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New policies in Iowa to help grow state’s biotech industry

Tom Swegle | 
The close of the 2014 session of the Iowa Legislature brought new policy that will help grow the state's biotech ...

Former US Secretary of Agriculture Glickman criticizes organic industry for misleading marketing

John Block | 
A blockbuster report by the scientific-integrity watchdog Academics Review examines the last 25 years of academic and organic industry market ...

Dow challenges Monsanto with new seed and herbicide system

Christopher Doering | 
Dow AgroSciences looked on for years as agribusiness giant Monsanto dominated the genetically modified seed market. Now the seed and ...

Norman Borlaug’s daughter decries anti-GMO ‘fear mongering’

Christopher Doering | 
Julie Borlaug will be among dozens of family members coming to Washington next week to honor the 100th birthday of ...

Former US Ag Secretary John Block sizes up GM corn dispute with China

John Block | 
"As complex as the world trading system has become, it still fundamentally relies on something as simple as trust; Unfortunately, ...

Biotech crop opponents slowing federal approval

Christopher Doering | 
The opposition to biotech crops is slowing the approval by U.S. regulators of new genetically modified products that is hurting ...

Zambia native: Protesting GMOs ‘condemns millions to poverty’

Aaron Putze | 
(Summary) If more Zambian farmers had access to weed and weather resistant crops, 35-year-old Zambia native Kelvin Kamfwa told the Des ...

Farmers, not just scientists, support GMOs

Laurie Johns | 
Iowa farmers are speaking out in support of GMOs amid protests, writes Laurie Johnson, public relations manager for the Iowa ...

Borlaug: Biotech a necessary tool for increasing food security

Julie Borlaug | 
Norman Borlaug's granddaughter explains why scientists must find better ways to make GMOs resonate with people in wake of negative ...

President of World Food Prize Foundation: Ag’s huge challenge is growing ever more larger

Kenneth M. Quinn | 
My friend Rekha Basu wrote a tough column in the June 30 Sunday Register that was sharply critical of the ...

Letter to the editor: ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ is at root of ‘Farmer Assurance Provision’

The following is an excerpt. I was surprised to read Rekha Basu’s column (“Deception Undermines Democracy,” April 5) and learn that she ...

How Prop 37 will impact Midwest farmers

Dan Piller | 
The old battle between seed companies and opponents of genetically engineered agriculture is being waged anew in California, where voters ...

Genetically modified crops are, indeed different says GM critic

Herman Brockman | 
In the recent article in the Des Moines Register, “Ag critics called threat to economy” (April 6), Paul Shickler, Pioneer ...
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