organic pesticides 323277

A behind the scenes look at pesticide use in organic orchards, vineyards and fresh produce

Marc Brazeau | 
This is part three of a four-part series attempting to separate fact from fiction regarding pesticide use on organic farms ...
gene editing 5 15 18

Debating the need for genetic engineering of humans—there’s ‘nothing special’ about our DNA

Carol Lynn Curchoe | 
One day in early spring, I received a unique email. Would I accept an invitation from Oxford University’s student debate ...
Uganda GMO banana 327327

Talking Biotech: What’s keeping disease-resistant GMO bananas from Ugandan farmers?

Ugandan researcher Nassib Mugwanya: GMO bananas are the best tool we have to save bananas from bacterial wilt, but Uganda's ...
dna 5 17 18 1

New forensic tool: Using DNA to predict hair, eye and skin color

Ricki Lewis | 
On May 14, a man walking along the shore on Gabriola Island in British Columbia came upon a washed-up human ...
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4 things that led to the myth that organic farmers use more pesticides than conventional farmers

Marc Brazeau | 
This is part two of a four-part series attempting to separate fact from fiction regarding pesticide use on organic farms ...
organic pesticides 3228327

Do organic farmers really use more pesticides than conventional farmers? Not even close.

Marc Brazeau | 
This is part one of a four-part series attempting to separate fact from fiction regarding pesticide use on organic farms ...
SIDS 5 9 18

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may be linked to genetic mutations

Kristen Hovet | 
It’s been called a parent’s worst nightmare, and one that very few of us have ever needed words to describe ...
zooey deschanel 743938

‘The Farm Project’: Actress Zooey Deschanel’s advice on organic food, pesticides is short on science

Michael Schulson | 
The actress Zooey Deschanel cites pesticide use in advising Facebook users to avoid certain non-organic produce. Is that scientifically sound ...
space 5 17 18

Sex in space? An awkward talk we will need to have

David Warmflash | 
As the prospect of Mars colonization grows on the public radar screen, sex talk is not as much taboo that ...
gut biome 5 17 18

Viewpoint: Here’s what’s wrong with study suggesting glyphosate damages our gut health

Marc Brazeau | 
Can glyphosate impact gut health? The Guardian reports on a team of scientists who claim to have demonstrated that it ...
stem 5 10 18

Making sense of crowdfunding for unapproved stem cell treatments

Ricki Lewis | 
When FDA approval for a technology or treatment lags behind demand, crowdfunding steps in. Desperate patients or their families launch ...
Viewpoint: How the Environmental Working Group and 'Big Organic' manipulate pesticide data to scare people

Viewpoint: How the Environmental Working Group and ‘Big Organic’ manipulate pesticide data to scare people

Steve Savage | 
Consumers have a legitimate desire for transparency when it comes to their food - particularly when it comes to the ...
obesity 5 16 18

Does ‘brain stress’ play a key role in our obesity epidemic?

Laurel Mellin | 
Keeping off weight is harder than it seems, but it could be due to how our brains are wired ...
Roundup Ready GMO corn 323288

Talking Biotech: Roundup Ready GMO crops made weed management ‘easy’—an agronomist’s view

Kevin Folta, Chad Lee | 
Kentucky agronomist Chad Lee: Farmers choose herbicide-tolerant GMO crops because they simplify effective weed management and enable no-till farming ...
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USDA’s hands-off approach to gene-edited crops could revolutionize research and development

Steven Cerier | 
The US Department of Agriculture’s recent decision to stay out of the business of regulating gene-edited crops could be a ...
James Watson Eric Lander 4732447

Viewpoint: Here’s why Eric Lander’s praise for James Watson struck a nerve

Ricki Lewis | 
"As Twitter explodes, Eric Lander apologizes for toasting James Watson,” raged the headline from STAT on Monday, May 14 as the ...
gene drive 5 14 18

Gene Drive Files ‘cabal’—and biotech rejectionist efforts to derail research on technology with potential to fight crop pests

Andrew Porterfield | 
The email came from Roylan Saah, coordinator of Genetic Biocontrol of Invasive Rodents at Island Conservation, a non-profit dedicated to ...
dreams 5 14 18

Delving into our dreams—and why they evolve as we age

Patrick McNamara | 
Although radically different in terms of their content and feel, the range of dream states are just as complex as ...
big o 5 11 18

The ‘Big O’: How and why evolution brought us the female orgasm

Meredith Knight | 
Female orgasms aren’t necessary for reproduction. A comparative evolution study suggests they once might have been ...
'Substantial equivalence': Are GMOs as safe as other conventional and organic foods?

‘Substantial equivalence’: Are GMOs as safe as other conventional and organic foods?

Jon Entine, Andrew Porterfield | 
GMO critics claim that US regulations rely too much on the concept of “substantial equivalence” when evaluating if food is ...
brain 4 6 18 2.png

Are you responsible for bad behavior caused by a brain implant?

Mr. B loves Johnny Cash, except when he doesn’t. Mr. X has watched his doctors morph into Italian chefs right ...
Viewpoint: European organic industry's obsession with 'natural' threatens CRISPR innovations and hurts the environment

Viewpoint: European organic industry’s obsession with ‘natural’ threatens CRISPR innovations and hurts the environment

Ludger Wess | 
What is nature? What is natural? Philosophers have been arguing about this since antiquity. Supporters of organic farming seem to ...
red 3 29 18

Are we in danger of losing blue-eyed redheads? Not likely

Nerissa Hannink | 
For every 100 people in the world, only one or two will have red hair. And when you meet a ...
CBSV2 5 4 18 1

Ugandan farmers struggling with cassava viruses await GMO solution

Lominda Afedraru | 
Cassava is a major staple food for millions of people in the tropical regions of the world. In Uganda it ...
India farmer suicide debt GMO Bt cotton 8327

Talking Biotech: Non-agricultural debt—not GMOs—to blame for Indian farmer suicides

Environmental scientist Vaishnavi Tripuraneni: Marriage loans and health care—not seed costs—are the main drivers of debt for smallholder farmers in ...
roundup 5 8 18

Viewpoint: North American scientists, IARC officials conspired to misrepresent glyphosate health risks

André Heitz | 
On March 20, 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced that it had classified glyphosate, the active substance ...
synthetic biology 373274

Synthetic biology’s ‘promise and potential’ capture investor attention

Steven Cerier | 
Synthetic biology has become the new frontier of genetic engineering, promising to radically change the way we make clothes, fragrances, ...
parkinsons 5 7 18

Mapping everything we know about Parkinson’s

Venkat Srinivasan | 
The possible causes of Parkinson's disease are incredibly varied. A new team of researchers is building a Parkinson's disease map ...