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‘Female genetic superiority’? How two X chromosomes give women an edge against coronavirus

Gaia Vince | Guardian | 
It was noticeable from the initial outbreak in Wuhan that Covid-19 was killing more men than women. By February, data ...
screenshot china’s doctors fighting the coronavirus beg for masks

Searching for a biomarker to predict which coronavirus patients are at risk for severe symptoms

Melissa Davey | Guardian | 
Respiratory physician Dr. David Darley says something peculiar happens to a small group of Covid-19 patients on day seven of ...
coronavirus twins

Twins study bolsters theory that genetics play a role in coronavirus symptom severity

Nicola Davis | Guardian | 
Symptoms of Covid-19 appear to be partly down to genetic makeup, researchers at King’s College London have discovered. The finding ...

Our brains aren’t computers and why it hinders research to think of them that way

Matthew Cobb | Guardian | 
By viewing the brain as a computer that passively responds to inputs and processes data, we forget that it is ...
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Structure of the brains of career criminals may shed light on ‘persistent antisocial behavior’

Nicola Davis | Guardian | 
[A]dults with a long history of offenses show striking differences in brain structure compared with those who have stuck to ...

DNA testing companies are making money off your genetic data. Should they be paying you?

Laura Spinney | Guardian | 
Companies such as 23andMe have proliferated over the past decade, feeding people’s hunger to know who and where they come ...
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Post-Brexit UK may accept GMO crop imports from US, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hints

Rowena Mason | Guardian | 
Boris Johnson has hinted at allowing genetically modified food to be imported from the US after Brexit as he called ...
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Activist groups Greenpeace, PETA added to UK counter-terror list

Jamie Grierson, Vikram Dodd | Guardian | 
A counter-terrorism police document distributed to medical staff and teachers as part of anti-extremism briefings included Greenpeace, Peta and other ...
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Always late? Psychologist explains complex reasons behind a trait so annoying to others

Philippa Perry | Guardian | 
Punctual people may believe that late people are passive-aggressive and that their time is more valuable than those who wait for ...

Protein tangles may help predict where and how Alzheimer’s will strike the brain

Hannah Devlin, Nicola Davis | Guardian | 
Tangles of a protein found inside the brain cells of people with Alzheimer’s disease can be used to predict future ...

Suspended animation used in ‘groundbreaking’ trial to buy time for critically injured patients

Ian Sample | Guardian | 
Doctors have put humans into a state of suspended animation for the first time in a groundbreaking trial that aims ...
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Coping with death: Our brains are wired to think it only happens to other people

Ian Sample | Guardian | 
Warning: this story is about death. You might want to click away now. That’s because, researchers say, our brains do ...

Brains and birth control pills: Oral contraceptives may affect learning, memory and the immune system

Sarah Hill, Zoe Corbyn | Guardian | 
Sarah E Hill, a professor of social psychology at the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas argues we need ...
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Eugenics offers a warning about the perils of scientists chasing a brighter future at the ‘cost of innocent individual lives’

Angela Saini | Guardian | 
We tend to associate eugenics with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, but it was in fact developed in London. Its ...
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Brain implants may one day boost our abilities to text, drive, communicate and think

Zoe Corbyn | Guardian | 
An injection of Silicon Valley chutzpah has energised the field of brain-computer or brain-machine interfaces in recent years. Buoyed by ...
anti age pills longevity pete ryan

Anti-aging pill ‘5 to 12 years away’

Amy Fleming | Guardian | 
[I]magine if, instead of a pill you could take to live for ever, there was a pill that could push ...
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New analysis of Dead Sea scrolls reveals minerals not typically from region

Nicola Davis | Guardian | 
The Dead Sea scrolls have given up fresh secrets, with researchers saying they have identified a previously unknown technique used ...
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Believe it or not, Neanderthals were both athletic and artsy

Laura Potier | Guardian | 
They were sprinters.  Previously believed to have been endurance runners, it is now thought Neanderthals favoured “more power sprint than ...
new brain implant

Are we moving closer to mind reading? Facebook-funded study turns brain signals into text

Ian Sample | Guardian | 
With a radical new approach, doctors have found a way to extract a person’s speech directly from their brain.  The ...
box jelly

Using CRISPR to cure the sting of the venomous box jellyfish with a ‘simple’ spray

Naaman Zhou | Guardian | 
In May, the Sydney-based scientist [Greg Neely] and his team of 22 announced they had potentially cured the sting of ...
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Inaccuracies in consumer genetic tests for BRCA mutations prompt call for crackdown from UK doctors

Hannah Devlin | Guardian | 
Senior doctors have called for a crackdown on consumer genetic tests, following an influx of patients who have been wrongly ...
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Why unproven alternative cancer treatments are so dangerous

David Grimes | Guardian | 
Cancer is oppressive and all-pervasive: half of us alive today will experience a direct brush with it. But despite its ...
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Brain changes can be spotted ‘years before’ Parkinson’s disease emerges

Nicola Davis | Guardian | 
Changes in the brain that can be spotted years before physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease occur might act as an ...
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‘Evolution in action’: How ancient humans developed a mutation to protect against diabetes

Ian Sample | Guardian | 
An ancient mutation that spread through humans after the advent of cooking may protect people against high blood sugar and ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Race realists’ distort science to promote controversial political views

Angela Saini | Guardian | 
Far-right and anti-immigrant groups have once more become visible and powerful across Europe and the US. … I have spent ...

In bid for US support, French candidate to head UN agricultural agency says she’s not necessarily opposed to GMO or gene-edited crops

Julian Borger | Guardian | 
Europe’s candidate to run the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which guides policymakers around the world, has promised the ...
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Scientific challenges to CRISPR crops ‘largely settled,’ though political, social concerns remain

Karen Weintraub | Guardian | 
Soon, soybeans will be bred to yield oil without dangerous trans fats. Lettuce will be grown to handle warmer, drier ...

Viewpoint: ‘Toxic’ chemicals fueled post-WWII economic boom in the United States—here’s why that’s a problem

McKay Jenkins | Guardian | 
[B]efore [World War II], the vast majority of Americans lived in cities, or they lived on farms. Suddenly, with all ...
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