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California labeling initiative: Anti-GM activist compares the food industry to tobacco industry

Michele Simon | 
As the California labeling act gets closer to election day, proponents of both sides are coming out of the woodwork ...

GMOs: “The controversy is really curious to scientists”: Video Interview

Cara Santa Maria | 
When you hear the words genetically modified organism, GMO, or gen-mod food, what is your initial reaction? Does the thought ...

Epigenetics III: Further look into epigenetics, evolution and the environment: How are they all connected?

James Shapiro | 
In this article, James A. Shapiro, professor of microbiology, explains the genetic relationships between epigenetics, evolution and the environment ...

Epigenetics II: Cellular memory, imprinting, and targeting genome configuration

James Shapiro | 
This is number two in my series of blogs on epigenetic control of genome restructuring and hereditary transmission of traits ...

Your genes, your identity and your family secrets

Randi Hutter Epstein | 
Sometimes I think we are so numb to hearing about this new genetic test or that one that we forget ...
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Former Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope renews attacks on genetic engineering

Carl Pope | 
Want to know what's bad about genetic engineering? Pretty much everything, if you're Carl Pope, the Sierra Club's former leader ...

Epigenetics I: Turning a DNA packaging problem into a developmental control system

James Shapiro | 
Two postings back, I promised a commenter called Sierkovitz that I would discuss epigenetics. This is an important subject with ...

20 years of GMO policy keeps Americans in the dark, says GMO opposer

Dave Murphy | 
Popular resistance is boiling over on the GMO labeling issue, as the New York Times reported last week in a ...

Plants genetic response changes due to stress

Betsy Bianey | 
No one's talking about giving intelligence tests, but researchers say they've shown that plants have smarts — the sort needed ...

Genetically modified food labels legislation fails in Connecticut

A key Connecticut lawmaker says efforts to enact state legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified food died in the face ...
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