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Mirroring reality: Neuron activity reflects how and what we see

Angus Bezzina | 
Scientists are a step closer to unraveling the mystery of sight now that they have revealed part of the process ...
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CDC: Treatments for imaginary ‘Chronic Lyme Disease’ have claimed lives

Andrew Masterson | 
The peak public health body in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has issued a ...
Did evolution unfold steadily, or in fits and starts?

Did evolution unfold steadily, or in fits and starts?

Andrew Masterson | 
In 1972, the eminent palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould and his colleague Niles Eldredge...sought to explain so-called gaps in the palaeontological ...

Malaria weapon: Genetically engineered fungus with spider, scorpion venom

Jessica Snir | 
A research team from the University of Maryland has genetically engineered a fungus with spider and scorpion toxins to enhance ...
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Can plant seeds ‘decide’ when to germinate?

Andrew Masterson | 
Botanical orthodoxy holds that plant germination is a purely mechanistic process, driven entirely by external stimuli. The plant seed itself ...
Babies might avoid deadly infections by receiving gut microbe transfers

Babies might avoid deadly infections by receiving gut microbe transfers

Jana Howden | 
In research published in Science, an international team of researchers found that a bacterium known as Clostridia helped mouse pups ...

Autism risk linked to 18 new genes related to communication, socialization difficulties

Paul Biegler | 
Researchers have isolated 18 new genes believed to increase risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a finding that may pave ...

Genes linked to ‘human seeking behavior’ in dogs tied to bipolar disorder, autism in man

Amy Middleton | 
They like to be close to us, make eye contact and communicate with us – unusual behaviour between two different ...

Cassava genome mapping may provide tools to make crop disease resistant, less toxic

Belinda Smith | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Bill Gates called it ...

Lawyer’s 20-year mission to deny human gene patents succeeds in Australia, US

Elizabeth Finkel | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Luigi Palombi’s desk was ...

DNA is tough enough to survive space travel

Adrian Mettauer | 
Could the blueprint for life have come from space? Yes, according to an experiment carried out by molecular biologist Cora ...

Public GMO studies database finds GMOs safe, half of studies independent

Marc Brazeau | 
Critics of genetically modified crops often assert that all research into the plants’ safety is bought and paid for by industry ...

Can Europe return to ‘knowledge-based’ society amid anti-GMO calls to topple science adviser?

John Davison, Marcel Kuntz | 
Politics are winning at the expense of science in France and now the entire European Union faces a similar fate. On ...
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On GMOs, France becoming scientific backwater

Agnès E. Ricroch, John Davison, Marcel Kuntz | 
France does not walk in the footsteps of Norman Borlaug. Half a century of rising farm productivity has let France ...

How did Monsanto come to be the Devil in the GMO debate?

Keith Kloor | 
Which is the real Monsanto? The one poisoning the world and failing to improve crops with genetically modified seeds, or ...

Psychology explains why many people fear GM foods

David Ropeik | 
The brain is first and foremost in charge of keeping us alive and it uses everything it can to figure ...

Both sides of the GMO food fight are fighting for the same ends

Elizabeth Finkel | 
On either side of the GMO fight, you find combatants in fierce agreement about the right of all people to ...

Environmentalists’ stance on GMOs betrays progressive values

Mark Lynas | 
It is obviously inconsistent on the part of environmental groups such as Greenpeace to trumpet the importance of the worldwide ...

Food and Chemical Toxicology’s bungled handling of Séralini publication fiasco permanently damaged biotech movement

Elizabeth Finkel | 
The apology from Food and Chemical Toxicology over its handling of French scientist Gilles-Éric Séralini’s now retracted paper purportedly showing ...
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Scientists turn to GM wheat to avert potential global crisis

Elizabeth Finkel | 
Rising populations, new diseases and climate change threaten the wheat yields that sustain much of the planet. But, scientists have ...

Genomic epidemiology: Tracking superbugs to their source

Mark Walker | 
As concern grows over an increasing risk of deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a budding field of microbial research, ‘genomic epidemiology’, may ...

Australian perspective on Seralini affair

Elizabeth Finkel | 
By now, you may have heard that eating genetically modified (GM) corn causes cancer. That alarming news is based on ...
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Gene therapy: Triggering turning genes on and off with light

Caitlin Bishop | 
U.S. researchers have developed a system, triggered by blue light, that can seek out and turn on or off any ...
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Behind the hype on stem cells

Susan Hawes | 
There's a lot of hype about the potential for stem cells to revolutionise medicine, but the race to innovation shouldn't ...
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