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Environmental Working Group slams joint EPA-PETA effort to end pesticide testing on animals

Adam Allington | 
Leaders from the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals flanked Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler ...

Impossible Foods seeks approval for GMO plant-based burgers in biotech-wary Europe

Agnieszka De Sousa | 
Impossible Foods Inc. has applied to start selling its plant-based burgers in the European Union as it looks to expand ...
beyond meat

Beyond Meat pea supplier mulls lentils, oats, rice as beef substitutes to meet plant-based burger demand

Agnieszka De Sousa, Ashley Robinson | 
One of the world’s biggest pea processors is considering expanding into fava beans as the boom in alternative proteins fuels ...

Bayer, BASF must defend against dicamba herbicide drift lawsuit in Missouri state court

Peter Hayes | 
Monsanto Co. and BASF Corp. must defend in state court allegations that dicamba herbicides drifted onto a Tennessee tobacco farm, ...
Screen Shot at PM

Viewpoint: Don’t ‘oversell’ veganism as the only solution to climate change

Mark Buchanan | 
Meat consumption plays a huge role in global warming, producing nearly 15% of all carbon dioxide emissions, even more than ...
Screen Shot at PM

Rapeseed farmers benefit from honeybees more than pesticides, French study finds

Rudy Ruitenberg | 
For European rapeseed farmers, honey bees buzzing around fields may outweigh the benefits of using pesticides to fight insect damage, ...
Lose Weight Fast

The coming ‘vegan economy’? Billion-dollar plant-based food industry rushes to satisfy eco-conscious consumers

Lydia Mulvany | 
Veganism is on the rise. The phenomenon has spawned a burgeoning industry in alternatives to animal-derived products that’s already worth ...
navigate a coffee plantation like a pro

Nestle expands glyphosate testing on imported coffee as trials feed Roundup-cancer scare

Fabiana Batista, Isis Almeida | 
Nestle SA is increasing checks on the coffee it buys, after recent tests showed beans from some countries had levels ...
large chipotle gmo farewell

Chipotle reaches $6.5 million settlement in lawsuit alleging ‘deceptive’ non-GMO marketing

Julie Steinberg | 
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has agreed to pay $6.5 million to resolve consumer litigation over allegedly misleading non-GMO marketing, according ...
Glyphosate-cancer battle escalates as Germany aims to ban Roundup after 2023

Glyphosate-cancer battle escalates as Germany aims to ban Roundup after 2023

Birgit Jennen | 
Angela Merkel’s government aims to phase out herbicides containing glyphosate by the end of 2023, a move that could generate ...
Screen Shot at PM

EU farmers ‘fed up’ with rapeseed as neonicotinoid insecticide ban, dry weather cripple crop yields

Megan Durisin, Olivia Konotey-Ahulu | 
Rapeseed, easily spotted with its bright yellow flowers in summer, is used for meal and oil in products ranging from ...
Bayer Monsanto What They Make e

Glyphosate label war escalates: Spurning EPA objections, California keeps cancer Prop. 65 warning on herbicide

Emily Dooley | 
California has no plans to change its rule that certain products containing the herbicide glyphosate require warnings to consumers that ...
bayer monsanto

Roundup on trial: Glyphosate-cancer settlement talks progress, but report of an $8 billion payout is ‘pure fiction’

Jef Feeley, Joel Rosenblatt, Tim Loh | 
Bayer AG is proposing to pay as much as $8 billion to settle more than 18,000 U.S. lawsuits alleging its ...

Roundup trial: Bayer’s glyphosate-cancer legal losses signal public’s flagging trust in regulators

Adam Allington | 
Jurors have sided with plaintiffs in all three cases over Bayer AG’s herbicide Roundup to go to trial so far, ...
Screen Shot at AM

UK may reject strict EU GMO rules, but nation’s farmers can’t grow biotech crops yet

Megan Durisin | 
British farmers could get the chance to plant genetically modified crops as part of Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans. The new ...
Impacts of Cloud Computing in Japans Social Media

Some farmers earn more money defending GMOs on YouTube than they do growing food

Denitsa Tsekova | 
It’s a sign of the times when farmers make more money advocating for the industry on social media than actually ...

Viewpoint: We need GMO, CRISPR-edited crops to help feed 10 billion people

Deena Shanker | 
If we want to feed 10 billion people by 2050, in a world beset by rising temperatures and scarcer water ...
glyphosate x x e

EU ‘probably won’t’ re-approve Bayer’s glyphosate weed killer after 2022, German agriculture minister says

Tim Loh | 
German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner said glyphosate herbicide probably won’t have enough support to gain re-authorization for use in the ...
monsanto bayer

If Bayer settles glyphosate-cancer lawsuits, final costs could range from $2.5-$20 billion

Tim Loh | 
There’s a $2.5 billion question hanging over Bayer AG. Or perhaps a $20 billion question, depending on who you ask ...

‘Innovative’ GMO Impossible burger could help support US soybean growers, says USDA chief Sonny Perdue

Sonny Perdue may be a champion of agriculture and agribusinesses in all its forms. But even he isn’t immune to ...
Field of oilseed rape with bees e

French rapeseed yields hit 14-year low following drought, neonicotinoid insecticide ban

Megan Durisin | 
French farmers are getting so tired of beetles chomping on their rapeseed that some of them may decide to further ...
memory boosting brain implant x

Surgically implanted chips could boost memory for people with traumatic brain injuries

Caroline Winter | 
Over the past five years, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has invested $77 million to develop devices ...
association that helps cancer patients x

These drugs could replace chemotherapy with fewer ‘disruptive side effects’

Kanoko Matsuyama | 
A class of drugs is emerging that can attack cancer cells in the body without damaging surrounding healthy ones. They ...

Lab-grown sushi could help meet booming seafood demand, cut overfishing

Josh Petri, Lydia Mulvany | 
Salmon has become the guinea pig of the seas when it comes to using technology to supplement falling fish populations ...

GMO Bt crops slow global spread of fall armyworm pest, but some bugs resistant to insecticidal plants

Jason Gale | 
The fall armyworm is hungry, on the move and scaring farmers the world over. The crop-devouring pest has spread from ...
Monsanto out of China

Will GMO-wary China accept virus-resistant CRISPR pigs?

Kristine Servando | 
As China struggles to stem a contagious, hog-ravaging disease, a British company offers some hope. But it may first need ...

Why having a risky genetic mutation isn’t necessarily doom and gloom

Michelle Cortez | 
Most people think carrying a gene variant associated with a disease means automatically getting that disease, according to Sekar Kathiresan, ...
Bayer Monsanto What They Make e

Viewpoint: $2 billion glyphosate-cancer damages highlight why science is ‘no match’ for a persuasive lawyer

Chris Hughes | 
Bayer AG hoped it could rely on science to establish the safety of its Roundup weedkiller. But it has clearly ...
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