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Are biosimilar drugs reliable replacements for their pricier counterparts?

Chuck Dinerstein | 
Biologics are complex molecules, modifying our immune responses to specific chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or irritable ...
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Viewpoint: Why was pro-GMO professor David Zaruk fired?

Alex Berezow | 
David Zaruk is an expert in European Union regulations and risk communication. He writes a blog, titled The Risk-Monger, which largely ...

Bringing a common language to Alzheimer’s research

Chuck Dinerstein | 
The research into the underlying causes and treatment [of Alzheimer's] have been intensifying but have been a bit undisciplined; it ...
natural label

Viewpoint: Divide between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’ chemicals is meaningless

Josh Bloom | 
Since pesticides and herbicides are routinely in the news, lately because of the "Glyphosate Wars," (2) I thought it might be interesting to ...
Emmanuel Macron agricultural policy french farmers agricultural fair eu brexit

Viewpoint: Will France stand up for science in battle over glyphosate safety?

Hank Campbell | 
In 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron held fast with his environmental allies against science and declared they would ban the herbicide ...
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Betty Crocker: ‘GMOs are safe—we wouldn’t use them if we thought otherwise’

Alex Berezow | 
There's a lot of money to be made in kowtowing to the latest dietary fads and unsubstantiated health scares. ...

Viewpoint: With new IARC director Elisabete Weiderpass, ‘the status quo has won’

Hank Campbell | 
With the term of controversial International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Director Christopher Wild thankfully at an end, speculation about ...
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Does an extra glass of wine take 30 minutes off your life? That’s ‘outlandish’

Alex Berezow | 
A few weeks ago, the media ran wild with an outlandish claim that an extra glass of wine will take ...

Viewpoint: Why is the Guardian publishing anti-GMO activist Carey Gillam’s glyphosate lies?

Alex Berezow | 
Carey Gillam is an anti-GMO activist who once wrote for Reuters, but no longer does. An e-mail obtained from a FOIA ...
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Viewpoint: Organic Consumers Association promotes conspiracy theory blaming farm pesticides for school shootings

Alex Berezow | 
A crackpot named E. G. Vallianatos has written a blog post that links pesticides to school shootings. He says, "[Pesticides] may have ...

Can humans reproduce in space? NASA wants to know

Jamie Wells | 
If the thought of conceiving in space or the potential of one day giving birth there seem unimaginable and far-fetched ...
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Viewpoint: Gene editing in agriculture shouldn’t be regulated, whether applied to crops or animals

Chuck Dinerstein | 
CRISPR has changed the way alterations are made; so in the past year the FDA clarified their position, any intentional ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-biotech activists don’t understand the difference between GMOs and CRISPR crops

Chuck Dinerstein | 
CRISPR-Cas9 may genetically modify a crop, but it doesn’t necessarily result in a genetically modified organism, the dreaded GMO. To ...

Viewpoint: JAMA falls short in ‘correction’ of research letter reporting glyphosate in urine

Hank Campbell | 
In October 2017, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) added to the weight of evidence they care more about media ...

Habits and choices: How does our brain differentiate between the two?

Julianna LeMieux | 
Habitual behavior is routine and automatic, frequently initiated by a cue or change in a situation.Sometimes, habits don't hold up, ...
hispanic woman doctor comforting disabled elderly patient mexican women

Viewpoint: No, the placebo effect is not increasing, but bedside manners do impact perceived drug efficacy

Chuck Dinerstein | 
[A] new article, published in Psychology Today, purports that the “Placebo Effect is Growing.” In the author’s words, “Over the ...
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Brain inflammation–encephalitis–in children linked to single gene mutation

Julianna LeMieux | 
For most children, an infection with a virus like herpes simplex or influenza (the flu) will cause the typical symptoms and run ...

Wheat is a notoriously difficult crop to improve. CRISPR could change that

Julianna LeMieux | 
One challenge to improving wheat genetically has been due to the complex genetic mechanisms that go on with wheat DNA. A wheat ...
Pic by Neil Palmer CIAT A coffee farm worker in Cauca southwestern Colombia

Could genetic engineering save coffee from a deadly fungus?

Ruth Kava | 
Genetic diversity or lack thereof can have real consequences for our diets, and more importantly, for our health. ... The ...

Rapid blood test for traumatic brain injury approved by FDA

Julianna LeMieux | 
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a blood test that may revolutionize the diagnosis of [traumatic brain injury] ...

The CRISPR Journal: New peer-reviewed publication dedicated to cutting edge research

Julianna LeMieux | 
Several features of CRISPR are behind the rise in the excitement that surrounds it. It is an incredibly easy to do, ...
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Genetically attracted: Online dating site wants to use DNA for matchmaking

Eric Lief | 
With the online dating market exploding into a multi-billion dollar business, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs crave a piece of ...
Honey Bees

Beepocalypse myth busting: Honey bees, not wild species, key for crop pollination—and they’re doing fine

Alex Berezow | 
Like GMOs and vaccines, misinformation is rife on the topic of bees. Fearmongers warn of a coming "Beepocalypse." The media ...
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Nation’s expanding waistline linked to increase in 13 types of cancer

Ruth Kava | 
It's common knowledge that as a country, we've been getting fatter for decades. In some states the prevalence of obesity ...

Treating difficult brain and breast cancers with the help of viruses

Julianna LeMieux | 
New research published in Science Translational Medicine ... introduced a new potential treatment for some of the most difficult to treat cancers––brain and triple negative ...
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Luxturna gene therapy approved for vision loss

Julianna LeMieux | 
The first two novel gene therapies for cancer treatment passed through FDA approval earlier this year, first B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) followed quickly ...
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Why we stutter

Eric Lief | 
While the average American might not come across it on a daily basis, stuttering is a relatively common condition. So when ...
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Isolating DNA for research inexpensively in 30 seconds

Julianna LeMieux | 
The ability to extract DNA from cells is a cornerstone of molecular biology. Without the ability to isolate pure DNA, there ...