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Safety has little to do with restrictive GMO regulations in developing countries

Layla Katiraee | 
In the debate surrounding GMOs, a statement that is often made is that many countries have banned transgenic crops, which ...

How do polyculture cover crops in agriculture compare to monocultures?

Andrew McGuire | 
Planting cover crop mixtures is very popular right now. The practice has a feel-good aspect about it and, buoyed by ...

Monsanto rep engages Skeptic Society

Mary Mangan | 
Around the world there are “Skeptics in the Pub” events that gather folks from the local community who are interested ...

Why state by state GMO labeling laws won’t work

Layla Katiraee | 
Over the past few months, there have been several big stories on the labeling of GMOs. The one factor that stands ...
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Why aren’t there any studies proving GMO safety?

Layla Katiraee | 
When discussing transgenic crops, I regularly get asked to provide a paper that “proves” that GMOs are safe. Whether you ...
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Bill Nye explains switch from ‘Anti-GMO Guy’ back to ‘Science Guy’

Mary Mangan | 
Bill Nye caused a bit of drama over his stance on GMOs with the publication of his recent book, Undeniable: ...

Plant breeding deathmatch: Mutagensis vs transgenesis

Layla Katiraee | 
Mutations happen at a fairly constant rate and can occur every time a cell divides. Although we tend to think ...
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‘Clueless’ how science is done, U.S. Right ‘Two’ Know issues new wave of FOI GMO demands

William Harvey | 
Previously, it was reported that 14 Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) requests had been filed seeking the correspondence of academic ...
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Media should examine bee age, not neonics to understand disappearing bees

Joe Ballenger | 
Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder has always interested me, because I’m interested in insect pathology – and this is probably the ...

Will gene-edited products be considered GMOs?

Layla Katiraee | 
The genome engineering methods currently used, particularly in mammalian cells, are difficult and inefficient. This has led scientists to search ...

Simplot’s Generation 2 Innate adds late blight resistance

Karl Haro von Mogel | 
Back in December, the USDA public comment period opened up for a next-generation transgenic potato variety developed by Simplot. The ...
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Regulatory hurdles may blunt future of open source GMO crops as patent expires for GMO soybeans

Karl Haro von Mogel | 
The development, testing, and regulation of genetically engineered crops usually takes a significant investment of time and resources, so these ...

William Powell video interview on the return of the American chestnut tree

William Powell | 
When European settlers came to America, they found vast forests in the Appalachian mountains, dominated by the American chestnut. But ...

“The GMO Deception”: Jumble of cut-and-paste misinformation

Mary Mangan | 
Except for an occasional new piece, or a pre-section wrapper, the material in this tome is mostly cut-and-paste from the ...

Biology Fortified: Independent biotech site under attack from mystery anti-GMO activists

Open letter from Biology Fortified ( We have an unfortunate announcement to make. For about one month, Biology Fortified has ...
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Can genes pass from genetically modified food into our blood, posing dangers?

Layla Katiraee | 
The 2013 PLoS One article Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood is often used as evidence that ...
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Food Hunk challenges Foodbabe and other anti-GMO activists

Jeff Fountain | 
Early this September I attended the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa.  It’s an event that’s centered around the pure ...

Anti-GMO group GM Watch says Biofortified’s GENERA project ‘useful’

Anastasia Bodnar | 
In a discussion about the scientific literature on genetically engineered crops, Claire Robinson of GM Watch has previously said: ”I am, as ...

To MA legislators: Poorly-designed GMO labeling bill will misinform consumers

Mary Mangan | 
I understand that you support H3996 because you believe it is a labeling requirement, and my comments below will be ...

Trade politics, not health concerns, driving Russia’s anti-GMO stance

Caroline Coatney | 
The Russian government’s most public reason for banning GMOs—its citizens’ health—may not be its primary reason. During President Putin’s recent meeting with ...

Marvel’s X-Men fan? Then you should appreciate ‘special powers’ of ‘mutant’ GM crops

Karl Haro von Mogel | 
From the origins of their 'special powers' to GMO labeling and mutant registration, the parallels between the debate over GMOs ...

What if activists fought against all technology like they oppose biotechnology?

Mary Mangan | 
Think about the technology you have around your house. Maybe your TV, DVD player, your smartphone, your tablet. Maybe you ...

10 realizations to change thinking about GMOs

Marc Brazeau | 
When I first started learning about GMOs, my model was trans fats and vitamin supplements. We thought that we could ...
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Monsanto launches “$hill Bucks” effort to sway GMO debate

Abril Primero | 
The biotechnology industry, struggling to gain acceptance for their products, has looked at social media as a wild animal they’ve ...
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Can you get E.coli poisoning from GMOs?

Layla Katiraee | 
Biofortified blogger Layla Katiraee takes on a Farm Wars story about how GMOs allegedly cause E.coli poisoning. Katiraee counters points made ...

If Seralini’s study is valid, he should be able to publish it in legit journal

Kevin Folta | 
The 2012 work by Seralini et al has long been retracted, and months later friends and admirers of Prof Seralini still ...

The people behind GMO papayas

Karl Haro von Mogel | 
Last August, I was invited to speak about genetically engineered crops at a GMO Summit organized by the Hawai’i Crop ...

Is Round-up in the air a health danger? (Answer: No)

Kevin Folta | 
Last week the anti-biotech websites exploded with the news: “Roundup Weedkiller Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples, Gov ...