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Details emerge about Maui Councilwoman’s proposed anti-GMO/anti-pesticide bill

Sophie Cocke | 
Maui Councilwoman Ellie Cochran plans to submit a bill to the Maui County Council that would require agricultural companies to ...

‘Silent majority’ against Kauai’s anti-GMO Bill 2491 may rescue Kaua’i mayor

Sophie Cocke | 
It is unknown how the majority of Kauai residents feel about the recent passage of anti-GMO Bill 2491, which severely ...

Funded research does not equal biased research, says University of Hawaii scientist

Ken Grace | 
“The implication that funded research equals biased research perpetuates a misunderstanding about how universities operate,” writes Ken Grace, entomologist and ...

Pro-GMO groups in Hawaii accused of conflicts of interest

Hector Valenzuela | 
Seemingly independent scientists in Hawaii who support GMOs may have undisclosed ties to agriculture companies ...

Opinion: Hawaii Island Bill 113 is misguided, anti-science

Susan Miyasaka | 
Dr. Susan Miyasaka, a Hawaii native and Agronomist at the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, ...

University of Hawaii anti-GMO scientist supports Hawaii Island Bill 113

Hector Valenzuela | 
Hector Valenzuela, professor and Crop Specialist at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, writes in the Honolulu Civil Beat that GMOs have not ...
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Kauai Council passes anti-GMO, anti-pesticide bill in 6-1 vote

Sophie Cocke | 
Kauai Council passed Bill 2491, which will severely limit the use of pesticides and require farmers to publicly divulge where ...

Governor wades into hawaii pesticide debate as kauai poised to take action

Sophie Cocke | 
Gov. Neil Abercrombie is trying to cool the heated debate over GMOs and pesticides on Kauai by promising that the state will ...
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Who is going to pay for Kauai’s pesticide and GMO bill?

Sophie Cocke | 
Kauai's Bill 2491 would require major oversight of any GMO or pesticide use in Kauai, yet there has been no ...

Kauai’s passionate anti-GMO march aims to sway local biotech vote

Sophie Cocke | 
On the normally placid main street on Sunday afternoon, thousands of people marched in protest. As they snaked down Rice ...
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Hawaii: Big issues on Big Island with GMO ban debate

Sophie Cocke | 
The debate over GM foods in Hawaii is a serious (and often volatile) one, as demonstrated by a recent 6-hour ...

GMO fight club: Accusations fly over biotech on Kauai

Sophie Cocke | 
Amid the latest escalations in the battle over genetically modified crops and biotech in Hawaii, Mark Phillipson, president of the ...
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Hawaii: Anti-GM bill could force farmers to tear out their papayas

Sophie Cocke | 
Big Island Rainbow papaya farmers may have to tear out their trees within 30 months if a new GM bill ...

Papaya farmers struggle amidst Hawaii GMO debate

Sophie Cocke | 
Hawaii native Alberto Belmes is worried his Papayas will likely rot on the trees of is 100-acre papaya farm, as ...

GMO protestors would accomplish more by talking to the companies

Makana Agcaoili | 
The following is an excerpt. t seems that those who are against GEs are against them because of the actions ...

Lawsuit: Should state allow DNA to prove native Hawaiian ancestry

Alia Wong | 
A man who says he’s at least half Native Hawaiian but doesn't have the records to prove it is suing ...