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AAAS fiasco just got messier—After member revolt, data-less news release linking glyphosate to kidney disease pulled, Freedom and Responsibility award will not be presented, for now

Alex Berezow | 
Editor's note: After this blog was posted, on February 6, the American Association for the Advancement of Science tweeted that ...
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Viewpoint: New York Times’ mixed record on science literacy—botched reporting on GMOs and chemicals while challenging anti-vaxxers

Alex Berezow | 
The New York Times has done something that it very rarely does: It wrote an editorial in support of biotechnology. The piece, ...
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Viewpoint: No, Whole Foods Magazine, there’s no plot to sneak GMOs into our food

Alex Berezow | 
....Last week, Whole Foods Magazine (yes, that's a thing) published an article written by a lawyer, Scott C. Tips, about an evil plan to ...

New study hyping health benefits of organic food is more marketing than science, biologist argues

Alex Berezow | 
How do you know when a "study" isn't really a study? When the people who performed it wrote up a ...
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Scientists can identify organic and conventional milk with a simple chemistry test

Alex Berezow | 
Food fraud is a substantial problem....because it is nearly impossible for consumers to tell the difference between, say, conventional and ...
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Viewpoint: We aren’t doing enough to protect people against ‘false promises’ of unproven stem cell treatments

Jamie Wells | 
In an announcement of no surprise, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again officially warned a company it previously warned in ...
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Video: Glyphosate and other health ‘boogeymen’ aren’t causing all diseases

Josh Bloom | 
Should John Oliver decide that he’s had enough, perhaps because generating sarcasm is exhausting, there is someone who can slip ...

Artificial vs natural? Ocean Spray sued for using synthetic flavor in its cranberry juice

Alex Berezow | 
Ocean Spray, the company that makes several popular cranberry juice drinks, is battling a class-action lawsuit brought by two plaintiffs ...

Using molecular trickery to cross the blood-brain barrier

Josh Bloom | 
[There are a] number of methods that are being used to break down the [blood-brain] barrier that keeps drugs for ...
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Change, resilience and the mysterious human microbiome

Chuck Dinerstein | 
Our microbiome is an inner ecology of Planet Us. And thought of in that context, two new small, exploratory studies, may ...

America’s risk paradox: Flu killed 80,000 people this year, but we’re more worried about GMOs

Alex Berezow | 
We had a really bad flu season this year. The CDC just announced that about 80,000 Americans were killed .... H3N2 ...
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Eating organic food prevents cancer? New study offers more confusion than clarity

Chuck Dinerstein | 
The JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association] Internal Medicine journal has a report .... on the relationship between organic food ...
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Viewpoint: 7-year food fraud scheme exposes flawed oversight of organic farming

Alex Berezow | 
Three farmers in Nebraska just plead guilty to a food fraud scheme in which they were selling conventionally grown corn and soybeans ...
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Simple urine test for anxiety, depression around the corner

Alex Berezow | 
Depression and anxiety are not always easy to detect. … Besides being time consuming and inconvenient, diagnostic criteria are rather ...

Viewpoint: New glyphosate study suggesting danger to honeybee microbiota is detailed, sophisticated—and wrong

Josh Bloom | 
Erick Motta and colleagues at the University of Hawaii just published a paper in PNAS entitled "Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees." ...
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Record-high yields suggest climate change no threat to coffee production

Alex Berezow | 
For roughly the last two years, the media has been warning us that climate change is threatening the world's supply ...

Famous chemist Bruce Ames a chemical ‘industry apologist,’ anti-GMO group claims

Alex Berezow | 
[The] Ames test .... is literally textbook science that is taught to students all over the world. .... It was ...
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Viewpoint: Catering to anti-GMO activists is a losing business strategy

Hank Campbell | 
A few years ago .... Brent Smart, CEO of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi's, headquartered in New York, who had managed their ...
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Viewpoint: There’s no such thing as an organic ‘superfood’

Josh Bloom | 
If you do a Google search of "Oz superfoods" you will get more than 40,000 hits. The good doctor really likes superfoods ...

‘Foot soldiers’ of disease: Plasma proteins could be key to understanding genetic risks

Chuck Dinerstein | 
[Blood plasma] is the home of the “secretome,” a host of proteins that serve as inter-cell communicators. These proteins are ...

All-veggie ‘Impossible burger’ targeted by PETA’s cancer claims

Alex Berezow | 
Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn't made from beef ...

No link between increased pesticide use and childhood cancer, study suggests

Alex Berezow | 
Like the word "chemical," the word "pesticide" has been hijacked and then unfairly demonized. Scientists use the word pesticide to refer to ...

What can we learn from studying GWAS—Genes of large swaths of people?

Chuck Dinerstein | 
In the quest to separate nature from nurture, scientists seeking to understand the contribution of genetics have more tools. A ...

Viewpoint: Why the term ‘GMO’ contributes nothing to debates over food safety

Giovanni Tagliabue | 
Many people believe that a so-called “genetically modified organism” (GMO) is a term that has some significance for interpreting the ...
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In lower risk groups, lifestyle, rather than genetics, plays the largest role in diabetes and heart disease, study shows

Chuck Dinerstein | 
The data-miners have found a new vein of data, the UK Biobank, which contains genetic information on about 500,000 of ...
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Viewpoint: Organic industry allies ignore expert witness’s hypocrisy in Roundup weed killer trial

Hank Campbell | 
Chris Portier, Ph.D., an activist statistician who pushed to get the common herbicide ingredient glyphosate listed as a "hazard" for ...
Breast cancer risk actually decreases as women under 55 gain weight, study shows

Breast cancer risk actually decreases as women under 55 gain weight, study shows

Eric Lief | 
A new, large-scale breast cancer study of women who had not yet reached menopause produced a surprising result: as body ...
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Viewpoint: Popular science news website promotes pesticide conspiracy theory

Alex Berezow | 
Two weeks ago, we reported on a bizarre decision by the online news arm of the journal Science: The outlet had reprinted ...