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Are you a human or a dog? Some consumer DNA tests don’t seem to know the difference

Claudia Geib | 
A Chicago-based NBC station sent one reporter’s DNA to a handful of home DNA tests to compare the results. And just for ...
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Gene editing and a new age of athletic cheating

Kristin Houser | 
Think cheaters never prosper? Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times. Manny Ramirez won two World Series championships ...

‘One-time CRISPR vaccination’? Researchers target disorder linked to heart disease

Abby Norman | 
Some people have a naturally occurring mutation in a gene called ANGPTL3, which plays a role in the regulation of ...

Regulatory, ethical issues muddy the waters around advanced reproductive technologies

Claudia Geib | 
In November 2017, a baby named Emma Gibson was born in the state of Tennessee. Her birth, to a 25-year-old ...

Esophageal cancer treated with risky modified T-cell therapy in China

Kyree Leary | 
Esophageal cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in China. Like many other types, cancer of the esophagus ...

4 common myths about the supposed advantages of organic foods over GMOs

Victor Tangermann | 
Myth 1: Organic Food Is Safer Because It Doesn’t Touch Pesticides “The levels we are exposed to are far, far ...

5 ways CRISPR will revolutionize the future

Victor Tangermann | 
1. CRISPR Could Correct The Genetic Errors That Cause Disease. [...] In summer 2017, scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University used CRISPR ...
Food Evolution Twitter

Food Evolution director: Organic, natural food industries use misinformation and fear to sell products

You’ve probably heard the same conversation, in one way or another, for years: Some say genetically modified organisms (GMO) are ...

Treating spinal cord injuries by genetically modifying cells that help us smell

Patrick Caughill | 
Researchers from the University of Bristol have just shared the promising results of a new treatment for spinal cord injuries that could ...
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Spy plants? DARPA working on genetically engineered surveillance sensors

Dom Galeon | 
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the think-tank that’s under the U.S. Department of Defense, recently announced that it’s ...
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Fighting Zika: Gene edited, 3-eyed flightless mosquitoes

Dom Galeon | 
[I]n an effort to demonstrate how gene editing could be used to eradicate the mosquito species Aedes aegypti —a major carrier of ...
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11 things CRISPR gene editing has helped us achieve this year

Brad Bergan | 
The CRISPR//Cas9 gene editing tool has quickly earned a reputation as a revolutionary technology, and its merits support the clout ...

Age-related macular degeneration may be treatable using viral injection gene therapy

Dom Galeon | 
[R]esearchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine were looking for ways to treat a particular type of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) known as a wet ...
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Inheritance of epigenetic modifications observed through 14 generations in roundworms

Chelsea Gohd | 
To a degree, our lineage dictates how our genes are expressed, how we look, age, and live. However, a recent study ...

Can quantum mechanics explain human consciousness?

Karla Lant | 
Despite all the research we’ve done, we still know relatively little about how the human brain works, and we know ...
When two parents lack the DNA for a healthy baby, can a third person help?

When two parents lack the DNA for a healthy baby, can a third person help?

Christianna Reedy, Neil Bhavsar | 
The long-held belief that we get half our genes from our father and the other half from our mother may ...

On the horizon: Genes pointing to potential Parkinson’s disease therapies

Benjamin Stecher | 
The ongoing revolution in genetics is playing an increasingly important role in our understanding of the [Parkinson's] disease while also revealing ...
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Infographic: Explore the future of genetic engineering and food

G Luhman, Karla Lant, Lou Mackay | 
The first genetically engineered apple, Arctic Apple, a modified variety of Golden Delicious, hit stores in test markets in the ...
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Body parts from fruit? Skin grafts may use apples to grow human tissue

Dom Galeon | 
Biophysicist Andrew Pelling of University of Ottawa wants to [use apples to determine] the future of biomaterials and human tissue repair.... “What ...
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For precision medicine to work, physicians must incorporate holistic health factors, like belief

Sharon Bergquist | 
[Editor's note: Dr. Sharon Bergquist is a clinician in the division of general medicine and geriatrics at Emory University. She also ...

Human rights and CRIPSR: Will gene editing be monopolized by the rich?

June Javelosa | 
We are all subject to the genetic lottery. That’s how it’s always been, and for a while, we thought that was ...
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Video: Mail-order CRISPR? Company aims to put gene-editing tool in more hands

Despite its controversy, CRISPR gene editing has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the fields of medicine, bioengineering, and beyond ...
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20 percent of cancer patients resistant to chemotherapy — tweaking gene expression could help

June Javelosa | 
Approximately 20 percent of all cancers have a mutation that makes them incredibly resistant to chemotherapy – a gene called KRAS. KRAS-mutant ...
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Curiosity about ideas, experiences may be related to higher cognitive ability

Dom Galeon | 
[An international team of 60 researchers], led by Todd Lencz from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, studied the genes ...
'Brain on a chip': In vitro model finds regional links to specific diseases, treatments

‘Brain on a chip’: In vitro model finds regional links to specific diseases, treatments

Dom Galeon | 
We have come a long way in our understanding of how the brain works, but the more we know about ...
iPS derived motor neurons ALSproject

Reprogramming stem cells into motor neurons could help patients with paralysis

Jess Vilvestre | 
[S]cientists developed a mechanism to directly reprogram stem cells into motor neurons. Cell reprogramming is a novel exploration in medical studies ...

Genetics could help teachers tailor learning to individual students

Dom Galeon | 
Something that becomes very clear to teachers as they spend time in classrooms is that different students have different learning ...
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Cancer can emerge from changes to epigenome, not just gene mutations

Jess Vilvestre | 
Doctors’ ruling perspective on cancer has been that it is caused by a series of genetic changes. However, a team ...
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