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Can genome research on the palm tree help save endangered rainforests?

Carl Zimmer | 
Scientists hope to use genomic knowledge to grow better trees that can yield more oil and reduce pressure on the ...

High-tech, high-risk forensics

Osagie Obasogle | 
When the police arrived last November at the ransacked mansion of the millionaire investor Raveesh Kumra, outside of San Jose, ...

DNA backs American history of some dog breeds

Jack Hitt | 
Some South Carolina dogs still live in the wild, and local people have long thought they were one of the ...

How weeds evolve

Carl Zimmer | 
Depending on your point of view, barnyardgrass is a nightmare or a marvel. That’s because it’s a supremely triumphant weed ...

Spatial skills may be an early sign of creativity

Douglas Quenqua | 
A gift for spatial reasoning—the kind that may inspire a child to dismantle a clock—may be a greater predictor of ...

DNA evidence leads to break in Boston Strangler case

Jess Bidgood | 
Investigators said Thursday that they had linked the man believed by many to have been the Boston Strangler to DNA ...
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Biotech innovations rescuing near extinct American chestnut tree

Michael Wines | 
Rival biotechnologists race to use genetic engineering to bring back the American chestnut tree ...
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Myriad Genetics sues competitors for patent infringement

Andrew Pollack | 
Myriad genetics is suing two competitors for infringing on patents not covered by the Supreme Court's ruling on human gene ...

Cornell geneticist seeks to reinvent broccoli

Michael Moss | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Broccoli hates too much heat, which is why 90 percent of it sold in ...

Rare mutation ignites race for cholesterol drug

Gina Kolata | 
The identification of woman with a rare gene mutation that results in astoundingly low LDL, or "bad," cholesterol levels has set off ...

Researchers find aspirin slows DNA changes that lead to cancer

Nicholas Bakalar | 
The use of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs significantly reduces the risk for cancer, but no one has been ...
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The smallest bacterial genome, in context

Carl Zimmer | 
Researchers find that a bacteria's tiny genome size is made possible only because its host's genetic code does some of ...
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Gene sleuths find how some naturally resist cholera

Nicholas Wade | 
Researchers found that people of the Ganges Delta have adapted genetically to withstand cholera and arsenic ...

Mark Bittman criticizes choice of GE pioneers for World Food Prize

Mark Bittman | 
The following is an edited excerpt. If Secretary of State John Kerry’s G.M.O.-boosting speech announcing the World Food Prize at ...
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Who really deserves a food prize?

Mark Bittman | 
Food writer Mark Bittman argues against the biotech-focused winners of this years World Food Prize ...
Small tomatoes

When is a tomato not a tomato?

Michael Winerip | 
Our modern tomatoes are tasteless -- could GM tech restore the tomato's tastiness? ...
px Beef February

USDA approves Non-GMO Project’s label claims

Stephanie Strom | 
In a first for the U.S., the Agriculture Department has approved the Non-GMO project's labels for meat and liquid egg ...

The erosion of genetic privacy

Gina Kolata | 
For years now, a steady stream of research has eroded scientists’ faith that DNA can be held anonymously. Not so ...

Poking holes in genetic privacy

Gina Kolata | 
The following is an excerpt. Not so long ago, people who provided DNA in the course of research studies were ...

After gene patent ruling, availability of gene tests could broaden

Andrew Pollack | 
The following is an excerpt. Almost immediately after the Supreme Court ruled that human genes could not be patented, several laboratories announced ...

Police agencies assemble records of DNA

Joseph Goldstein | 
The following is an excerpt. Slowly, and largely under the radar, a growing number of local law enforcement agencies across ...
jp DNA articleLarge

Police DNA databases grow in wake of Supreme Court ruling

Joseph Goldstein | 
A growing number of local law enforcement agencies across the country have moved into what had previously been the domain ...

Using mice to search for cancer genes

Gina Kolata | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is at the forefront of a new approach to ...

Discussion: Can human genes be owned?

The following is an excerpt. The Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether human genes can be patented. The ...

UK: Kraft’s GE wheat label is a mistake

Stephanie Strom | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The case of the labels warning of genetically modified wheat found on Kraft Mac ...

Plans for a global trove of genetic data

Gina Kolata | 
The goal is to put the vast collection of data on genetic variations and health into databases open to researchers ...
test tubes

Geneticists push for global data-sharing

Gina Kolata | 
69 institutions in 13 countries are working to enable the free flow of information in genomic medicine ...

Jewish identity and IVF

Caren Chesler | 
The following is an excerpt. Since the 1990s, the consensus among Jewish authorities has been that the bearing mother, not ...
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