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Former Monsanto CTO Robb Fraley: Here’s why GMO labels deceive consumers

Robb Fraley | 
Imagine that some enterprising souls in the U.S. decide one day that shoes are bad, and begin drumming up support and ...
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Viewpoint: Stonyfield Organic enlisted ‘rapid response team’ of academics to ‘scare people’ about GMOs

Stephan Neidenbach | 
2015 was the peak of the GMO labeling debate. Bills were being thrown around at both the state and federal ...

Impossible Foods exec: Environmentalist opponents are on ‘wrong side of history’

Rachel Konrad | 
For more than a year, the nongovernmental organization Friends of the Earth (FOE) has been trying to malign and defame ...
gmo action

Impossible Foods: Friends of the Earth is ‘anti-science fundamentalist’ group

Rachel Konrad | 
For more than a year, the non-governmental organization Friends of the Earth (FOE) has been trying to malign and defame ...
story organic

Viewpoint: How the organic industry spreads ‘fake science’

Stephan Neidenbach | 
This fact sheet describes the contents of an organic industry confidential public relations plan to spread fake science in its promotion. In ...
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Can the Impossible Burger reverse the anti-GMO trend?

Stephen Lamb | 
With today’s environment of anti-GMO fearmongering, marketing, and mandatory labeling, who would have guessed that there would be so many think pieces on Impossible’s White Castle launch with hardly any mention of the ...
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Viewpoint: 6 reasons to reject the Environmental Working Group’s misinformation on food and pesticides

Kevin Folta | 
1. It creates a false sense of food risk where next to none exists. They are not a testing organization. They ...
Well Fed FB

‘Well Fed’: Dutch documentary challenges rich countries’ anti-GMO views

Mary Mangan | 
A trip to Bangladesh with your friends might be a great idea, but that won’t be possible for everyone. But ...
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Viewpoint: What happened to Russian ‘Factor GMO’ study—and why aren’t journalists covering it?

Mary Mangan | 
In late 2014, with fanfare and a multi-lingual press conference, a group centered in Russia hacked the food media with ...
genetically modify food debate

Viewpoint: Our ancestors played ‘genetic roulette’ in crop breeding while modern genetic engineering is ‘controlled and conservative’

Michael Eisen | 
[A]s much as human history is the history of agriculture, it’s also the history of genetic modification of plants, animals ...
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Fish genes in tomatoes? The GMO lie that just won’t die

Mary Mangan | 
Editor's note: Mary Mangan, Ph.D., received her education in microbiology, immunology, plant cell biology, and mammalian cell, developmental, and molecular biology ...
sugar cane burn flickr gavin fordham

Scientist raised next to sugarcane farm where controlled burning rampant explains ecological benefits of GMO sugar beets

Layla Katiraee | 
In the early 90s, I lived in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, known for music, art, and its green Valle del Turbio. This ...

Infographic: Why single out GMOs—one of many forms of crop modification—for labeling?

Layla Katiraee | 
[Editor's note: Layla Katiraee is a scientist at Integrated DNA Technologies. She has a PhD in molecular genetics with a ...
drought ground e

Green Line: Why plant scientists need to talk about climate change impacts on farming

Kevin Folta | 
[Editor’s note: Kevin Folta is a molecular biologist and chair of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida.] As a molecular ...
image f CRISPR Cas Mutations

Worries over CRISPR gene editing’s unintended mutations appear to be overhyped

Gaetan Burgio | 
[Recently,] a short communication came out in Nature methods on off targets (OT) effects following CRISPR/Cas9 editing into the mouse ...
ancestry under fire from privacy defenders for owning data from your genetic test

Joel Winston | 
Don’t use the AncestryDNA testing service without actually reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. According to these ...
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‘Organic civil war’: Do advocates care about promoting food security and sustainability?

Stephan Neidenbach | 
Last June [2016] Stephanie Strom, reporting for the New York Times, broke the story about how Whole Foods had upset organic ...
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Merchants of doubt: US Right to Know’s latest smear targets public-service-focused Canadian scientist

Kevin Folta | 
A familiar pattern is emerging, and if you love science and respect scientists it should give you chills. This week ...
corn harvest

Conventional (GMOs) vs organic farming: Which is better for animals and the environment?

Iida Ruishalme | 
[Editor's note: Iida Ruishalme is a writer and a science communicator from Sweden who holds a M.Sc. in Biology.] I ...

Chipotle fumbles science in attempt to justify its anti-GMO stance

Stephan Neidenbach | 
[Editor's note: Stephan Neidenbach is a middle school teacher and blogger. He runs the popular We Loves GMO and Vaccines Facebook ...

Non-GMO Wild Turkey whiskey? Latest absurd food label illustrates hypocritical anti-GMO cancer fears

Kevin Folta | 
[Editor’s note: Kevin Folta is a molecular biologist and chair of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida.] [April 2, ...
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Extreme Green hypocrisy? Center for Biological Diversity, other anti-GMO groups partner on March for Science

Stephan Neidenbach | 
[Editor's note: The following is an open letter to the Center for Biological Diversity regarding their participation in the "March for ...
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Dietitian Mary Lee Chin: Why I consult with the food industry — including Monsanto

Mary Lee Chin | 
[Editor's note: On March 22, 2017, journalist Alex Orlov accused dietitian Mary Lee Chin of not publicly disclosing her ties to ...
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Is Cargill supporting ‘removal of GMOs from planet’ by partnering with Non-GMO Project?

Stephan Neidenbach | 
[Read the GLP profile of the Non-GMO project here.] [Cargill] recently partnered with the Non-GMO Project to help build a supply ...
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Is non-GMO label a ‘declaration of opposition to farmers, science?’

Trevor Charles | 
[Editor's note: Trevor Charles is a microbiologist at the University of Waterloo in Canada.] [M]y tweet about an example of a ...
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Whole Foods, Patagonia, Clif Bar school lunch program promotes misconceptions about pesticides, seed saving

Stephan Neidenbach | 
[Editor's note: Stephan Neidenbach is a middle school teacher, father, and blogger.] The Conscious Kitchen program (funded by Patagonia, Clif Bar, ...
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Debunking Denialism: 5 environmental benefits from GMO crops

Emil Karlsson | 
Editor's note: Emil Karlsson is a Swedish science communicator who runs the Debunking Denialism blog, which is dedicated to scientific skepticism ...

‘Clean food’ is a marketing ploy and offensive to hard-working scientists, farmers

Kevin Folta | 
[Editor’s note: Kevin Folta is a molecular geneticist and chair of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida.] When ...