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Cell-based, synthetic, cultured? Debate intensifies over what to call lab-grown meat

Deena Shanker, Lydia Mulvany, Teaganne Finn | 
Lab-grown. Cell-based. Clean. In vitro. Cultured. Fake. Artificial. Synthetic. Meat 2.0. These are all terms that refer to the same kind ...
farmers chance use dicamba

Legal challenges expected after EPA re-authorizes controversial weed-killing herbicide dicamba

Susan Bruninga, Tiffany Stecker | 
Farmers can use the pesticide dicamba to clear fields of stubborn weeds for two more growing seasons after the EPA ...

China struggling with consumer skepticism in push to introduce GMO corn

Michael Standaert | 
China’s central government set a goal two years ago for commercializing genetically modified corn by the end of 2020, but ...
cross hedging

Edible cotton? USDA approves biotech seeds that can be spread like peanut butter

Americans may soon be eating cotton for the first time — not just wearing it — as a new edible ...

Glyphosate-cancer case appeal: Judge inclined to set aside $250 million of damages, order new trial

Joel Rosenblatt | 
Bayer AG won a tentative ruling slashing the lion’s share of a $289 million verdict in the first trial over claims ...
chinese family

Asians finally have drugs ‘perfectly tailored’ to their genetics

Ari Altstedter | 
For decades, much of the pipeline of medical innovation has flowed from West to East. Now a string of companies ...
monsanto sign

Monsanto ‘didn’t fully disclose’ involvement in 2016 glyphosate review, publisher says

Joel Rosenblatt, Lydia Mulvany, Peter Waldman | 
Bayer AG’s defense of Roundup weed killer may take a hit after an academic journal [Critical Reviews in Toxicology] said ...
doudna lab

CRISPR co-creator Jennifer Doudna: Clinical human gene editing 5 to 10 years away

Tatiana Darie | 
A pioneer of the Crispr gene-editing technology that’s taken Wall Street by storm says the field is probably five to 10 years ...
gene corn

Viewpoint: US, Europe taking ‘equally misguided’ approaches toward gene-edited crops

Crispr is coming to the farm. The gene-editing tool, best known for its potential to prevent disease and fight cancer, ...
naturevalley crunchybar peanutbutter

Following lawsuit by organic food group, Nature Valley bars will lose ‘100% natural’ label

Deena Shanker | 
General Mills Inc.’s Nature Valley bars will no longer bear the “Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats” label, after ...
burndown herbicide application sprayer Don McCabe M A

Viewpoint: Jury’s glyphosate cancer ruling doesn’t change fact that all farmers need pesticides to grow food

Lydia Mulvany | 
It may seem like Judgment Day has come for glyphosate, with a California jury slapping $289 million in damages on Monsanto Co ...
champagne vineyards in the montagne de reims area of the marne

Climate change threatens champagne production, but wineries use ‘smart genetics’ to stave off problems

Elin McCoy | 
In the cold, chalky cellars deep underground at boutique Champagne house A.R. Lenoble, co-owner Antoine Malassagne shares his worries about ...
New born Frisian red white calf

Video: Inside the quest to improve farm animal welfare by tweaking their genes

Aki Ito | 
For nine nerve-racking months beginning in the summer of 2014, Dan Carlson waited for his lab experiments to be born ...

USDA, World Health Organization butt heads over use of antibiotics in agriculture

Andrew Martin, Jared Hopkins | 
The Trump administration is resisting the World Health Organization’s effort to sharply limit antibiotic use in farm animals... ... The WHO ...
organic farm

Kazakhstan ‘goes organic’ to compete in $90 billion non-GMO food market

Agnieszka De Sousa | 
Kazakhstan is tapping growing consumer demand for organic crops to help it better compete in the food-export market. The country ...
National Organic Program

As USDA pushes deregulation, organic food producers invent their own quality standards to protect profits

Andrew Martin, Shruti Singh | 
Stringent regulations are crucial to maintaining consumer confidence in the organic label that the U.S. Department of Agriculture oversees, according ...
gmolabelbill custom bd ad cdee a a b c c ef eecc s c

Viewpoint: Simple disclosure—not fancy logo—is what GMO labeling needs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has come up with cheerful new labels for genetically modified foods. The bright green and ...

Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein: USDA’s GMO labeling proposal provides no benefits, high cost to consumers

Cass Sunstein | 
Should a federal agency issue a regulation that will impose up to $3.5 billion in costs next year and billions ...
a fcfc e ef b a

Putin’s organic empire: How billionaires are remaking Russian agriculture

Deep in the Caucasus, downriver from Europe’s highest peak, North Korean women roam Soviet-era hothouses growing what tycoon Vladimir Evtushenkov is betting ...
flooded hives

Bad weather to blame for recent uptick in US honeybee loses

Alan Bjerga | 
Beekeepers in the U.S. reported an increase in honeybee deaths over the last year, possibly the result of erratic weather ...

Impossible Burger will have to wait another 90 days for voluntary FDA safety review

Lydia Mulvany | 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has pushed back the deadline of a safety review of Impossible Foods Inc.’s “magic” ingredient ...
Monsanto x

GMO crop pioneer Robb Fraley to leave Monsanto after Bayer takeover

Lydia Mulvany | 
It’s the end of an era at Monsanto Co. after executives including the seed giant’s scientific leader Robb Fraley announced ...

Agricultural tech startup Indigo uses microbes to improve crops

Elizabeth Dunn | 
In humans, a healthy microbiome—the universe of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that lives inside all of us—is increasingly recognized as critical ...
btcotton khDD x @LiveMint

Monsanto has no patent on GMO Bt cotton seeds, Indian court rules

Pratik Parija, Upmanyu Trivedi | 
Monsanto Co., the world’s largest seed company, can’t own a patent over genetically modified cotton seeds in India, a court ...
Bayer Monsanto fusion

Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto hits US anti-trust snag

David McLaughlin | 
Bayer AG’s plan to win antitrust approval for its takeover of Monsanto Co. hasn’t satisfied U.S. officials who are worried ...
The World According to Monsanto e

Monsanto glyphosate class action suit dealt another blow as judge says evidence of cancer link ‘pretty sparse’

Joel Rosenblatt | 
A lawsuit claiming Monsanto Co.’s popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer was dealt a blow by a judge’s conclusions that ...

Organic beer? Anheuser-Busch to sell organic Michelob Ultra in Whole Foods, other stores

Jennifer Kaplan | 
After years of targeting health-conscious beer drinkers with Michelob Ultra, Anheuser-Busch InBev is going after an even choosier consumer: the organic shopper. The ...
trout jumping

Do trace levels of neonicotinoid insecticides found in waterways threaten aquatic life?

Adam Allington | 
A recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey detected neonicotinoid pesticides in 10 Great Lakes tributaries throughout the year, although the levels ...