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Gene therapy offers “revolution” in prostate cancer treatment

Jenny Hope | Daily Mail (UK) | 
Scientists have discovered new way of slowing the growth of prostate cancer. For the first time experiments have successfully targeted ...

India: Genetically modified foods capped for 10 years by Supreme Court panel

Dinesh Sharma | Daily Mail (UK) | 
The fate of genetically modified (GM) food crops in India has been virtually sealed. After the damning report of the ...
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Scientists share Nobel Prize for ‘groundbreaking’ stem cell work that ‘revolutionized’ science

Matt Blake | Daily Mail (UK) | 
A British scientist has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in creating stem cells to battle hitherto ...

How do cats earn their stripes? It’s all in the DNA

Daily Mail (UK) | 
A newly-discovered animal gene may explain how the common housecat comes to have a blotchy or stripey tabby fur pattern ...
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Scientists find the stem cells that drive our creativity

Mark Prigg | Daily Mail (UK) | 
A newly-discovered type of stem cell could be the key to higher thinking in humans, research suggests. Scientists have identified ...

Scientists develop genetically modified cows that produce low-lactose milk

Tom Goodenough | Daily Mail (UK) | 
Scientists have unveiled a genetically modified cow whose milk they claim is healthier, triggering fresh alarm over the growth of ...

GM lobby still trying to force discredited GM foods, says GM opposer

Joanna Blythman | Daily Mail (UK) | 
Genetic modification was supposed to be the ground-breaking science of the future. Its magic wand would feed the world and ...
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Back from the dead: Couple who paid $155,000 to CLONE their dog

Daily Mail (UK) | 
One couple couldn't bare to live without their beloved yellow Labrador, so when he died of cancer they put a ...
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