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Podcast: Are you ready for the Zero Dollar Genome?

We've broken through the thousand dollar genome barrier and are heading towards $100. Leading geneticist George Church want to take ...
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Viewpoint: How my cancer treatment turned me into a living, breathing GMO

Steve Clark | 
Whether in cancer cells or apples, GMOs are improving lives ...
honey bees fungicides

Viewpoint: Glyphosate harms bees? Anti-biotech campaigners attempt to revive debunked myth blaming world’s most used herbicide

Cameron English, Jon Entine | 
"The honeybee is in no way endangered. If there’s a top ten list of what’s killing honey bee colonies, I’d ...

Genetically engineered trees could save our forests—but it won’t be an easy fix

Jason Delborne | 
A biotech tree could simultaneously increase and decrease the wildness of a forest ...

Podcast: Why do we like sweet foods? How taste and smell color our sense of the world

Kevin Folta, Linda Bartoshuk | 
University of Florida researcher Linda Bartoshuk has been recognized as an expert on interactions between smell, taste and psychology for ...

Dissecting the cannabis genome in the quest for a better bud and effective medicines

Kaylee Mueller | 
Cannabis cultivators have little firm knowledge about the genetics of the plant. Researchers hope to change that ...
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Podcast: From anti-GMO journalist to crop biotech advocate—Alliance for Science managing editor Joan Conrow

Cameron English, Joan Conrow | 
For many years, the developing world has been at the center of a heated debate between mainstream scientists and anti-GMO ...
demon child of franken corn © david dees illustration deesillustration com

Viewpoint: The ‘thrilling’ innovations that ushered in the biotechnology revolution may not be enough to combat the huge anti-GMO propaganda machine

Judith Heimann | 
Scientists need to promote and defend the relevance of their science, even after it has left their lab ...

How this promising gene therapy for a rare neuromuscular disease was fueled by passionate parents and a dog

Ricki Lewis | 
The gene therapy will be too late for Joshua Frase. But it will be his legacy ...
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Uganda’s anti-GMO activists blamed for stonewalling nation’s new biosafety rules

Lominda Afedraru | 
A campaign by non-governmental organizations is determined to keep Uganda free of GMOs ...
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Weak links? How partial DNA matches can muddle criminal investigations

Meredith Knight | 
Using DNA collected from a crime scene, police can identify relatives of unidentified suspects through partial, or familial, matches. Legal ...
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Does Big Ag control farmers through seeds patents? Farmers don’t think so.

Andrew Porterfield | 
Farmers have a wide range of choices for seeds, including conventional and GMO. And most, for economic and performance rather ...
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Viewpoint: Defending IARC’s designation of glyphosate as carcinogenic undermines evidence-based science

Geoffrey Kabat | 
The apologetics of the decision's defenders are becoming all too predictable ...
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Searching for genetic links to suicidal thoughts and behavior

Rona Strawbridge | 
New genetic research could help identify those most at risk of suicide ...
fda jpg

Podcast: Former FDA scientist Henry Miller says misguided regulation keeps safe biotech products off the market

Cameron English, Henry Miller | 
In 1982, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first "GMO" pharmaceutical drug in the world, a new ...

Why we lose when Hollywood distorts CRISPR gene editing in the name of entertainment

Victoria Lee | 
Adding misinformation to a climate of fear and distrust plants more seeds of suspicion in the public mind ...
Kevin Folta

Podcast: Geneticist Kevin Folta responds after anti-biotech social media attacks led to his exclusion from Florida gardening event

Kevin Folta | 
Recently, University of Florida plant scientist Kevin Folta was invited to present a series of lectures at a seed saving ...

‘Regenerative’ is the new buzz word in agriculture. Does the sustainability hype match reality?

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
The goal should be sustainability, not trying to advance an ideology ...
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Viewpoint: 300 scientists say FDA’s plan to regulate CRISPR-edited animals as drugs will effectively shut down innovation

Alison Van Eenennaam | 
This proposed regulatory approach for genome editing in animals will make it cost prohibitive for both U.S. researchers and livestock ...
dna day genographic adapt

‘The broken promise of anonymity’? Bioethicist’s call to guard identity of sperm and egg donors is misguided

Ricki Lewis | 
Dr. Pennings’ opinion fails to capture the complexity of donation ...
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Podcast: Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list is an unscientific scam

Steve Savage | 
Scammers are having a moment. On this episode of Biotech Facts and Fallacies, plant scientist Steve Savage tackles scams within ...
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Psychopaths are among us—and why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Robert Ganley | 
Can psychopathic people perform certain roles better than non-psychopaths? ...
africa agriculture wikimedia commons

African farmers look to genetic engineering in fight against plant diseases and pests

Steven Cerier | 
The benefits of genetic engineering will not come to fruition in Africa if the opponents of the technology continue to ...
seed school

Censorship of biotech researchers? Geneticist Kevin Folta excluded from gardening workshop after orchestrated anti-GMO social media attacks

Cameron English | 
Folta says this incident is typical of the harassment biotech researchers have experienced at the hands of US-RTK and other ...
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Purebred? How humans invented the modern concept of ‘dog breeds’

Michael Worboys | 
Modern purebred dog breeds were created in Victorian Britain ...
4-18-2019 unnamed file

Gene therapy’s fight against ‘bubble boy’ disease may have yielded a safe cure

Meenakshi Prabhune | 
“Cure” is a strong word, but the authors are confident that it has been achieved ...

Podcast: That weird time in history when humans had 24 pairs of chromosomes

Kat Arney | 
Everyone knows that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. But if you'd looked at a textbook in the 1940s, the ...
TM Aunt Molly Ground Cherry Seeds

Taming wild plants with CRISPR gene editing in quest to find new foods

Esperanza Shenstone, Nathan Reem | 
A pilot project with groundcherries demonstrates the huge potential in gene editing wild plants for food ...