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Why the FDA and USDA can’t agree on the definition of a GMO

Chuck Dinerstein | 
The regulatory concerns about genetic modification of animals that I wrote about a while ago have moved towards a Congressional spotlight. Pigs ...
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Viewpoint: Time for reassessment of ‘privileged’ organic industry as national program head steps down

Hank Campbell | 
[Editor’s Note: Hank Campbell is president of the American Council on Science and Health.] For the last 17 years, the United ...
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GMO controversies of 40 years ago are today’s science success stories

Hank Campbell | 
GMOs were a worry 40 years ago? Yes, though GMO insulin today is regarded as a gigantic success story for ...
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Viewpoint: Netflix promotes anti-GMO films, suppresses legitimate science

Hank Campbell | 
Netflix has declined to carry the agriculture documentary called "Food Evolution", for reasons they refused to specify. ... Is the ...