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Replacement arteries working in human patients

Cynthia Graber | 
Even in the 1990s, the procedure seemed primitive. Laura Niklason watched it repeatedly as a medical resident at Boston’s Massachusetts ...
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The cross-species merger that made life as we know it possible

Ed Yong | 
The transition from the classic prokaryotic, nucleus-free model to the deluxe eukaryotic one is arguably the most important event in ...

Humans out-engineer evolution in the age of synthetic biology

Carl Zimmer | 
We've been tweaking and tinkering with DNA for thousands of years, but we're just reaching a time when humans, more ...

How to create alien life? Use human DNA, of course

Carl Zimmer | 
Five decades after cracking the genetic code, scientists have discovered how to re-code DNA cells and build new proteins. The ...

Genes that won the fame game

Yvonne Bang | 
Fame is something that sticks to someone or something, a quality earned or gained for no reason at all. It ...