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Gene therapy setback? Animal deaths in treating muscular dystrophy spark new concerns over high doses

Antonio Regalado | 
An influential scientist involved in gene therapy’s biggest setback, the death of a study volunteer 19 years ago, has issued a ...

8 common cancers could be detected early with $500 blood test

Emily Mullin | 
A simple-to-take test that tells if you have a tumor lurking, and even where it is in your body, is ...

CRISPR first in US: Human cancer patients to be treated with gene-editing tool

Emily Mullin | 
The first human test in the U.S. involving the gene-editing tool CRISPR could begin at any time and will employ ...
woman cancer patient

Rural-urban divide: Groundbreaking gene therapies could exacerbate inequality in cancer care

Emily Mullin | 
Two new cancer treatments have shown miraculous cures, but if you happen to live in Arkansas or Montana, or a ...
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Can CRISPR gene-edited ‘terminator bulls’ revolutionize the beef industry?

Andrew Rosenblum | 
After a year of trying, [Australian geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam's lab at the University of California succeeded in using] the ...
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Is President Trump pro-GMO?

Antonio Regalado | 
“We are streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting-edge biotechnology, setting free our farmers to innovate, thrive, and to grow,” Trump told a ...
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Beyond GMOs: Gene editing’s potential to transform food and farming depends on public acceptance

David Rotman | 
[The following is part of a letter from the editor of MIT Technology Review, David Rotman.] Decades of fretting over the ...
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Why 2018 might not be a banner year for CRISPR gene editing in humans

Emily Mullin | 
Ever since scientists first used CRISPR-Cas9 to edit living human cells in 2013, they’ve been saying that the possibilities for ...
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Will new wave of gene-edited crops ease public fear of GMO food?

Antonio Regalado | 
To many scientists, the potential of gene editing seems nearly limitless, offering a new way to rapidly create plants that ...

California cherry farmers look to ‘gene drive’ technology to kill invasive fruit flies

Antonio Regalado | 
Since it first appeared in Northern California in 2008, the spotted-wing drosophila, a type of fruit fly native to Asia, ...
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‘Semi-synthetic’ organism expands DNA base alphabet

Antonio Regalado | 
Every living thing on Earth stores the instructions for life as DNA, using the four genetic bases A, G, C, ...
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Why life-saving gene therapy isn’t available yet to children who need it most

Emily Mullin | 
[The first patient to permanently edit his DNA,] Brian Madeux, 44, of Arizona, is part of a clinical trial testing ...
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How gene therapy could help fight methamphetamine addiction

Emily Mullin | 
Gene therapy, which modifies a person’s DNA, has long been thought of as a way to treat genetic diseases—and, more recently, ...
gene editing reversible feature

CRISPR 2.0 ‘base editing’ arrives and it’s an even more remarkable disease-fighting tool

Emilly Mullin | 
You’ve probably heard of the molecular scalpel CRISPR-Cas9, which can edit or delete whole genes. Now, scientists have developed a ...
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Why personal genetics company Helix sparks intense criticism

Antonio Regalado | 
It can’t be good when America’s most famous cardiologist, one with 114,000 Twitter followers, posts to social media that your ...
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Inserting CRISPR machinery into human cells to fight Huntington’s and Lou Gehrig’s

Emily Mullin | 
The gene-editing tool CRISPR is based on a natural defense system embedded in bacterial cells that recognizes and destroys invading ...
artic apples package

Non-browning genetically engineered ‘Arctic apples’ now on sale–without GMO label

Andrew Rosenblum | 
[Arctic] apples are genetically altered to suppress browning and may be offered for sale as bagged slices in up to ...

Has the evolution of artificial intelligence reached its limits?

James Somers | 
But the peculiar thing about deep learning is just how old its key ideas are. Hinton’s breakthrough paper...was published in ...
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Synthetic bionics: E. coli pills could boost body’s ability to absorb ammonia in the gut

Antonio Regalado | 
Synlogic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company behind the unusual study, is testing what it calls “synthetic biotics,” or bacteria engineered ...
understanding high frequency hearing loss

CRISPR ear injections repair genetic hearing loss in mice

Antonio Regalado | 
We all know that CRISPR is the next big thing in gene-editing treatments. But how do you get the versatile genetic scissors ...
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Edible ‘CRISPR pill’ could make harmful bacteria self-destruct

Emily Mullin | 
As resistance to antibiotics grows in the U.S., researchers are looking for new ways to fight germs like Clostridium difficile, a ...

Human embryoids push bioethical boundaries

Antonio Regalado | 
Scientists are using stem cells to create clumps of cells that increasingly resemble bits of brain, lungs, or intestine. […] ...
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$500K gene therapy treatment? Some see a bargain

Emily Mullin | 
The idea behind gene therapy is that genetic material is used as a “living drug” to treat disease. Scientists have been ...

Mini ‘brains’ aid study of dementia and mental illness

Russ Juskalian | 
[A] brain organoid begins as a single skin cell taken from an adult. With the right biochemical prodding, that cell ...

Calculating odds of destroying humanity with genetic engineering

How likely is it that humanity will destroy itself? Various scientists have studied this probability, and the basic calculation is ...
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Muscular dystrophy ‘death sentence’ targeted by gene therapy trials

Antonio Regalado | 
[T]hree U.S. teams say they are ready to try to treat Duchenne [Muscular Dystrophy] with gene therapy. The first study ...

How GM seeds can ‘push’ photosynthesis to improve yields, battle impact of climate change

Katherine Bourzac | 
To feed a growing population, the United Nations projects, worldwide agricultural yields must increase by 50 percent between now and ...
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5 companies leading the personal genomics revolution

Emily Mullin | 
As gene sequencing technology gets faster and cheaper, companies are finding more ways to commercialize DNA, from offering disease-specific genetic ...