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Podcast: Bt eggplant in Bangladesh—the GMO crop that boosted farmer profits 6-fold

Arif Hossein, Kevin Folta, Modesta Abugu | 
Subsistence farmers in Bangladesh make a living by growing, harvesting and selling brinjal, or the fruit westerners know as eggplant ...
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Podcast: Land use for animal agriculture has declined 140 million hectares since 2000. Can we keep this ‘livestock revolution’ alive?

Cameron English, Dan Rejto | 
We're often told raising animals for food takes a devastating toll on the environment, consuming ever more natural resources, hastening ...
organic sugar cane scam

What’s the most sustainable, affordable and nutritious sugar: Boutique imported unrefined whole cane v. domestic sugar cane v. sugar beet?

Kevin Folta | 
A drive toward The Everglades down US 98 between Yeehaw Junction and Belle Glade, FL takes you around the east ...
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How microbiome research promises to solve blood shortages, halt food allergies and give us better skin

Ricki Lewis | 
A microbiome isn’t just something to maintain or optimize – it can also be a crystal ball ...
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Common treatment for prostate cancer may increase risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia

Chuck Dinerstein | 
In this case, “do no harm” is more complicated than we had anticipated ...
anti science fair

(Practically) no one is anti-science, and how that can help us talk about GMOs

Marc Brazeau | 
Keith Kloor, science blogger at Discover, has sparked an intriguing debate about the use of the term "anti-science" to describe ...
fish farms

How market forces, self-regulation and GMO crops are making fish farming more sustainable

Dave Little, Richard Newton | 
More sustainable aquaculture and better-managed fisheries are increasingly actionable for consumers ...
Sir Paul Nurse

Podcast: Nobel prize winner Sir Paul Nurse on his ‘barking mad’ discovery of the genes responsible for cell division

Kat Arney, Paul Nurse | 
Leading geneticist and Nobel prizewinner Sir Paul Nurse reveals the audacious experiment that everyone said was crazy ...
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Pot smokers with this genetic variant could face addiction risks similar to those who smoke cigarettes

Ricki Lewis | 
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, for those of us who can remember them, marijuana was widely regarded as not ...

Podcast: Biologist Rob Wager takes on anti-GMO scientists at 1st International Conference on Agroecology

Kevin Folta, Robert Wager | 
Economic growth fueled by market reforms has cut poverty in the developing world drastically over the last 30 years. But ...
dangers of in vitro fertilization

IVF raises breast and ovarian cancer risks for women over 40 as much as 65%? That’s what headlines scream, but here’s how statistics lie and scare people

Tim Barker | 
Statistics related to medical risks and care often unnecessarily frighten people, and lousy journalism doesn't help ...

Explaining the debate over GMOs—and what is or isn’t ‘natural’— through the genetics of chickens

Patrick Whittle | 
Chickens (and their eggs) provide a surprisingly down-to-earth illustration of the profound implications of the modern genetic revolution ...
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Why the absence of hope may be hurting Huntington’s disease research

Chuck Dinerstein | 
Huntington's disease is not just incurable, it's untreatable. Therefore, many patients don't want to know their genetic status, and don't ...
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Metagenomic next-generation sequencing: Breakthrough tool diagnoses mystery diseases

Charles Chiu | 
Decoding all the DNA in a patient’s biological sample can reveal whether an infectious microbe is causing the disease ...

Podcast: Could domesticated bacteria help break our dependence on fossil fuels?

Kevin Folta, Sarah Richardson | 
Microbes surround us and enhance our lives in almost innumerable ways. These helpful micro-machines catalyze key reactions required to produce ...
norman borlaug

Norman Borlaug: Nobel Prize winning agronomist saved a billion lives and almost banished hunger

Alexander C. R. Hammond | 
Norman Borlaug’s work undeniably changed the world for the better ...
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Farmer’s open letter to skeptical consumers: We know science, glyphosate and GMOs are safe, and we need both to fight climate change

John Gladigau | 
 Despite repeated assurances from the mainstream science community that our food supply is safe, many consumers remain highly skeptical of ...
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Why CRISPR patents matter to a world worried about designer babies, rogue scientists and curing disease

In the midst of widespread disapproval of creating “designer babies,” fear of rogue scientists editing the genome of future generations, ...
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Why do some elite athletes die during intense exercise? The answer may be in their genes.

Nicola Jones | 
Biological anthropologists and other researchers investigate why there is a diversity of symptoms and outcomes in people with sickle cell ...
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Scare talk: Are GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics making conventional food unsafe?

Garland West | 
The Dirt: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently cautioned Americans not to fear their food. That’s an amazing thing for any ...

Pharmacogenetics and depression: Genetic screening could eliminate trial-and-error approach to medications

Ricki Lewis | 
Antidepressants may soon be added to the growing list of medications genetically matched to patients most likely to respond — ...

Uganda set to embrace artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, but biotechnology languishes

Peter Wamboga-Mugirya | 
'Something fundamentally detrimental to the progress of scientific and technological innovations in the agriculture of our nation is happening.' ...

The first gene-edited soybean opens door to a slew of new CRISPR foods

Nazimi Açıkgöz | 
The number of crop gene-editing projects underway around the world is astonishing ...
diverse population illustration x

Genetic solutions depends largely on data from people of European descent. Do we need to address that research imbalance?

Eva Amsen | 
To boost the participation of marginalized communities in genetic studies, doctors must first win back their trust ...
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Podcast: CRISPR immunizes pigs against PRRS—deadly viral disease that costs $600 million annually

Christine Burkard, Kevin Folta | 
Christine Burkard, assistant professor of infection and immunity at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, says her team has devised a ...