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Steam train

Podcast: Did a legendary train ride really lead to the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws?

Kat Arney | 
A Victorian scientist's train ride to London leads to the rediscovery of Mendel's laws of inheritance, Nice story, but is ...
4-12-2019 axgpay

Searching for genetic answers: What makes monkeys different from humans?

James Howe | 
Less than 50 of our 20,000 genes are unique to humans. What separates us from monkeys? ...
concept art of baby with dna

Viewpoint: We should be careful about ‘crossing the germline’ in gene editing humans

Eleanor Feingold | 
CRISPR gene editing has the possibility to transform disease management, but we can't be scared of editing somatic cells ...
Screen Shot at PM

Golden Rice, Part 2: Will nutritionally enhanced rice work and help solve malnutrition in developing countries?

Adrian Dubock | 
For more than a quarter of a century, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) has been recognized by the United Nations as ...
unnamed file

Podcast: Where blackberries came from—and how genetics made them so delicious

Chad Finn, Kevin Folta | 
Blackberries are a popular, healthy fruit consumed by people all over the world. Over the last century, significant progress has ...
alternativemeat illustrationbylindsey x

Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat should replace farm animals as food

Matti Wilks | 
Why so many people resist cultured meat -- and why they shouldn't ...
fake news e

Podcast: Glyphosate, cancer and clickbait: Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat on how to spot junk science in the news

Cameron English, Geoffrey Kabat | 
A Google search for "glyphosate" returns 10,300,000 results—conflicting news stories, opinion articles and videos of varying accuracy. Some of these ...
5-10-2019 intersex runners

Viewpoint: What defines a female athlete? Law professor, former runner’s case for why Caster Semenya’s testosterone levels critical in determining if she should compete with women

Doriane Lambelet Coleman | 
The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that intersex athletes must reduce their testosterone to within accepted female levels ...
COVER copy master v

Golden Rice, Part 1: The story of a GMO crop that could benefit billions of children a year

Adrian Dubock | 
For billions of people, the stakes could not be higher ...
nn mpo orange nbcnews ux

Podcast: Could a benign virus save Florida’s devastated orange industry from citrus greening disease?

Kevin Folta, Steve Savage | 
Huanglongbing, or HLB, is the Chinese term for the Yellow Dragon Disease–usually referred to as citrus greening.  The disease first ...
stock vatican peters basilica x

Viewpoint: Regulators should embrace the Vatican’s decade-old endorsement of GMOs

Henry Miller | 
If only legislators and regulators would “get religion" and take the Pontifical Academy’s decade-old recommendations to heart ...
ff fertilizer ab

Podcast: How science brought us ‘synthetic’ fertilizer, and why it was a game changer for farmers

Steve Savage | 
Bet you never thought fertilizer was magical but that changes today! On this episode of Biotech Facts and Fallacies, plant ...
bigstock dna molecules on abstract tech x

Geopolitics of gene editing

Abishur Prakash | 
For a handful of countries, gene editing is key to their future power ...
e d z

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO forces in Nigeria have abandoned reason and the nation’s best interests

Opuah Abeikwen | 
Protecting health and and food security is best done through dialogue and education, not threats and smear campaigns ...
butchering scene nairobi national museum ninara cc x x

Was our brain growth kick-started by ancestors scavenging bone marrow from animal carcasses?

Richard Kemeny | 
A new theory challenges assumptions about when and how our ancestors altered their behaviors to boost brainpower ...
pesticide free berries thumb x b

Why the ‘chemical free’ organic industry has a ‘pesticide problem’

Andrew Porterfield | 
The organic label is often touted as meaning "pesticide free" and has become a rallying cry for anti-GMO activists. But ...
low t

Worried about low T? Treatments may be a costly placebo—and could even hurt you

Meredith Knight | 
Testosterone therapy does little to counter the effects of aging. But it does have the potential to be harmful for ...

Podcast: Are you ready for the Zero Dollar Genome?

We've broken through the thousand dollar genome barrier and are heading towards $100. Leading geneticist George Church want to take ...
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Viewpoint: How my cancer treatment turned me into a living, breathing GMO

Steve Clark | 
Whether in cancer cells or apples, GMOs are improving lives ...
honey bees fungicides

Viewpoint: Glyphosate harms bees? Anti-biotech campaigners attempt to revive debunked myth blaming world’s most used herbicide

Cameron English, Jon Entine | 
"The honeybee is in no way endangered. If there’s a top ten list of what’s killing honey bee colonies, I’d ...

Genetically engineered trees could save our forests—but it won’t be an easy fix

Jason Delborne | 
A biotech tree could simultaneously increase and decrease the wildness of a forest ...

Podcast: Why do we like sweet foods? How taste and smell color our sense of the world

Kevin Folta, Linda Bartoshuk | 
University of Florida researcher Linda Bartoshuk has been recognized as an expert on interactions between smell, taste and psychology for ...

Dissecting the cannabis genome in the quest for a better bud and effective medicines

Kaylee Mueller | 
Cannabis cultivators have little firm knowledge about the genetics of the plant. Researchers hope to change that ...
Screen Shot at AM

Podcast: From anti-GMO journalist to crop biotech advocate—Alliance for Science managing editor Joan Conrow

Cameron English, Joan Conrow | 
For many years, the developing world has been at the center of a heated debate between mainstream scientists and anti-GMO ...
demon child of franken corn © david dees illustration deesillustration com

Viewpoint: The ‘thrilling’ innovations that ushered in the biotechnology revolution may not be enough to combat the huge anti-GMO propaganda machine

Judith Heimann | 
Scientists need to promote and defend the relevance of their science, even after it has left their lab ...

How this promising gene therapy for a rare neuromuscular disease was fueled by passionate parents and a dog

Ricki Lewis | 
The gene therapy will be too late for Joshua Frase. But it will be his legacy ...
image rxpmqu

Uganda’s anti-GMO activists blamed for stonewalling nation’s new biosafety rules

Lominda Afedraru | 
A campaign by non-governmental organizations is determined to keep Uganda free of GMOs ...
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Weak links? How partial DNA matches can muddle criminal investigations

Meredith Knight | 
Using DNA collected from a crime scene, police can identify relatives of unidentified suspects through partial, or familial, matches. Legal ...