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The “right time” to have children

Ashley Taylor | 
Are older parents trading the financial security of age for increased risk of disorders like Down syndrome, multiple or premature ...
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Anti-GM activists pounce on viral DNA in transgenic plants

Jon Entine | 
The GLP examines the increasingly desperate efforts of staunch anti-GM activists and journalists to regroup in the face of "defeats" ...
Peromyscus polionotus oldfield mouse e

Scientists look to burrowing mice to understand genetics of instinct

Kenrick Vezina | 
A recent study in Nature reveals that the complex burrowing behavior of two sister species of mice is controlled by ...
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Can biotechnology be open-source?

Sarah Fecht | 
As the Supreme Court watches Monsanto battle small farmers over GMO patent rights, some are suggesting that open-source biotechnology could ...
Artificial intelligence

Ron Unz on genius, IQ, race and meritocracy

Jon Entine | 
What is the nature of intelligence and genius? Literally thousands of studies definitively show that DNA plays a dominant role; ...
Mark Lynas at Oxford Farming Conference

GMOs and The Mark Lynas Conversion: Round Two Roundup

Kenrick Vezina | 
The GLP digs through the fallout from Mark Lynas's public "conversion" from anti-GMO to pro-science activist ...

“The Signal and the Noise” in pharmacogenomics

Jon Entine | 
Nate Silver, author of the 538 blog at the New York Times, has made statistics and quantitative modeling “cool” with ...
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Opening minds to science, technology and genetic engineering

Jon Entine | 
Genetic modification is neither good nor bad. Like any technology it is a tool. Like nuclear technology, fracking or advanced ...
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New Mexico considers GMO labeling amendment

Kenrick Vezina | 
“The premise of this amendment is simple – New Mexicans deserve the right to know what's in the food they ...

Can genetic testing help prevent the next mass murder?

Kenrick Vezina | 
PolicyMicJames Holmes and Adam Lanza: Their DNA May Hold Clues On What Makes a ...PolicyMicNot only would Adam Lanza's genetic ...

U.S. Clears DNA Firm’s Acquisition by Chinese

Kenrick Vezina | 
The federal government has given national security clearance to the controversial purchase of an American DNA sequencing company by a ...

GM salmon could hurt Alaska’s commercial fishermen

Kenrick Vezina | 
Kenai River angler Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, was railing against "Frankenfish'' again on Friday after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave a green flag ...
Gene technology innovations reshaping future of medicine

Gene technology innovations reshaping future of medicine

Kenrick Vezina | 
The ability to map human DNA cheaply and quickly is yielding a torrent of data about the genetic drivers of ...
salmon on ice

President’s Science Commitment, FDA Face Scrutiny in Wake of GMO Salmon Fiasco

The Genetic Literacy Project’s investigation of White House interference in the approval process for genetically modified salmon continues to boil ...
adam lanza

Genetic testing of Newtown shooter will provide few answers

Kenrick Vezina | 
It’s difficult to contemplate what could drive a young man to kill 20 schoolchildren, six teachers, his own mother, and ...

The curious genetics of “werewolves”

Kenrick Vezina | 
Forgive my lapse in political correctness, but I recalled those cards when I saw the word “hypertrichosis” in a recent ...

Genetics’ effect on intelligence and society

Kenrick Vezina | 
Fewer subjects are more controversial than the study of genetics and its relation to just about every facet of human ...

Obama’s Science Commitment, FDA Face Ethics Scrutiny in Wake of GMO Salmon Fiasco

Kenrick Vezina | 
Will the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy’s John Holdren investigate the White House after violations of the Executive Office guarantee ...

Genome of Chinese plum provides hope of improved fruit

Kenrick Vezina | 
A Chinese research team, led by Beijing Forestry University, BGI, Beijing Lin Fu Ke Yuan Flowers Co., Ltd, and other ...

Identifying genetic markers will not stop crime

Kenrick Vezina | 
Discussion turned, in the wake of the Newtown killings, to better mental health services. If we could simply identify homicidal ...

Anti-GMO movement should follow the money instead of wasting its time on labels

Kenrick Vezina | 
Over the past several years I have spent a great deal of time in high-security, limited-access genetic modification laboratories. While ...
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Evolution may contradict ‘dumb jock’ notion

Kenrick Vezina | 
According to a popular stereotype, intellectual achievement and athleticism are inversely linked. Now a controversial view of evolution suggests that ...
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Cadaver stem cells offer new hope of life after death

Kenrick Vezina | 
Medical DailyRadical New Technique Extracts Stem Cells From CadaversMedical DailyHuman bone marrow holds mesenchymal stem cells, which can be converted ...

Patents and trademarks: My plants broke the law

Kenrick Vezina | 
Patents and trademarks: My plants broke the lawThe Idaho StatesmanDistinctiveness has always been a potential bone of contention, especially since ...
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DNA tests target Native Americans

Kenrick Vezina | 
The Center for Genetics and Society, which takes an ultra-conservative view of genetic screening and genetic technology, takes a one-sided ...
GloFish Electric Green Tetra MidRes

The global transgenic menagerie

Kenrick Vezina | 
Both sides of the debate over genetic modification in animals -- AquaBounty's “Frankenfish” salmon included -- tend to make it ...

FDA AquaBounty Draft Environmental Assessment Summary

Here are the four leaked pages of the April 19, 2012 FDA AquaBounty Draft Environmental Assessment Summary ...
Aedes aegypti biting human

New class of GM mosquito rattles anti-GMO campaigns

Sarah Fecht | 
The Food and Drug Administration will soon decide whether or not to allow the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to ...