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New life for the dead: Stem cells from corpses’ scalps

Charles Choi | 
Death will come for us all one day, but life will not fade from our bodies all at once. After ...

New procedure uses stem cells and patient’s own body fat to rebuild breasts

Monica Robins | 
It's almost every woman's dream: Getting rid of unwanted fat and getting a breast enhancement at the same time ...

Marijuana based drug may “turn off” gene that causes breast cancer

Chris Roberts | 
The "medical" bit of medical marijuana may be legitimate after all: Turns out a component of cannabis fights cancer, according ...

Greenpeace “out to sea” on GM rice issue, bioethicist says

Arthur Caplan | 
Greenpeace, perhaps best known for its battles at sea to protect whales and the oceans, has gotten itself involved in ...

Gene therapy cures siblings of “bubble boy” syndrome

Maggie Fox | 
Abbygail Ainslie was born perfect in July 2011. She weighed nine pounds and the genetic tests that have become standard ...

Could genetically modified seeds be a drought solution?

Jane Wells | 
Could genetically modified seeds be a drought solution? While farmers across the country struggle with the worst drought in 50 ...

Want to fight wrinkles? Some south Floridians are trying the “stem cell makeover”

Trina Robinson | 
It’s fairly widely known that stem cells can mean life-saving treatments for deadly diseases. Now, they are being used in ...

Is Elvis in your children’s DNA future? Furor develops over possible use of ‘celebrity’ genes

Alan Boyle | 
A British artist’s plan to create a mouse with Elvis Presley’s DNA as part of a larger project to exploit ...

Arizona statute on genetic testing has young boy’s future in limbo

Danielle Lerner | 
Evan Serrano, of Arizona, has a rare degenerative disorder called Friedreich Ataxia. At least, that's what doctors think. But Evan's ...

Genetic testing for athletes

Jennifer Von Reuter | 
Some doctors are asking if athletes should be genetically tested to see if they are at a greater risk for ...

Stem cells help reconstruct cancer patient’s breast

Daisy Lin | 
A potentially revolutionary way to help breast cancer survivors uses a woman's own stem cells to repair missing or disfigured ...
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