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vaccines editorial

Re-energized anti-vaccine activism is growing on the right and winning the social media battle to discredit coming coronavirus treatments

Jonathan Jarry | 
What does an antivaxxer and a far-right activist have in common? If the thought of someone who opposes vaccines brings ...
food additives

Viewpoint: Are synthetic food additives dangerous? Here’s the science anti-chemical activists ignore

Josh Bloom | 
Always take chemical advice from EWG with a grain of (inorganic) salt ...

Have any of Earth’s creatures stopped evolving?

David Warmflash | 
Some of the planet's more bizarre creatures have prompted some observers to suggest that evolution, on occasion, is stopped in ...
coronavirus who does it affect

Who is most vulnerable by age and race to die from COVID-19?

Alex Berezow | 
While coronavirus is obviously concerning and a very real threat to some people (namely, the elderly and immunocompromised), these data ...

Podcast: Doctors have to think about sex; AI text generators spread ‘fake news’? Coffee can indeed make you poop

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
An ER physician says doctors have to consider biological sex to properly care for their patients. Coffee can send some ...
kling superjumbo

Viewpoint: How biotech crops, lab-grown meat and other food innovations could jump start post-COVID economic recovery

Dan Rejto | 
COVID-19 threatens to slow or halt agricultural innovation in the US by exacerbating the decline in public R&D and threatening ...

Rare genetic disorder homocystinuria can cause strokes, seizures and death. A ‘genetic glitch’ in blind cavefish offers hope for a treatment

Ricki Lewis | 
The discovery of a gene behind the absence of eyes in Mexican cavefish may suggest a new way to treat ...
unnamed file

Viewpoint: Fish farming has a sustainability problem and genetic engineering might be the solution

Rupesh Paudyal | 
As the world endures the impacts of a rapidly changing climate—sea level rise, extreme weather events, warming and acidifying oceans ...
corporate jargon dot top x @ x

Blame human evolution for corporate jargon and thick academic prose

Patrick Whittle | 
For anyone who’s ever worked in a large organization, this kind of message will be depressingly familiar: “Do you have ...
gmo x @ x

Viewpoint: Activist opposition to GMOs fueled by an ‘extremist’ vision of nature

Jean-Paul Oury | 
We would like to take the opportunity on #Worldenvironmentday to come back to a problem we have been thinking about ...
hormone therapy mn bf c babd d bad dab f bddbe fit w

Self medication: Blocked from drugs by the medical establishment, many transgender people resort to black-market hormones

Tara Santora | 
For the first 10 months of Christine’s gender transition, a progressive LGBT health clinic in Boston made getting on hormones ...
autism spectrum disorder managing behaviour

Viewpoint: Should autism be treated as an illness that should be cured?

Kristen Hovet | 
“Many of the greatest artists, actors, musicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs of all time were and are autistic. We all serve ...
twitter ee ddc

Does our perception of the world reflect reality? Solving the problem of consciousness

Philip Goff | 
When I see red, it’s the most religious experience. Seeing red just results from photons of a certain frequency hitting ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Viewpoint: Plant-based meats promote veganism in ways animal rights activists never could

Ari Blaff | 
Author and animal-rights activist Jonathan Safran Foer [author of the book Eating Animals] recently argued in a New York Times ...

Humans vs. apes: Women are the secret factor explaining how we evolved to populate the world

Karen Kramer | 
The populations of the great apes were once nearly equal. Now, one great ape species—Homo sapiens—outnumbers the rest by almost ...
crispr babies

Podcast: Beepocalypse debunked; Ban CRISPR babies? Anti-science views slow COVID-19 herd immunity

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Some experts are calling for a ban on embryo gene editing after a "disaster" experiment resulted in potentially dangerous and ...
natural remedies

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO groups push ‘natural’ COVID cures, deny pandemic-fighting biotech solutions

Steven Cerier | 
One of the primary arguments hurled at proponents of genetic engineering is that the crops, medicines and vaccines produced using ...
imperi e d ae d

Video: Is there an upside to soaring COVID-19 cases?

Wessam Atif | 
Most countries and models that have attempted to control COVID-19 situation have had one ultimate goal; trying to bring the ...
wheatfarmer lead

Viewpoint: Without modern, industrial farming, pandemic would have claimed many more lives

Hank Campbell | 
In November of 2019 The Atlantic asked "experts" what they would change if they could go back in time. The ...
three stooges

The Three Stooges illustrate why coronavirus-fighting ‘antibody cocktails’ could help contain the virus well before a vaccine

Ricki Lewis | 
“You imbecile!” bellowed Moe Howard as he stuck a finger up the nose of Curly. Moe the bully would often ...
screen shot at pm

Viewpoint: Conservation isn’t enough. We need technology to blunt the impacts of climate change

Lauren Anderson, Zeke Hausfather | 
We need direct, technology-driven intervention for conservation ...

Podcast: Let the light shine—Tackling eye disease with gene therapy

Researchers are bringing discoveries about the underlying genetic faults that cause eye diseases all the way through to game-changing gene ...
Fotolia Subscription Monthly M

Podcast: Getting from one generation to the next – the life and work of pioneering embryologist Dame Anne McLaren

Kat Arney | 
Geneticist Dr Kat Arney reflects on the life and work of Dame Anne McLaren, one of the leading embryologists of ...

Podcast: Bayer’s $10.9 billion glyphosate settlement a mistake? Vaccines from mosquito spit; CRISPR cures sickle cell disease?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Chemical giant Bayer just settled roughly 95,000 lawsuits alleging its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer. Has the company given its anti-GMO ...
img x

What’s a life worth in dollars and cents? Should that influence who gets treated for expensive disease treatments?

Lola Butcher | 
Austin was three years old and Max was a newborn when their mother, Jenn McNary, learned they had a rare ...

Searching for Parkinson’s game changer: No cure in sight but stem cells, other advances hold promise

Sam Moxon | 
A flurry of recent advances offer the promise of new avenues for treating patients with Parkinson’s disease, one of our ...
brown streak

Facing disease crisis, Ugandan farmers say they’ll illegally grow GMO cassava to feed their families, increase yields

Lominda Afedraru | 
Cassava is one of the most important food crops in the Africa, a primary component of the rural economy. It ...
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