY | 
What gets overlooked by [activist] groups are the reports from the USDA itself that show that even organic foods have ...
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Agronomist: No amount of data will satisfy ‘anti-biotech extremists’ peddling precautionary principle

Tim Durham | AGDAILY | 
[Tim Durham is a professor of agronomy and agricultural science at Ferrum College in Virginia.] The [precautionary principle, or PP] ...
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Rice, papaya, oranges — 3 GMO versions of conventional crops tweaked for humanity’s benefit

Carol Curchoe | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe is the founder of 32ATPs, and is a scientist, teacher, consultant, advisor, and author.] Let's look ...
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Infographic: Understanding ‘hazard vs risk’ illustrates lack of science behind IARC’s glyphosate cancer designation

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Lately in the news of agriculture there has been a lot of controversy over the popular herbicide glyphosate being labeled ...
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How GMOs help farmers achieve more sustainable ‘conservation agriculture’

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Michelle Miller, the Farm Babe, is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker and writer, who grows row crops, and raises ...
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Opinion: Celebrities, environmental activist groups should stop shaming parents into avoiding GMOs

Amanda Zaluckyj | AGDAILY | 
The Environmental Media Association has teamed up with the organic dairy farm Clover Sonoma to celebrate Dairy Month in an ...
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Why biotech crop advocates should stop saying ‘GMOs are safe’

The anti-GMO movement has perfected the art of cherry picking. Take the mainstream media headlines that scream “GMOs are safe!” ...
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Video: Dietitian Abbey Sharp’s hilarious look at the GMO debate

Abbey Sharp | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Abbey Sharp is a Registered Dietitian (RD), food writer and blogger, and founder of Abbey's Kitchen Inc.] Did ...
food technology training

5 ‘game changer’ technologies improving modern agriculture

Amanda Zaluckyj | AGDAILY | 
1. GPS technology GPS may be the biggest game changer in agriculture. While things like autosteer have made driving the ...
mary dell chilton working in her lab at syngenta biotechnology

Mary-Dell Chilton: 78-year-old ‘mother of genetic modification’ still innovating

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Mary-Dell] Chilton...led a collaborative research study at Washington University in St. Louis, and although GMO tobacco was never commercialized, it ...
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Podcast: Horticulturalist Kevin Folta exposes US Right to Know’s smear campaign against biotech scientists

The development of GMOs have helped farmers feed more people and create sustainable methods in modern agriculture. But that fact ...
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Do real farmers think of Monsanto as ‘the oppressor’?

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker and writer ...

‘Follow the money’: Why the organic industry funds anti-GMO campaigns

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Everything we eat has had their genes modified by humans at some point in history, and nothing we eat exists ...
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Herbicide glyphosate now labeled ‘carcinogenic’ under CA’s Prop 65—Law that some say ‘only benefits lawyers’

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
The state of California can now require Roundup to have a label on it stating that it is a possible ...
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Iowa farmer: 8 popular food companies that promote myths about GMOs

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, raises lamb and beef cattle, and grows almost ...
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Iowa farmer debunks 8 popular myths about GMOs

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor's note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, raises lamb and beef cattle, and grows almost ...
o BURGERS facebook

Does a burger from a hormone-treated cow pose a health problem? Maybe, if you eat the bun

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[This article was written by Michelle Miller, aka Farm Babe, who raises lambs and beef cattle, and grows almost 2,000 ...

With school budgets tight, New York state PTA proposes spending more for non-GMO food

Amanda Zaluckyj | AGDAILY | 
...[T]he New York PTA has released its Proposed Resolutions for 2016. ...[including] a proposal aimed at taking any genetically engineered foods, or ...
GMO labeling

US should follow Canada in cracking down on non-GMO label when no GMO version exists

Amanda Zaluckyj | AGDAILY | 
. . . [M]ore and more companies are slapping non-GMO labels onto products for which there is no GMO equivalent ...
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