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GMO label may not dissuade buyers but rather encourage sales

David Ropeik | 
Opponents of genetically modified food claim that their demand for labeling is only intended to provide choice for consumers. In ...

Claims that technology is making children autistic are unfounded

Simon Oxenham | 
Here we go again. Recently, British newspapers: The Telegraph, The Independent and The Metro (a paper given out free on public transport right across the ...

E.O. Wilson: Synthetic life isn’t going to kill us

Biologist Edward O. Wilson, a two-time Pulitzer Prize recipient and the author of The Meaning of Human Existence, sees the future of biology ...
gmo food

Just label it: Risk expert says food companies’ fears about GMO stigmatization unwarranted

David Ropeik | 
There are a lot of pros and cons about agricultural biotechnology, AKA GMOs. Factual pros and cons about human safety ...

Center for Food Safety on how to trash a healthier eco-friendly potato—It’s a GMO!

David Ropeik | 
Cooking potatoes (and many foods) causes the Maillard reaction, an interaction of sugars and amino acids perhaps most familiar in ...
nicholas negroponte smaller

MIT prof Nicholas Negroponte: GM food is ‘very important future’

Recent studies by KPMG, the UK Government Office of Science, and now the U.S. National Science Foundation-supported National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center claim that civilization ...

‘Hateful’ example of anti-GMO activism illustrates dangers when emotion overpowers reason

David Ropeik | 
There is a frightening, hateful turn of events taking place right now that anyone involved in the GMO issue, or ...

Study claiming organic more nutritious captures why it’s harder to figure out risk

David Ropeik | 
A study in the news last week perfectly captures why it’s getting harder and harder to figure out what’s risky ...
D Judges Gavel

Science ‘court’ to rule on ‘facts’ in contentious GMO debate

David Ropeik | 
When the assessment of scientific facts becomes distorted with emotion as in the heated GMO debate, we may need to ...

Food industry should support and help guide GM labeling law to diffuse debate

David Ropeik | 
Food production is a complicated, messy system. Labeling is easy to call for, but hard to actually work out. But the ...

Angry mob more frightening than GMOs

David Ropeik | 
The Frankenstein metaphor that opponents of genetically modified food use to promote their fears is more apt than they realize ...

DNA sequencing outpaces Moore’s Law

Eric Green | 
So Moore’s law is the law of the computer industry that says computer power doubles every 24 months or so ...
killer tomatoes eat france big think

No GMOs? How about a helping of irradiated mutant fruits and veggies instead?

David Ropeik | 
Although plants bred through industrial means like mutation breeding for genetic modification might seem dangerous, unnatural does not automatically mean ...
Washington State GMO labeling initiative to go to the voters in a November ballot strict xxl

Open letter to CEOs of ‘BigAgTech’: Change stance on GMO labeling, build consumer trust

David Ropeik | 
To reclaim consumer trust, agriculture companies must change their stance on labeling and support it, rather than fight it ...

It’s time to play God with our food

Ramez Naam | 
There future of food may hold some hybrid of organic and genetically modified techniques, if we're ready for it ...

Education doesn’t increase intelligence

Satoshi Kanazawa | 
Education does not increase your intelligence.  It’s the other way around. A subcategory of the last common misconception about intelligence ...
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Why GM crops are a moral necessity

Orion Jones | 
Professor of international development at Harvard, Calestous Juma has called on Africa to form an "International Institute for Biotechnology" that ...
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