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stop gmo

Biotech regulation: Are democracy and science in conflict?

Kenrick Vezina | 
Why do GMOs fester in regulatory limbo for so long? Any regulatory agency attempting to address both science and people’s ...

Defeated anti-GMO coalition resurrected as GMO Inside

Jon Entine, Sarah Fecht | 
Defeated at the polls in California, anti-GM forces behind Proposition 37 have resurrected their campaign under the moniker GMO Inside ...

Disease tracking direct-to-consumer genome sequencing breaks $1000 barrier ($695)

Jon Entine | 
Whole genome sequencing, (also known as full genome sequencing, complete genome sequencing, or entire genome sequencing), is a laboratory process ...
US Supreme Court

Myriad BRCA patents under review by SCOTUS

Are human genes patentable? Myriad genetics, which holds patents on two genes that can signal if a woman faces a ...
plant fence

Kenya issues blanket GMO ban

Sarah Fecht | 
Kenya, one of the first African countries to legalize GM technology, used to be recognized as a leader in that ...
human perfection

Gattaca alert: Personal genomics meets neo-eugenics

Jon Entine, Sarah Fecht | 
Eugenics is back into the headlines, thanks to rapid advances in personal genomics. Naturally, not everyone is inclined to greet ...
c notill x

Can organics and biotech crops coexist peacefully? Organic lobbyists hope not

Jon Entine | 
Big Organics is accelerating its attacks on the just released USDA Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century report, “Enchancing ...
d f

USDA urges consideration of GMO crop insurance; Organic farmers howl

Jon Entine | 
The USDA's new report, “Enchancing Coexistence,” advocates a crop insurance pilot program for farmers harmed by cross-pollination from GM crops ...
b b a d z

New eugenics and the question of personal choice

Sarah Fecht | 
Eugenics is back in the headlines. Our ability to examine and manipulate our genes is more advanced than ever. But ...
corn husks

Anti-GM corn study reconsidered: Séralini finally responds to torrent of criticism

Jon Entine | 
We are now two months into L'affaire Séralini—the publication of a maize rodent study by French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini and ...

Human enhancement: Resistance is futile?

Kenrick Vezina | 
In the next few decades we may well see see technology currently used to aid the sick and disabled -- ...

Is gene therapy finally emerging from the shadows?

Jon Entine | 
The prospect of using gene therapy to treat diseases—particularly inherited diseases, such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis that ...

What’s next for the anti-GM food movement?

Jon Entine, Kenrick Vezina | 
The reflections and recriminations over the rejection of California’s Proposition 37 is in full swing. The measure was soundly defeated, ...
california breakdown

Prop 37 defeated: a retrospective

Kenrick Vezina | 
California's Proposition 37 -- which would have required labeling of genetically modified foods -- failed to pass last night. While ...
GM Food words

Trial lawyer heaven/natural food hell: The real-life consequences of Prop 37

Jon Entine | 
The proponents of California Proposition 37 like to frame the vote as “right to know” issue. If only that were ...
male female

Political correctness alert: Science literacy collapses when male/female genetics are debated

Jon Entine | 
The difficulty in discussing what everyone intuitively knows—males and females are genetically programmed to respond differently, emotionally and intellectually, to ...
brain smart

Human brains: Could we transfer the mind to other devices?

Katy Davis | 
There is no reason why the complex information processing at the core of human experience -- consciousness, the mind -- ...

As California Prop 37 vote nears, media anti-Prop 37 bias emerges

Jon Entine | 
The latest polls suggest a neck and neck race in the final days of the vote over the California genetically ...
baby x

Genetic ethics cops shout “designer babies” to abort life saving therapy

Jon Entine | 
As we highlighted this week in Gene-ius, a dramatic, life-improving breakthrough is on the horizon in gene therapy. Researchers from ...
dollar bills

Follow the money: Roots of the anti-genetic engineering movement

Henry Miller, Jay Byrne | 
Like much that transpires in politics, most of the anti-genetic engineering campaigns we’ve seen over the past 30 years are ...
supreme court building

Supreme Court to hear farmer’s challenge Monsanto’s intellectual property restrictions

Dan Charles | 
Monsanto claims its genetically modified seeds — and all offspring of those seeds — as its intellectual property. If farmers ...
Europe lags

Europe lags Uruguay, Pakistan, Philippines in biotech crop cultivation

Drew Kershen, Henry Miller | 
For more than 20 years, bucking a worldwide scientific consensus, the European Union (EU) has fallen behind much of the ...
dr oz and gmo foods

Malpractice on Dr. Oz: Pop health expert hosts anti-GM foods rant; Scientists respond

Jon Entine | 
Dr. Mehmet Oz, a popular television celebrity, is a living example of why talk show health and science should never ...

Wild West of stem cells?

Jon Entine | 
Stem cell therapy remains a brave new world with a spotty ethical and medical track record. Is that starting to ...
money stack

Genoeconomics: Is our financial future in our chromosomes?

Jon Entine | 
The GLP carried a provocative article this week outlining the latest twist in the emerging debate over genoeconomics—the nexus of ...
Charles Benbrook

Scientists challenge organic backer Benbrook claims that GM crops increase pesticide spraying

Jon Entine | 
The ongoing hullabaloo over the controversial Seralini study and questions about the safety of foods made from genetic modified crops ...

Disturbing trend: Journalists hype fears when discussing human genetics

Jon Entine | 
Genetics is scary. That’s the popular and entirely regrettable meme that dominates the narrative pushed by “progressive” and hard right ...
Séralini scandal week 3

Séralini scandal week 3

Jon Entine | 
The European Food Safety Authority has weighed in with its assessment of the maize studyby Gilles-Eric Séralini and his research ...