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Gene testing revolution: Disease prediction results skyrocket for whole genome and whole exome sequencing

Katherine Wendelsdorf | 
New research suggests that focusing on the protein-coding region of our DNA that makes up about 1.5 percent of each ...
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Michael Pollan as GMO ‘denialist’ dupes credulous New York Times

Jon Entine | 
As one of the world’s most influential journalists, Michael Pollan has the ability to shape public opinion. But by twisting ...
Opponents of GM crops like Golden Rice are 'wicked', says UK Environment Secretary, setting off tempest

Opponents of GM crops like Golden Rice are ‘wicked’, says UK Environment Secretary, setting off tempest

JoAnna Wendel | 
UK Environmental Secretary's harsh words against anti-GMO activists starts a firestorm of discussion, renewing the debate over Golden Rice ...
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Engineered mice show jet lag could become a thing of the past

Jeremy Summers | 
Scientists have discovered a genetic mechanism that regulates the effects of jet lag. While a cure for the disorder is ...
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Diamonds in the junkyard of noncoding DNA? About humped bladdeworts and being human

Tabitha M. Powledge | 
Genes comprise only about two percent of the human genome. The other 98% is noncoding DNA, often referred to as ...
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Organics versus GMO: Why the debate?

Mischa Popoff, Patrick Moore, Robert Wager | 
There is a global consensus on the safety of GMOs. Yet, anti-GMO activists and proponents of organic crops are fighting ...
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Unless blocked by GMO opponents, biotechnology could save the American Chestnut

Jeremy Summers | 
A team of researchers at SUNY-ESF have developed the first American chestnut tree that is resistant to the devastating blight ...
Viewpoint: Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods deserves a warning label of its own

Viewpoint: Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods deserves a warning label of its own

Henry Miller, Jeff Stier | 
This article originally ran at Forbes and has been republished here with permission of the author. Washington State is about ...
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Myriad attempt to block expansion of breast cancer screening tests hinges on ethical, legal questions

Jeremy Summers | 
In June, the Supreme Court ruled that genes could not be patented, opening the door for companies to offer alternatives ...

With 2000+ global studies affirming safety, GM foods among most analyzed subjects in science

JoAnna Wendel, Jon Entine | 
Anti-GMO activists can no longer claim that there is no independent research of GMOs. There are now more than 2,000 ...
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Ashkenazi Jewish women descended mostly from Italian converts, new study asserts

Jon Entine | 
A new paper in Nature Communications recharges a debate regarding the ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews, tracing maternal lineages back to ...
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You have a genetic disorder: Should your family be told they might carry the mutation?

Katherine Wendelsdorf | 
Genetic testing can help detect disorders early enough to have an impact. But the rising popularity of these tests has ...
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GLP Investigation: Anti-GMO money flooding into Molokai, funding Hawai’i “grassroots” protests

Jon Entine | 
Previous GLP investigations into the anti-GMO movement in Hawaii have uncovered evidence of corruption in election financing. Now, Jon Entine ...
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Hawaii County council keeps anti-GMO bill alive

JoAnna Wendel | 
Hawaii County Council met on Monday in an eight-hour discussion regarding two anti-GMO bills, hearing from scientists and other professionals ...

DNA testing could prove valuable tool for identifying viral infections, including MERS

Jeremy Summers | 
New research shows that genetic testing can be used for quick and highly accurate results in testing for viral infections, ...
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Innovations in neuroscience trigger shifting views in the treatment of mental illness

JoAnna Wendel | 
Innovations in neuroscience are changing the way scientists see the brain, which could lead to more effective treatment of mental ...
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Reddit takes on Jeremy Seifert’s “GMO OMG” film

Much of the web-based scientific community has not taken well to "GMO OMG" director Jeremy Seifert's recent crusade of self-promotion ...
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Should physicians or counselors control access to your genetic information?

Katherine Wendelsdorf | 
Genetic testing helps people identify gene mutations that might affect their health. But this information, without the guidance of experienced ...

The Italian job: Farmers facing pests pay dearly for Europe’s anti-GM stance

Mischa Popoff | 
Despite insect infestation threatening their crops, Italy recently became the ninth country in the EU to eliminate the possibility of ...
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Is creative ability determined by our DNA?

Jeremy Summers | 
Is creativity something we're born with or something that we learn? New research suggests that a person's creative ability is ...

Personal gene maps: Is there such a thing as too much information about our DNA?

Katherine Wendelsdorf | 
The growing trend of personalized medicine is driven by genetic testing, which can help doctors screen for potential health problems ...
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Activists failing in efforts to challenge ‘natural’ labels on natural products made with GMOs

JoAnna Wendel | 
The hottest new trend in GMO-labeling efforts is to sue food manufacturers over 'natural' labels when products contain GMOs. However, ...
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The Salmon Dialogue: What’s the future of sustainable, genetically engineered foods?

Elliot Entis, founder of AquaBounty, and Paul Greenberg, author of the best selling Four Fish: The Future of the Last ...

Viewpoint: India should create the proposed biotechnology regulatory agency, despite its serious flaws

Henry Miller | 
This article originally ran at Forbes and has been republished here with permission of the author. India should appreciate the ...
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Scientists, journalists and farmers join lively GMO forum

JoAnna Wendel | 
The current Boston Review hosts a discussion forum about GMOs, where professionals in agriculture, journalism and academia respond ...
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Epigenetics sheds new light on altruism

JoAnna Wendel | 
Recent research in neuroscience and epigenetics is revealing more and more about the fundamental social nature of humans ...
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Has an Israeli research team found the key to curing cancer in humans?

Aaron Avivi | 
The Israeli blind mole rat's incredible resistance to cancer may make it the perfect organism to advance cancer research, as ...

Are engineered foods evil?—A reply to Scientific American’s David H. Freedman

John Davison | 
A former Research Director of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research in France takes Scientific American to task for ...