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Creating Superman (and woman): Who benefits from human enhancement?

David Warmflash | 
Using genetic modification, nanotechnology, bionics, reconstructive surgery, hormones, drugs or any combination of these approaches, real-life human enhancement is looking ...

Milkweed: Mother’s milk for monarch butterflies, but yield-robbing weed for farmers

Andrew Porterfield | 
Can we encourage a resurgence in butterfly-friendly milkweed populations without making farming even more challenging? ...
5-1-2019 download

Podcast: Should you get your entire genome sequenced? The pros and cons of diving into your DNA

Given how little we know about how variations in the genome affect health and disease, is direct-to-consumer whole genome sequencing ...

Podcast: Glyphosate, cancer and ‘corporate conspiracies’–“Regulatory capture” by anti-science activists in the Roundup controversy

Our useful threat-detection instinct has been warped into a serious handicap as we attempt to evaluate risks to our health ...
hiv positive blood vials large

Cure for AIDS/HIV? Temper expectations.

A. J. Smuskiewicz | 
As we seek an outright cure for HIV/AIDS, our hope should be grounded in reality ...
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Glyphosate-based herbicides kill cancer cells and have ‘no significant toxicity’ to humans? Another study says ‘yes’—but what does it mean?

Cameron English | 
If Roundup or one of its ingredients turns out to be an effective cancer treatment, it would be a stunning ...

‘Why did I get cancer?’ We can do more to alleviate ‘angst, guilt’ accompanying a diagnosis

Ricki Lewis | 
More time spent explaining the biology of cancer to patients can help alleviate angst and guilt.  ...
insect collapse

The world faces ‘pollinator collapse’? How and why the media get the science wrong time and again

Jon Entine | 
With neither the facts nor the science on their side, environmental advocacy groups are simply pounding the table ...
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Werner syndrome and the curious case of the Japanese man who is aging too fast

Erika Hayasaki | 
Nobuaki Nagashima has Werner syndrome, which causes his body to age at super speed. This condition is teaching us more ...

Viewpoint: Non-GMO, organic, gluten free? Demystifying misleading food labels

Hillary Kaufman | 
Take a look at our label guide to know when a label is meaningful and when you’re just throwing away ...

Quest to reduce greenhouse gases needs modern farming techniques, including use of GMOs, not organics, research shows

Andrew Porterfield | 
Modern farming has "uncoupled" itself from greenhouse gas output -- using new technologies, including genetic engineering, to boost crop yields ...

Knowledge without context: Why consumer genetic tests can spark needless fears, behavioral changes

Kristen Hovet | 
Direct-to-consumer genetic tests are growing in popularity. They can tell us a lot about our personal building blocks. But there ...

Podcast: Does the Nobel Prize overlook important scientific achievements?

Kat Arney | 
Nobel prizes are often seen as the pinnacle of scientific achievement. But are they a fair way of recognizing contributions ...
screenshot a new role for the fda in medical device regulation policy paper pdf

Podcast: AI-powered nutrition devices could cut exploding obesity rates. Will FDA rules keep them off the market?

Cameron English, Richard Williams | 
Medical devices powered by artificial intelligence could help overweight people customize diets based on their biomarkers ...
gg june cover image

Viewpoint: There will be no crop biotech revolution unless scientists, consumers learn to talk to each other

Kate Creasey, Sylvia He | 
It is imperative that scientists bridge the gap and enable an open, global dialogue so that all are informed ...
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If humans never evolved, would Earth still have intelligent life? This evidence suggests the answer is yes

James Horton, Tiffany Taylor | 
The paths available to evolving organisms are far from limitless ...

Digesting GMO and non-GMO foods—why your body can’t tell the difference

Lucy Stitzer | 
What exactly happens when you eat a GMO? ...
MIT HIV Vaccine

Podcast: Battle to conquer HIV with biotechnology is on. How much progress have we made?

Kevin Folta, Pamela Skinner | 
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is to blame for one of the worst public health crises the world has ever ...
lemi hayle

‘Better’ gut bacteria probably won’t turn you into an elite athlete. But could it give you a performance boost?

Kostas Vavitsas | 
Athletes getting an edge from a probiotic boost may be more realistic than once thought ...
default why we won t be able to feed the world without gm

Viewpoint: Organic farmer’s New York Times opinion piece perpetuates ‘fantasy’ of small growers feeding the world

Andrew Porterfield | 
Barber’s perspective on GM and patented seeds follow the party line of the organic industry ...

Diet and dementia: Is fast food really ‘eating away your brain’?

Angela Dowden | 
Nutrition studies on Alzheimer's conclude that diet might affect brain health. Beware of media spins that claim more ...

EPA weighs in on sulfoxaflor: Genetic Literacy Project Q&A on controversial decision to lift restrictions on alleged ‘bee-killing’ pesticide

Cameron English | 
The FDA replied to our questions with a detailed defense of its decision to lift restrictions on sulfoxaflor ...
gm crops europe x

90% of Europeans fear biotech crops? New survey busts the popular anti-GMO myth

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A special Eurobarometer survey report on food safety was published [in June]. It shows once again that the regularly promoted ...
cancer scientists

Viewpoint: There’s a reason we haven’t cured cancer. It has nothing to do with ‘leadership, motivation, or funding’

Christopher Gerry | 
Although fighting cancer is an admirable cause, there are many things standing in our way of a universal cure, such ...

Viewpoint: Why CRISPR-edited crops should be allowed in organic agriculture

Rebecca Mackelprang | 
A University of California, Berkeley professor stands at the front of the room, delivering her invited talk about the potential ...

Viewpoint: FDA ‘accelerated’ drug approvals offer relief for critically ill patients. But more could be done.

Henry Miller | 
Desperately-needed therapies often warrant early approvals ...
bennett men women story top

Long-term partnership or quickie hookup: Can evolution explain why a woman chooses one over the other?

Bob Holmes | 
For women, a short-term fling may involve a quest for good genes or just a good time. It’s a puzzle ...

The rise, fall and resurrection of Russian seed bank pioneer Nikolai Vavilov

Joel Cohen | 
Would all this be cast aside, he wondered, his reputation disgraced?  Or would the good work be rediscovered, like the ...