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DNA ‘identichip’ gives a detailed picture of a suspect

Abdul-Kareem Ahmed | 
Imagine you are trying to solve a burglary, and your sole lead is a cigarette butt. It has enough DNA ...
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What’s more dangerous: biology or synthetic biology?

Andy Coghlan | 
Slate MagazineWhat's More Dangerous: Biology or Synthetic Biology?Slate MagazineTom Knight got the bug for bioscience while he was a computer ...

Pressure mounts for retraction of GM crop-cancer study

Andy Coghlan | 
Pressure mounts for retraction of GM crop-cancer studyNew Scientist (blog)The EFSA concluded that the researchers, led by Gilles-Eric Séralini of ...

Sperm stem cells restore male fertility

Will Ferguson | 
Men who lose the ability to produce sperm after chemotherapy might one day be able to regain their fertility. That's ...
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Sustainable impact of biotech crops

A review of available scientific evidence about genetically modified (GM) crops clearly indicates their benefits for environmental sustainability and managing ...
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Claim of first human stem cell trial unravels

Peter Aldhous | 
Claims by a Japanese scientist to have run a clinical trial in which reprogrammed cardiac muscle cells grown from induced ...

DNA’s half-life identified using fossil bones

Colin Barras | 
We are used to radioactive substances having a half-life, but DNA? Now a study of bones from extinct birds suggests ...
GM corn crops

Scientists increasingly support sustainability advantages of GM crops

Michael Marshall | 
The idea that genetic modification is in itself harmful now appears to be a minority viewpoint. Scientists are decisively coming ...

Mouse eggs created from stem cells

Jessica Hamzelou | 
Mouse eggs can now be cooked up from scratch. Using stem cells, a Japanese team has created healthy eggs that, ...

Storm over GM maize study worsens

THOSE who hoped the study would go away will be disappointed. Claims that eating genetically modified maize gives rats tumours ...
green africa

Genomic studies find all humans did not originate in East Africa

Douglas Heaven | 
The largest study of genetic variance across present-day populations in southern Africa suggests that there is no single place in ...
happy baby

Ethics of fetal gene tests

Harriet Washington | 
Sequencing the whole genome of a fetus could provide a medical early warning on a previously unknown scale - but ...

Meet the world’s first transhumanist politician

Edwin Cartlidge | 
It's not necessarily a negative thing for us to become less human, says transhumanist politician Giuseppe Vatinno ...
genetic blueprint

Genetic blueprint of unborn baby in sight

Harriet Washington | 
Sequencing the whole genome of a fetus could provide a medical early warning on a previously unknown scale - but ...

Synthetic ‘upgrade’ for fruit fly’s DNA

Linda Geddes | 
The genetic code of the fruit fly Drosophila has been hacked into, allowing it to make proteins with properties that ...

Protecting prion protein keeps stem cells young

Jessica Hamzelou | 
COULD we stem the tide of ageing by delaying the deterioration of stem cells? A new compound that appears to ...
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Ruling frees FDA to crack down on stem cell clinics

Peter Aldhous | 
It's official: stem cells are drugs. At least, that's the opinion of the US district court in Washington DC, which ...

New stem cell controversy: Possibility of stem cells in ovarian eggs could revolutionize in vitro

Jessica Hamzelou | 
Are women born with all the eggs they will ever have, or do they possess the ability to make more? ...
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Climate change drives salmon evolution

Sara Reardon | 
Salmon DNA records stretching back over 30 years show that nature has increasingly selected for fish that migrate from the ...

Gene therapy curbs nicotine addiction in mice

Forget patches: gene therapy could suppress cigarette cravings by preventing the brain from receiving nicotine. The treatment is effective in ...

Let’s get real on synthetic biology

Claire Marris | 
EXCITING but terrifying. Powerful but scary. This is what some say about the emerging field of synthetic biology. Not surprising, ...

Squaring the genetically modified crop circle

Matthew Nisbet | 
CONTROVERSY over genetically modified wheat is building to what seems likely to be confrontation in the UK on 27 May ...
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