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Would mandatory GMO labeling help consumers understand what they’re eating?

Adele Peters | 
The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that prevents states from requiring GMO labels, despite the fact that nine ...

Embracing GMOs presents psychological challenges to average consumers

Adele Peters | 
Think of a science denier, and you might picture someone arguing that climate change isn't real or vaccines cause autism ...
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Map highlights where cropland has room to grow

Ben Schiller | 
If we don't start producing more food, we're going to run out in the future. With world population growing and ...

Orange juice might be missing at breakfast unless farmers try GMOs

Satta Sarmah | 
Everybody loves Florida orange juice. Since its emergence in the late 1940s, the sunny beverage has survived hurricanes and anti-sugar diet ...
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Poll shows most Americans buy organic food based on fear, misconceptions

Sydney Brownstone | 
Young American consumers care about their food, but they’re also entirely baffled by what they’re eating. When brand consultancy BFG ...

For brain damaged man, smartphone is prosthetic memory device

John Paul Titlow | 
You wouldn't guess from having a face-to-face conversation with Dixon that his brain is damaged. That's because nothing about his ...

23andMe moves into Canada, will report health information

Chris Gayomali | 
While the Food and Drug Administration slowly mulls the legality of the low-cost genetics tests offered by 23andMe, the Mountain ...

Inconclusive results of republished Séralini GM corn toxicity study warrant further research

Ariel Schwartz | 
In 2012, a study was released that seemed at first glance to justify every anti-GMO advocate's worst fears: eating genetically ...

Art based on your DNA

Shaunacy Ferro | 
Decorating an apartment is all about infusing your space with a sense of you. And what could be more integral ...
poster p how ibms entrepreneur of the year uses dna watson to cure drug prescribing

IBM’s Watson and DNA mapping to improve drug prescription process

Leah Hunter | 
Scott Megill hopes that his company can bridge the gap between physicians and geneticists and provide personalized patient predictions of ...

London School of Economics report: Loosen restrictions on GM crops to help feed malnourished

Ariel Schwartz | 
A report released by the London School of Economics recommends that in order to feed the world amid climate change ...

Inside 23andme founder Anne Wojcicki’s $99 DNA revolution

Elizabeth Murphy | 
There's a lot you can do for your child with 99 dollars. I took that money and got my daughter's ...

Could peaches hold the secret to biofuel?

Michael Coren | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Humans are attempting a second massive transformation of the plant kingdom. The first was ...

GM labeling fight goes to Washington State

Ariel Schwartz | 
The next stop for the GMO labeling movement is Washington State, where I-522 (also known as "The People’s Right To ...

GM food that prevents cancer, makes you healthier?

Nikhil Swaminathan | 
There is a lot of reasonable debate about the safety of changing the genetic makeup of things we eat, but ...
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