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AlterEgo is a new device that can read your internal thoughts

No words needed: AlterEgo prototype allows communication with computer as if by thought

Rachel Metz | 
Controlling your gadgets by talking to them is so 2018. In the future, you won’t even have to move your ...

Viewpoint: Why you should be wary of ‘personalized’ DNA lifestyle tests

Emily Mullin | 
A wave of new [DNA] tests claim to make all sorts of personalized lifestyle recommendations—from what skin-care products you should ...

Beta thalassemia patients could be freed from life of blood transfusions by one-time gene therapy

Emily Mullin | 
A one-time, experimental treatment for an inherited blood disorder has shown dramatic results in a small study. It’s a major ...

So we can clone our pets—are we moving closer to humans?

Antonio Regalado | 
The story that sent shivers up my spine...was about Monni Must, a Michigan portrait photographer who paid to clone Billy ...
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We are entering the era of artificial intelligence—how should we get ready for it?

Will Knight | 
If the US were to draw up a new AI master plan, what should it aim to do? Funding AI ...

Gene therapy and rare diseases: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

Antonio Regalado | 
An analyst at Goldman Sachs asked a troubling question...about gene therapy. “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” In social media, reactions ...

Viewpoint: We need to know if CRISPR works in monkeys and possible off-target effects before we start human trials

Emily Mullin | 
Sometime this year, people in the US and Europe will start getting treated for diseases using the gene-editing tool CRISPR, but ...
dna data

The story behind the looming $30-billion-a-year synthetic DNA data storage market

Bryan Walsh | 
[Emily] Leproust is cofounder and CEO of Twist Bioscience, a five-year-old startup that is, by some estimates, the world’s largest ...

MIT Media Lab halts relationship with startup Nectome over storing their brains in fatal ‘brain uploads’

Antonio Regalado | 
The MIT Media Lab will sever ties with a brain-embalming company that promoted euthanasia to people hoping for digital immortality ...

Precision education: DNA test for intelligence could be on the horizon

Antonio Regalado | 
Ready for a world in which a $50 DNA test can predict your odds of earning a PhD or forecast ...
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Improved ‘brains’ grant robots dexterity that could soon rival humans

Will Knight | 
It might not look that special, but the robot above is, according to a new measure, the most dexterous one ...
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Battling ‘fatty liver’ disease obesity by identifying and gene-silencing mutations

Antonio Regalado | 
The search for mutations that conjure medical superpowers has turned up people who are resistant to liver disease, even if ...

Building an Alzheimer’s early warning system through artificial intelligence

Emily Mullin | 
[A flat white box attached to the wall] knows when [David Graham] gets out of bed, gets dressed, walks to ...
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Thousand-year mind preservation with a twist: Startup Nectome’s procedure is ‘100 percent fatal’

Anthony Regalado | 
The startup accelerator Y Combinator is known for supporting audacious companies in its popular three-month boot camp. There’s never been ...

Counting on Trump: Approval of biotech animals may rely on circumventing FDA

Antonio Regalado | 
The lobbying effort to get the FDA out of the way of biotech animals is under way. ... [Recombinetics] is ...
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Saving critically ill babies through lightning-fast genome sequencing

Emily Mullin | 
Usually it takes weeks for scientists to sequence an entire genome. But [neurologist Jennifer] Friedman and her colleagues at Rady [Children’s ...
genetic testing shown by dna sample in front of screen showing code sequence

DNA fortune telling: Genetic tests could determine disease destiny from birth

Antonio Regalado | 
There’s never been data available on as many people’s genes as there is today. And that wealth of information is ...
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Dystopian ‘Black Mirror’ scenarios predict dark future for artificial intelligence

Will Knight | 
[A] new report by more than 20 researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, OpenAI, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation warns that ...

‘Fully customizable’ genome: Replacing yeast’s 12.5 million base pairs piece by piece

Bryan Walsh | 
Homo sapiens has had a tight relationship with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the unicellular fungus better known as brewer’s yeast. … That doesn’t mean S ...

Huntington’s patients find new hope in ‘gene-silencing’ drug

Emily Mullin | 
Huntington’s is a genetic disorder that causes nerve cells in the brain to gradually break down, leading to irreversible brain ...

Perfecting microbes to biomanufacture cells like computer chips

Monique Brouillete | 
[Researcher Alec] Nielsen heads a startup called Asimov that is trying to automate the design of sophisticated genetic modifications. Its software, called ...

Searching for sleep: Genome mining project looks for insomnia links

Antonio Regalado | 
In a genetic study of unprecedented size, scientists have searched for inherited causes of insomnia in the DNA [of] 1,310,010 ...

Gene therapy setback? Animal deaths in treating muscular dystrophy spark new concerns over high doses

Antonio Regalado | 
An influential scientist involved in gene therapy’s biggest setback, the death of a study volunteer 19 years ago, has issued a ...

8 common cancers could be detected early with $500 blood test

Emily Mullin | 
A simple-to-take test that tells if you have a tumor lurking, and even where it is in your body, is ...

CRISPR first in US: Human cancer patients to be treated with gene-editing tool

Emily Mullin | 
The first human test in the U.S. involving the gene-editing tool CRISPR could begin at any time and will employ ...
woman cancer patient

Rural-urban divide: Groundbreaking gene therapies could exacerbate inequality in cancer care

Emily Mullin | 
Two new cancer treatments have shown miraculous cures, but if you happen to live in Arkansas or Montana, or a ...
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Can CRISPR gene-edited ‘terminator bulls’ revolutionize the beef industry?

Andrew Rosenblum | 
After a year of trying, [Australian geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam's lab at the University of California succeeded in using] the ...
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Is President Trump pro-GMO?

Antonio Regalado | 
“We are streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting-edge biotechnology, setting free our farmers to innovate, thrive, and to grow,” Trump told a ...