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What should we call lab-grown meat? Our decision could help or hinder food innovation

Garland West | 
The Dirt: We need protein as part of a healthy diet— and many of us turn to meat as a ...

Why human evolution is far from over—and may be speeding up

Laurence D. Hurst | 
Global studies of human DNA show that natural selection continues to change who we are ...

Viewpoint: Naturopathic doctors, organic marketers take advantage of consumer desire for ‘authenticity’

Henry Miller | 
Seeking 'authenticity' is fine -- unless it deprives you of something beneficial ...
girl nightmare b

‘Deadly dreams’? Modern genetics unravels mystery surrounding strange disease

Sandeep Jauhar | 
Following decades of unexplained deaths, mostly among young men, modern genetics and epidemiological detective work helped to establish a link ...

Golden Rice is coming. Finally! Will it be the game-changer hinted at for almost 20 years?

Marc Brazeau | 
Having a staple crop that delivers adequate nutrition is a necessary precondition to fixing poverty ...
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What spider genetics can tell us about evolutionary relationships and cut-throat competition

Patrick Whittle | 
What’s the most famous — or even the most infamous — spider in the world? The tarantula? The black widow? ...

Big Fat Failure

A closer look at the genetics of failure—why we fail to lose weight thanks to our genes ...
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Neutralizing toxic military explosives with GMO plants

Kevin Folta, Liz Rylott | 
Military preparedness means testing ammunition in controlled field trials, as well as decommissioning obsolete weaponry. The result is a significant ...
blog six myths about farming busted main

‘Factory farming’ poisons our food and harms animals?

Cameron English, Leah Dorman | 
Veterinarian Dr. Leah Dorman takes on popular myths about animal agriculture ...

Viewpoint: Like it or not, technology is what gives us the crops that we eat

Amanda Maxham | 
The “natural narrative” on food packaging is a complete fiction ...
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‘Creative misbehavior’: When ingenuity takes a dark turn

Hansika Kapoor | 
Misbehavior is a form of creative thinking ...
iarc ques x x

Predatort Part II: How predatory lawyers, activist scientists hijacked IARC—International Agency for Research on Cancer—for personal profit and ideological vanity

David Zaruk | 
How the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has forsaken academic integrity and knowingly contributes to the Predatort litigation ...
Screen Shot at AM

What makes something funny? Genetics almost certainly plays a role

Elizabeth Newbern | 
What we find funny can differ wildly from person to person. And scientists have found that genetics plays at least ...

Breaking down the ‘scientific and statistical sins’ behind reporting on marijuana science

Dave Levitan | 
A new book and New Yorker feature are filled with cherry-picked data, oversimplified studies, and scientific errors ...
Screen Shot at AM

Viewpoint: Controversy flares over activist ‘predatort lawyers’ who ‘massaged facts’ in the Monsanto-glyphosate case

David Zaruk | 
Lawyers often use a certain breed of self-interested scientist to terrify a jury of vulnerable non-specialists ...
2-5-2019 midbrain in petri dish the agency for science

Building a better mini brain: How these tiny organoids can boost fight against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

Paige Winokur | 
It’s your favorite organ, self-assembling, ready to go ...
agriculture afrique climat e x

How genetic engineering can help Africa cope with climate change by tweaking crops, animals

Steven E. Cerier | 
The impact of climate change on African crops could be mitigated by GE technologies ...
newborn screening

Newborns and genome sequencing: Do we sacrifice privacy in the name of health?

Ricki Lewis | 
If history provides a lesson, routine newborn genomic sequencing won’t come without a fight ...

How Freddie Mercury got his voice: It wasn’t his teeth

Ricki Lewis | 
Was Freddie Mercury's magnificent voice aided by a genetic defect? ...
cowpea market iita

Nigeria has its first GMO cowpea. The battle for public acceptance is just getting started

Opuah Abeikwen | 
A war of words over a recently-released genetically modified cowpea has divided the Nigerian public and raised concerns about the ...
glyphosate hr

Talking Biotech: Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat debunks flawed glyphosate-cancer meta-analysis. Were the mistakes deliberate?

Kevin Folta, Geoffrey Kabat | 
A skeptical look at the latest glyphosate-cancer study reveals critical errors ...

Gluten free diets are all the rage—here’s why that could be a bad thing

Ben Locwin | 
Gluten-free diets are all the rage, even though only a tiny fraction of us are susceptible to celiac-linked reactions. But ...

From a sustainability perspective, GMO AquaBounty salmon should be a ‘dream come true’. Why do environmentalists oppose it?

Andrew Porterfield | 
The flip-flop by Food and Water Watch and other advocacy groups rests not on environmental or science-based concerns but on ...
sm mosquito feat

Gene drives: Why the best option for fighting mosquito-borne diseases is the ‘mosquito itself’

Andrea Crisanti, Kyros Kyrou | 
Gene drives are now a viable method of fighting mosquito-borne disease ...
screen shot at pm

Viewpoint: Pervert science at your peril—anti-GMO campaigners, vaccine deniers and ‘bee-pocalypse’ scaremongers find common ground in ‘evidence rejectionism’

Henry Miller, Robert Wager | 
Widespread misunderstanding of the nature of science and the confirmation bias spawned by social media and the internet can have ...
gilles eric seralini

Séralini pseudoscience syndicate: Lessons learned from decade-long assault on biotechnology orchestrated by French geneticist

Marc Brazeau | 
A look at Séralini's modus operandi can equip journalists and other interested observers to turn a critical eye on Séralini ...

Is gender identity fluid or fixed? What we know about other animals might help inform the debate.

Jay Schwartz | 
Distinguishing between sex and gender is a vital first step in understanding gender identity ...