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Spicy foods may speed up bowel movements by triggering taste buds in the gut

Alice Klein | 
Have you ever needed to hurry to the toilet during times of stress or after eating a spicy meal? This ...
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Can ‘mindful’ meditation, tai chi lower genetic risks of heart attack, cancer?

Jo Marchant | 
Meditation and tai chi don’t just calm the mind – they seem to affect our DNA too. There’s evidence that ...
treatment for anxiety

LSD to lift your mood or performance? Microdosing could become commonplace

Sam Wong | 
Janet Lai Chang is one of many who have added a pinch of psychedelic drugs to their daily routine in ...

Plagued by indecision? Drug may boost confidence, help treat schizophrenia, OCD

Helen Thomson | 
Life is full of decisions, and sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re making the right one. But a drug ...
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Medication time-released ‘talking’ nanoparticles could target cancer

Leah Crane | 
Two nanoparticles have communicated with one another to perform a task for the first time, paving the way for more ...
Is ADHD actually a sleep disorder?

Is ADHD actually a sleep disorder?

Alice Klein | 
Could ADHD [be] a type of sleep disorder? After all, the brain pathways involved in paying attention have also been ...

Blue feces: Modified gut bacteria could indicate colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease

Claire Wilson | 
Checking the hue of your feces could soon reveal why you are feeling off-color. Gut bacteria in mice have been ...
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Careful, your brain may begin to eat itself if you don’t get enough sleep

Andy Coghlan | 
Burning the midnight oil may well burn out your brain. The brain cells that destroy and digest worn-out cells and ...
buenas bacterias intestinales

Type 2 diabetes treatment: Drug alters gut bacteria

Sam Wong | 
The most successful treatment for type 2 diabetes may work by changing the makeup of gut bacteria. Metformin is commonly ...
g sem of mitochondrion

It’s getting hot in here: Your cells reach 122 Fahrenheit when making energy

Michael Le Page | 
Our body temperature might not ever get much hotter than 37°C [98.6°F]. But it turns out that the insides of ...

Improving ‘worst’ environments in US could prevent 39 in every 100,000 cancer deaths, study claims

Helen Thomson | 
That’s according to the first study to address the impact of cumulative exposure to environmental hazards on cancer incidence in ...

‘Resurrected gene’ offers glimpse into Earth’s evolutionary past

Bob Holmes | 
A resurrected gene, brought back from the dead in the lab, is allowing molecular biologists to travel billions of years ...

‘Hunger hormone’ may also boost growth of brain cells

Clare Wilson | 
Could fasting boost your brainpower? A stomach hormone that stimulates appetite seems to promote the growth of new brain cells ...
Bees Pollinating

‘Wouldn’t help much’: What would a ban on neonicotinoid insecticides do for bee health?

Anthony King | 
“Everyone knows insecticides can kill bees,” says honeybee biologist Francis Ratnieks at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. “The ...
highly creative people

Creative people perceive the world and process images differently

Alice Klein | 
If you’re the kind of person who relishes adventure, you may literally see the world differently. People who are open ...
Unprotected sex with a new partner might affect vaginal health, microbiome

Unprotected sex with a new partner might affect vaginal health, microbiome

Jessica Hamzelou | 
To find out if sexual activities could shape the vaginal microbiome and, potentially, women’s health, Lenka Vodstrcil at Melbourne Sexual ...
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SHERLOCK gene tool can identify Zika in blood, help prepare for epidemics

Sam Wong | 
A tool based on CRISPR has been shown to detect the Zika virus in blood, urine and saliva. It was ...
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Video: CRISPR-created seedless tomatoes could eliminate need for bee pollination

Alice Klein | 
Don’t like the seeds in tomatoes? You might be pleased to know that seedless ones have been created by gene editing ...
Chimp eating fig

‘High quality diet’ likely source of primate brain growth — not social nature, study finds

Richard Wrangham | 
In the past two million years, humans have experienced a massive increase in brain size, one not seen in any ...

No need for ‘young blood’? Old blood can be rejuvenated using stem cells

Jessica Hamzelou | 
Young blood is being trialed as a treatment for conditions like Alzheimer’s...But these studies rely on young people donating their ...

‘Live vaccines’: Recoding bacteria’s genome could lead to more effective immunizations

Colin Barras | 
[G]eneticists used a new technique to recode 5 per cent of the Salmonella bacterium’s genome, introducing a record number of engineered ...
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Woman’s vision improved after first successful stem cell (iPS) treatment

Andy Coghlan | 
A woman in her 80's has become the first person to be successfully treated with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells ...
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Gentle touch: Premature babies’ brain development may benefit from physical contact

Linda Geddes | 
A gentle touch can make all the difference. Premature babies – who miss out on the sensory experiences of late ...

1 in 5 women with breast cancer could be helped by drugs targeting BRCA genes

Up to a fifth of women with breast cancer may benefit from drugs that are currently reserved for less common ...
Week Human Embryo from Ectopic Pregnancy

Chinese scientists repair viable human embryos with CRISPR for first time

Michael Le Page | 
A team in China has corrected genetic mutations in at least some of the cells in three normal human embryos ...
gettyimages x

Building synthetic life: Yeast experiments pave way for new drugs, treatments

Bob Holmes | 
The team that built the first synthetic yeast chromosome [in 2014] has now added five more chromosomes, totaling roughly a ...
Screen Shot at PM

Corn genetically engineered to neutralize toxic mold would be boon for health of poor women in Africa

Chelsea Whyte | 
It’s a silent killer lurking in common foods. A carcinogenic toxin made by [mold] kills thousands around the world and ...
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When loud noises interrupt conversations, your brain fills in the blanks

Aylin Woodward | 
Noise is everywhere, but that’s OK. Your brain can still keep track of a conversation in the face of revving ...
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