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French seed firm strikes gene editing licensing deal, despite CRISPR’s uncertain future in EU

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
Despite the ongoing legal uncertainty over the future of new plant breeding innovation in Europe, US agricultural company Corteva Agriscience ...
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EU CRISPR-edited crop rules still unclear, a year after landmark court ruling

Natasha Foote | 
After the controversial European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in 2018 that organisms obtained by new plant breeding techniques (NBTs) ...
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EU Health Commissioner: Let’s talk about GMOs, CRISPR, because 100-year-old farming methods aren’t sustainable

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
“We cannot achieve sustainability with the exact same production models that we used 100 years ago when all the other ...
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Viewpoint: New EU Parliament should stop ‘shunning science’ and embrace GMOs

Beat Späth | 
The recently elected European Parliament (EP) should bring with it a ray of hope. Hope that Europe will rise to ...

Bayer: No glyphosate alternative will ‘magically’ appear in next 5 years

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
In the next five years, no alternative to glyphosate is going to “magically” appear in the market, Dr Bob Reiter, ...

Debate over GMO, CRISPR crop rules ‘essential’ as EU agriculture adapts to changing climate

Florence Schulz | 
In the hot summer of 2018, German farmers received €340 million in drought aid, and it will certainly not be ...
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Plant breeders will move CRISPR gene-editing programs out of EU without updated regulations, industry group says

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
A number of breeding companies have promised to relocate their advanced mutagenesis breeding programs outside Europe and others will follow ...
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14 EU nations call for ‘unified’ CRISPR crop regulation to boost sustainable farming

Gerardo Fortuna | 
The Netherlands and Estonia are leading a coalition of 14 EU member states calling on the next European Commission to ...
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EU Commission prepares for possible ‘overhaul’ of GMO crop rules to address CRISPR gene editing

Gerardo Fortuna | 
The EU executive has already prepared the ground for a new initiative on gene editing to overhaul the current GMO ...
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Viewpoint: Biotech industry should rebuild EU’s trust in science to foster farming innovation

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The global environmental challenges are changing too fast and we therefore need speedy reactions too, including innovative plant breeding technologies ...
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EU health commissioner calls for updated CRISPR-edited crop rules

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The ‘new plant breeding techniques’ need new EU legislation that takes into account the latest advanced technologies, EU Health Commissioner ...

Agriculture commissioner says EU must decide if ‘science or politics’ will drive gene-edited crop regulations

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The European governments have to decide whether science or politics are applied when it comes to issues such as new ...
Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

As glyphosate debate rages, French politician urges EU to take ‘science-based’ approach to pesticide regulation

Gerardo Fortuna | 
French MEP Angélique Delahaye believes that policymakers must tell citizens what is currently possible and what is not when it ...
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Is Europe ‘turning its back’ on reason and science?

Colin Berry | 
Is Europe, home of the Enlightenment, turning its back on reason and science? Recent decisions by Europe’s regulators, judges, and ...
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Toxic organic pesticides pose surprising challenge to pro-environment politicians

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released fresh data which re-confirms the toxicity of copper compounds, pesticides that are ...
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Viewpoint: CRISPR and other new plant breeding technologies (NBTs) can help Europe address food and farming problems

Garlich von Essen | 
Language and accusations are still exactly what they were in the late 1990s: “Frankenfoods” allegedly threatened the health and lives ...
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Viewpoint: How EU can return to evidence-based policy-making

Daniel Guéguen | 
The word ‘evidence’ implies objectivity based on facts and science. But the reality reveals a wide gap between theory and ...

EU Green Parties: Crops produced with New Breeding Techniques are ‘new GMOs’ that perpetuate ‘industrial agriculture’

Bart Staes et al. | 
The EU Court of Justice will soon publish its ruling concerning the legal statute of a group of biotechnologies, which have ...
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Could the rise of New Breeding Techniques like CRISPR soften opposition to crop biotechnology?

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
“Mother Nature” is changing quickly and this requires the adoption of technology-driven solutions that will help both growers and consumers, ...

EU food safety chief: Reelection—not reality—motivated Europe’s anti-glyphosate politicians

Some politicians spoke “loudly” against glyphosate, the world’s most commonly used weedkiller, before their elections but came back to reality ...
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EU Court of Justice upholds ban on neonicotinoid insecticides, dismissing cases by Bayer and Syngenta

Claire Stam | 
A top European Union court upheld on Thursday (17 May) the ban on three insecticides blamed for killing off bee ...

European Seeds Association: Foods made with new breeding techniques shouldn’t be labeled

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
Labelling products that result from the so-called new plant breeding techniques would provide little new information and would therefore make ...
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Italian politician calls on EU to embrace new plant breeding techniques to cut farming’s environmental impact

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) are a major opportunity to move toward sustainable agriculture and simultaneously ensure food quality ...
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Future of New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) in EU depends on European Court of Justice’s looming decision

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The future of new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) at the EU level lies in the European Court of Justice’s interpretation ...
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EU health commissioner: Neonicotinoid, glyphosate decisions show European regulations consistent, science-based

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
No one can blame the European Commission of being in the hands of industry lobbies, as in both the glyphosate ...

European farmers push EU to emulate USDA in not regulating CRISPR and other new crop breeding techniques

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
European farmers warned EU policymakers on [April 10] to take immediate action and encourage innovative new plant breeding techniques following the ...
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European Commission faces increasing political pressure to back neonicotinoid insecticides ban to protect bees

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
EU lawmakers have urged the European Commission to convince member states to back its proposal to ban neonicotinoids and avoid ...
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Greece approves glyphosate herbicide for 5 years, reversing prior position supporting rejection by EU

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The Greek ministry of agriculture officially approved on Tuesday (6 March) the re-authorisation of the world’s most commonly used weedkiller, ...
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