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9-6-2018 attractive-beautiful-beauty-792994

8 things to know about anti-aging research and why there’s ‘no doubt’ humans can live to 150

Kira Peikoff, Michael West | 
Dr. [Michael] West is the CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, a biotech company that is developing novel therapeutics to target human ...
6-14-2018 brain-in-jar-getty-1500x1000

Viewpoint: Science hype doomed startup that promised to upload brains ‘to the cloud’

Addison Nugent | 
This past March, headlines suddenly flooded the Internet about a startup company called Nectome. Founded by two graduates of the ...
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5 key things we should know about the gut microbiome

Kristina Campbell | 
Here are five of the most important questions that lie ahead for microbiome science. 1) What makes a gut microbiome ...
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Understanding the difference between eugenics and genetic tests that predict intelligence

Paige Harden | 
Polygenic scores ... can predict a person’s intelligence or performance in school. Like a credit score, a polygenic score is ...
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No outrage: Why news of first cloned monkeys barely moved the needle

Bernard Siegel | 
[Cloned monkeys] Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua were created at the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai ...
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Ethical questions surround deep brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases

David Levine | 
[D]eep brain stimulation [is] a type of therapy in which one or more electrodes are inserted into your brain and ...
Viewpoint: There’s no reason to panic over human germline editing

Viewpoint: There’s no reason to panic over human germline editing

Hank Greely | 
[Editor's note: Hank Greely is a professor of law and genetics at Stanford University.] Controversy has raged about editing human ...