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Federal judge rules California can’t label glyphosate herbicide as cancer-causing

Steve Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
California cannot require companies to place warning labels on glyphosate products, a federal judge affirmed in a ruling issued Tuesday [June 12] ...
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US House committee approves amendment requiring genetically engineered salmon to be labeled

Steve Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
The [House Appropriations Committee] ... approved, over a handful of objections, an amendment that would subject genetically engineered salmon to ...
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USDA releases GMO food labeling proposal—suggests using ‘bioengineered’ instead of ‘genetically modified’

Spencer Chase | Agri-Pulse | 
USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has issued a proposed rule to implement the landmark legislation requiring some form of disclosure of ...
Farm bill National Review

Proposed 2018 Farm Bill includes amendments aimed at streamlining regulation of genetic engineering

Philip Brasher | Agri-Pulse | 
The House Agriculture Committee approved a group of 15 Republican amendments to the panel’s farm bill that would modify a ...
gene edited vegetable

USDA has ‘no plans’ to regulate CRISPR gene-edited crops, says agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue

Daniel Enoch | Agri-Pulse | 
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue ... issued a statement making it clear that USDA does not regulate, or have any plans ...
better cow

Regulate GMO and gene-edited livestock based on product not process, experts say

Ed Maixner | Agri-Pulse | 
A bevy of remedies may be needed to ensure American farm productivity keeps growing at the clip it has for more ...

Will the noxious public debate over GMOs turn consumers against gene-edited crops?

Ed Maixner | Agri-Pulse | 
Americans are easily riled about genetically modifying crops, animals and foods, even though research indicates they know little about how ...
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How should the FDA regulate CRISPR gene-edited animals?

Philip Brasher, Steve Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
Gene editing is touted as a promising new way of altering the DNA of plants or animals to speed their ...
Kate Morgan c Jim Varney x

Virus-resistant CRISPR pigs could save pork producers $600 million per year

Ed Maixner, Sara Wyant | Agri-Pulse | 
To pig farmer Thomas Titus, new scientific techniques could bring better disease resistance for his herd, saving baby pigs and potentially ...
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Farmers, scientists worry anti-GMO activists could stymie CRISPR and other gene-edited crop research

Sara Wyant | Agri-Pulse | 
[N]ew precision breeding tools are creating such a buzz that some activists suggest techniques like CRISPR Cas9 - which involves ...
salmon jpg

For sale in Canada, genetically engineered salmon delayed by politics in US

Ed Maixner | Agri-Pulse | 
A trivia question for American food shoppers: AquAdvantage, the genetically engineered Atlantic salmon being sold in Canada, is available in ...
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Gene editing: How breeders use CRISPR and TALEN to improve crops, livestock

Ed Maixner | Agri-Pulse | 
Animal and plant breeders are trying out a set of powerful new tools which have the potential to revolutionize agricultural ...
G x

Public embrace of CRISPR gene editing key to future of agriculture

Ed Maixner | Agri-Pulse | 
The process of producing food, protecting the environment, and improving animal health is advancing at a seemingly breakneck pace. These ...
label gmos

Public weighs in on GMO labeling standard

Steve Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
To help determine how to implement the GMO labeling law signed into law last year, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service asked ...
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Opinion: Think twice before purchasing products with the ‘fake news’-spreading Non-GMO Project label

Randy Krotz | Agri-Pulse | 
[Editor's note: Randy Krotz is CEO of the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.] I am increasingly finding items that are labeled ...
diamondback moth

USDA approves first release of GE diamondback moths, in New York cabbage fields

Steve Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
A proposal to release genetically engineered diamondback moths in cabbage fields in upstate New York has received a green light ...
article FC BA B x

Nina Fedoroff: USDA, FDA proposals intended to streamline biotech crop regulations don’t offer needed relief

Nina Fedoroff | Agri-Pulse | 
[Editor's note: Nina Fedoroff is an American molecular biologist. She was awarded the National Medal of Science in 2007 and served ...
Screen Shot at PM

Can the FDA convince public that GMOs are safe to eat, good for environment?

Philip Brasher | Agri-Pulse | 
The Food and Drug Administration has a tough job ahead of it, a job that the food and agriculture sectors ...
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98% of U.S. farmers say GMOs help reduce environmental footprint of farming

Spencer Chase | Agri-Pulse | 
A survey of 282 U.S. farmers shows 98 percent of them think GMO seeds - typically bred to be resistant to things ...

China’s resistance to reform biotech import approval process irks trade partners

Bill Tomson | Agri-Pulse | 
An annual U.S.-China trade conference ended [Nov. 23] with little headway in getting China to reform the way it approves new ...
Screen Shot at AM

USDA set to approve GMO, non-browning Fuji apple

Stephen Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service plans to approve a new “non-browning” variety of Fuji apple after concluding it does not ...

US wheat exporters expect little disruption in sales after GMO wheat found in WA state

Bill Tomson | Agri-Pulse | 
The U.S. Wheat Associates is hopeful there will be no business lost and only minor trade delays after a Washington ...
Screen Shot at PM

Obama signs compromise GMO labeling bill

Daniel Enoch | Agri-Pulse | 
President Barack Obama signed into law legislation that prevents states from requiring on-package labeling of genetically modified ingredients, capping an ...
Screen Shot at PM

Senate passes GMO labeling bill

Philip Brasher | Agri-Pulse | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The Senate easily approved ...
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Senate Ag. Committee agrees on GMO labeling bill that would pre-empt VT law

Philip Brasher | Agri-Pulse | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A landmark Senate agreement ...
Screen Shot at PM

House committee questions EPA about leaked glyphosate report

Stephen Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The EPA report that ...

EPA’s atrazine risk assessment draws criticism from agriculture groups, Syngenta

Stephen Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. An EPA draft document assessing ...
Screen Shot at PM

EU proposes temporary authorization of glyphosate for 12 to 18 months

Stephen Davies | Agri-Pulse | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The European Commission is ...
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