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Podcast: GMO insects loose in the wild? Inside scoop on controversial Oxitec mosquito in Brazil

Kelly Matsen, Kevin Folta | 
The tiny mosquito is a nuisance in the industrialized world, yet in developing countries it is a ruthless killer, spreading ...
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Podcast: What Doctor Who can teach us about protecting California’s grape industry from ‘alien’ bugs

Steve Savage | 
Are you a fan of the long-term sci-fi comedy Doctor Who? It's the bizarre but entertaining story of an extraterrestrial ...
moroccan leather

Sustainable dyes and fabrics created through synthetic biology promise to revolutionize fashion industry

Kostas Vavitsas | 
The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions; that is more than air and sea transport ...

Viewpoint: How organic industry opposition to CRISPR gene editing encourages pesticide use

Steven Cerier | 
The organic food movement has a bigger problem than the double standard it relies on to attack synthetic chemicals ...
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Viewpoint: ‘GMO’—the dirty three-letter word used to demonize life-saving biotechnology

Sarah Evanega | 
The demonization of this technology funds numerous NGOs and has even become a cottage industry ...

Podcast: Recent study poses new glyphosate-cancer link. Plant geneticist Kevin Folta breaks down the data

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Despite the endless stream of dramatic headlines and warnings from environmental activist groups, an overwhelming number of studies indicate that ...
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From GMOs to BPA, why the wealthy are more likely to fall for food pseudoscience

Douglas Buhler, Sheril Kirshenbaum | 
Socioeconomics play a significant role in attitudes about food ...
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Evolution, the human diet and the meat vs. plant conundrum

Meredith Knight | 
Evidence suggests our hominin ancestors turned to meat when climate change reduced resource-rich vegetation. The signatures of these changes may ...

If pain is subjective, how do we measure it in a meaningful way?

Jeremy Delahanty | 
You can’t exactly ask a rat to point to where it hurts ...
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Viewpoint: Activist myth-making, anti-science lobbying undermine Uganda’s path to food security

Robert Wager | 
The president's trepidation about crop biotech is science-free and largely due to the influence of Western environmental groups ...
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Tackling Stone Age stereotypes and misconceptions including this: They made tools out of more than just stone

Stephen Nash | 
Although most depictions of Stone Age hunters are male, women and children played a huge part in the creation and ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Roundup game plan’—How ‘environmental’ activists, IARC’s Chris Portier plotted attacks on Monsanto-Bayer to get glyphosate banned and cripple ag biotechnology

David Zaruk | 
The failure to retract the monograph despite overwhelming rejections from the scientific community points to a Glyphosate Gameplan at IARC ...

Podcast: Plagiarism, data fabrication in science threaten public health. Meet one biologist who’s fighting back

Elisabeth Bik, Kevin Folta | 
Scientific misconduct is a serious problem in academia today. High-profile examples of data fabrication, falsification or plagiarism often generate lots ...
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Viewpoint: Public supports CRISPR, gene drives to battle infectious disease, plant pests—despite activist opposition

Andrew Porterfield | 
Consumers are less wary of biotechnology when they know how it's being deployed ...
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Viewpoint: How the ‘Food Justice’ movement hinders progress toward equity, health, sustainability

Margot Finn | 
It’s not clear what concept of justice this activism actually serves ...

Length matters? DNA testing companies claim to assess stress, health and aging by measuring your telomeres

Elise Fouquerel, Patricia Opresko | 
By determining length of your chromosome tips - also known as telomeres - testing companies claim to offer an insight ...
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Viewpoint: GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can cut pesticide use—if environmental activists do not block them

Cameron English | 
Anti-GMO activists should take a step back and look closely at some of the benefits that new genetically modified crops ...
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Artificial intelligence could revolutionize health care, but there’s no guarantee that will be a good thing

Jeremy Hsu | 
AI-driven medical tools could democratize health care, but some worry they could also worsen inequalities ...
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Viewpoint: Organic industry anti-pesticide ‘propaganda’ threatens to cripple American agriculture

Henry Miller | 
Misleading half-truths and outright misstatements offer a teaching moment about “advocacy research.” ...
med trees

Podcast: GMO rice could yield affordable treatment to stem HIV in developing world

Evangelia Vamvaka, Kevin Folta, Michelle Wu | 
A research team developed an ingenious solution to a logistical public health problem—adding anti-HIV proteins to rice ...
Podcast: Medical scans boost your cancer risk? Recent research raises troubling questions

Podcast: Medical scans boost your cancer risk? Recent research raises troubling questions

Kat Arney, Phil Jones, Steve Elledge | 
We explore the latest findings suggesting that low doses of radiation from medical scans may enhance the growth of cancer ...
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Viewpoint: Hidden conflicts of interest cripple IARC’s biased glyphosate-cancer evaluation

David Zaruk | 
IARC has no clear understanding of what a conflict of interest is (or doesn’t care) ...
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New weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance: Tricking bacteria ‘into killing themselves’

Molly Sargen | 
Sneaky molecular biology tricks bacteria into killing themselves, in place of antibiotics ...

NY Times’ Eric Lipton defends anti-biotech, anti-vax Moms Across America, which harasses scientists

Stephan Neidenbach | 
Journalists like Eric Lipton need to recognize where the real danger lies ...
young blood

Using young blood to battle Alzheimer’s could be ‘an exciting new start in a frustrating field’

Ricki Lewis | 
The idea of therapeutic benefits from 'young blood' has been around a long time ...
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Podcast: This GMO probiotic helps prevent hangovers—can it ease consumer fear of biotechnology?

Cameron English, Zack Abbott | 
There's nothing quite like a hangover. After a few too many drinks and a night of restless sleep, you wake ...
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Plans to introduce GMO crops in disarray, legislators angry after Uganda’s president rejects GMO cultivation law for second time

Lominda Afedraru | 
The lawmakers could attempt to enact the legislation without the president’s signature ...