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Parkinson’s disease: Nature, nurture or bad luck?

Robin Marantz Henig | 
Scientists have long known that genes alone cannot explain why some people get Parkinson’s and others don’t. While a handful ...

Are fears of genetic testing rational?

Chip Rowe | 
DNA testing has become very popular among genealogists. The birth certificates, census records, and other documents they usually rely on ...
px Human evolution

Is there a method to the chaos of evolution?

Philip Ball | 
Is the natural world creative? Just take a look around it. Look at the brilliant plumage of tropical birds, the ...

Reaching beyond Darwinian evolution to explain the diversity of life

Philip Ball | 
Is the natural world creative? Just take a look around it. Look at the brilliant plumage of tropical birds, the ...

Uncovering human history in Ethiopia, world’s oldest graveyard

Amy Maxmen | 
Charles Darwin knew humans evolved from apes, but he died before the strongest fossils that prove our connection with primates ...

New sign language challenges genetic basis for similarities between languages

Julie Sedivy | 
Languages, like human bodies, come in a variety of shapes—but only to a point. Just as people don’t sprout multiple ...

What happens to early childhood memories?

Ferris Jabr | 
When I try to recall my life before my fifth birthday, I can summon only glimmers—these match strikes in the ...

Evolution sometimes happens without conveying advantage

Brandon Keim | 
Generally speaking, we tend to think of evolution in purposeful terms: There must be a reason for difference, an explanation ...

Picture of risk: One family’s story of the threat of genetic disease

Lauren Weinstein | 
When a fetus may have a genetic condition, parents face a great deal of uncertainty when evaluating risk for their ...

Enter the ‘grolar bear’: Warming habitats means chances for inter-species mating

Tim McDonnell | 
In the last 40 years, the Arctic has warmed by about 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit, more than twice the overall global ...

Animals who are both male and female offer insight into evolutionary development

Ferris Jabr | 
A very odd creature flitted past friends James Adams and Irving Finkelstein—a swallowtail unlike any they had ever seen. Its ...

Mom’s genes and environment affect gender of kids

Dalton Conley | 
Families are especially complex: Cause and effect are hard to disentangle in the bubbling cauldron that is a household. There ...

Replacement arteries working in human patients

Cynthia Graber | 
Even in the 1990s, the procedure seemed primitive. Laura Niklason watched it repeatedly as a medical resident at Boston’s Massachusetts ...
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The cross-species merger that made life as we know it possible

Ed Yong | 
The transition from the classic prokaryotic, nucleus-free model to the deluxe eukaryotic one is arguably the most important event in ...

Humans out-engineer evolution in the age of synthetic biology

Carl Zimmer | 
We've been tweaking and tinkering with DNA for thousands of years, but we're just reaching a time when humans, more ...

How to create alien life? Use human DNA, of course

Carl Zimmer | 
Five decades after cracking the genetic code, scientists have discovered how to re-code DNA cells and build new proteins. The ...

Genes that won the fame game

Yvonne Bang | 
Fame is something that sticks to someone or something, a quality earned or gained for no reason at all. It ...
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