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Ending hunger: Researchers are giving smallholder farmers the wrong advice, study claims

How can research help to end hunger? One way to answer this question is to assess published research on hunger, ...
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Can we use DNA to sketch the faces of criminals?

Carrie Arnold | 
Most labs studying DNA phenotyping look for relationships between changes to individual letters of a person’s genetic code, known as ...
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Asians and Blacks dramatically under-represented in medical research, distorting drug therapy effectiveness

Chief Ben-Eghan, Jose Sergio Hleap, Rosie Sun | 
A 2018 analysis of studies looking for genetic variants associated with disease found that under-representation [of minorities] persists: 78% of ...
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How animals think

Alison Abbott | 
Neuroscientists wanting to understand the brain’s coding language have conventionally studied how its networks of cells respond to sensory information ...

Why is it so difficult to battle antibiotic resistance?

Maryn McKenna | 
Before COVID-19, antibiotic resistance was estimated to kill at least 700,000 people each year worldwide. That number could now climb ...

Older coronavirus victims 350 percent likelier to experience symptoms than 10-19 year olds

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a markedly low proportion of cases among children. Age disparities in observed cases could be ...

Another pandemic coming? Expanding land use boosts exposure to diverse zoonotic diseases, study finds

Rory Gibb | 
Land use change—for example, the conversion of natural habitats to agricultural or urban ecosystems—is widely recognized to influence the risk ...

When CRISPR gene editing falls short: ‘Base editing’ might treat disorders on the maternal line in mitochondrial DNA

Heidi Ledford | 
[A] technique — which builds on a super-precise version of gene editing called base editing — could allow researchers to ...
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GMO insect-resistant Bt prevents cancer and saves farmers up to $167 million per year, study shows

David Hennessy, Felicia Wu, Jina Yu | 
Previous field studies have reached no collective consensus on whether Bt corn, the most commonly planted transgenic crop worldwide, has ...
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Infographic: Animal origins or lab leak? Tracing coronavirus back to the source

David Cyranoski | 
Since the pandemic began, the question of where the coronavirus came from has been one of the biggest puzzles. It ...
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Infographic: 8 ways we can defeat the coronavirus

Ewen Callaway | 
More than 90 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 by research teams in companies and universities across the world. Researchers ...

Genetic analysis unravels East Asia’s history, highlighting migration of early farmers

Ewen Callaway | 
Ancient genomics is starting to unravel the history of East Asia. The first large-scale studies of ancient human genomes from ...
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Anti-vaccine online movement targeting undecided groups in social media, spreading disinformation about safety and coronavirus containment efforts, study warns

Philip Ball | 
As scientists work to create a vaccine against COVID-19, a small but fervent anti-vaccination movement is marshalling against it. Campaigners ...
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‘A radical idea’: Could a single factor be responsible for all mental illnesses?

Michael Marshall | 
What are the roots of mental illness? In the hope of finding an answer, scientists have piled up an enormous ...
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Why isn’t there an ‘accelerated pathway’ for approving treatments during a pandemic?

John Hodgson | 
Commercial biopharmaceutical discovery is a less than ideal vehicle for responding to an outbreak of a new viral pathogen spreading ...

Will genetically improved crops be enough to sustainably feed a booming global population?

A growing, increasingly affluent and urban human population is driving demand for more food grown in more-sustainable ways. ... Sustainable ...

Searching for coronavirus ‘antidote’ in the blood of former patients

Amy Maxmen | 
Hospitals in New York City are gearing up to use the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 as ...
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100 best-selling nutrition books give ‘puzzling’ advice, and few written by experts, study shows

Rebecca Marton | 
Nutritional decisions may be important for health, and yet identifying trustworthy sources of advice can be difficult to achieve. Many ...
Scientists spreading virus that killed Piglets in China x

China will test African swine fever vaccine on 10,000–20,000 pigs to ensure it won’t spread virus

Smriti Mallapaty | 
Researchers in China have developed an experimental vaccine that can protect pigs for life from a lethal virus that has ...