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p what is the great barrington declaration understanding the controversial herd immunity petition embraced by trumps white house

Controversial Great Barrington ‘focused protection’ herd immunity declaration finds support at the White House

Sheryl Gay Stolberg | 
Many experts say “herd immunity” — the point at which a disease stops spreading because nearly everyone in a population ...
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‘Editing Humanity’: Kevin Davies’ new book on CRISPR, the ‘miracle of our age’

Carl Zimmer | 
“The Crispr story has arrived for the grand telling as a miracle of our age,” the [MIT Technology Review announced ...
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From confusion to comas: ⅓ of hospitalized COVID patients suffered deteriorating neurological function

Pam Belluck | 
Nearly a third of hospitalized Covid-19 patients experienced some type of altered mental function — ranging from confusion to delirium ...
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Revolt escalates over Notre Dame president’s admitted ‘poor judgement’ in ignoring university guidelines at White House ‘super spreader’ event

Kathleen Gray, Shawn Hubler | 
The Rev. John I. Jenkins, [Notre Dame’s] president and a 66-year-old Catholic priest with degrees in philosophy and divinity, was ...

Viewpoint: Evolution works – just look at the ‘success’ of the coronavirus

David Quammen | 
The scope and the devastation of the pandemic reflect bad luck, yes, and a dangerous world, yes, but also catastrophic ...

COVID long haulers face crushing mental roller-coaster

Emma Goldberg | 
Early on in the pandemic, a pervasive myth among patients and some health authorities was the idea that Covid-19 was ...

Stockholm syndrome revisited: As Sweden’s COVID rate flattens and masks disappear, experts ponder ‘no lockdown’ blueprint

Thomas Erdbrink | 
Normalcy has never been more contentious than in Sweden. Almost alone in the Western world, the Swedes refused to impose ...
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COVID ‘infodemic’: 38 million article Cornell study finds President Trump ‘largest driver’ of coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories

Noah Weiland, Sheryl Gay Stolberg | 
Of the flood of misinformation, conspiracy theories and falsehoods seeding the internet on the coronavirus, one common thread stands out: ...
China sidesteps global safety norms, injecting thousands with potentially risky COVID vaccines

China sidesteps global safety norms, injecting thousands with potentially risky COVID vaccines

Sui-Lee Wee | 
The world still lacks a proven coronavirus vaccine, but that has not stopped Chinese officials from trying to inoculate tens ...
bigstock doctor s hand holding bottle v x

COVID logistics nightmare: Developing a vaccine might be easy compared to shipping vials at -112°F to hundreds of millions of people around the globe

David Gelles | 
Drug companies will have to develop a safe and effective vaccine. Billions of people will have to consent to vaccination ...

Biden says he would revive US project to track animal viruses shelved by Trump administration last year

Donald McNeil Jr., Thomas Kaplan | 
Joseph R. Biden Jr. has promised that, if elected, he will restore [a] program, called Predict, which searched for dangerous new ...
security kid vaccine

COVID vaccines for children need to be vetted more carefully and may not be ready for a full year

Carl Zimmer | 
Thanks to the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed and other programs, a number of Covid-19 vaccines for adults are already in advanced ...

Pediatrician on her personal awakening as mother of a transgender daughter

Paria Hassouri | 
Being a pediatrician and mother of three, I didn’t think there were many parenting scenarios that could catch me unprepared ...
covid masks herd immunity

Protective ‘herd immunity’ may come a lot sooner than predicted

Apoorva Mandavilli | 
To achieve so-called herd immunity — the point at which the virus can no longer spread widely because there are ...
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Do you get dizzy when standing up? Here’s why

Jane Brody | 
A significant number of falls and fractures, particularly among the elderly, are likely to result from orthostatic hypotension — literally, ...

Viewpoint: Genetics is revolutionizing baby making and what it means to be a family

Debora Spar | 
Humans are reproducing in ways that would have been truly unimaginable just several decades ago: Two men and a surrogate ...
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What if the first COVID vaccines are rushed, not guaranteed to be safe, and limited in effectiveness?

Carl Zimmer | 
[A] surprising number of research groups are placing bets on some [COVID-19 vaccines] that have not yet been given to ...
college football taking a pass by john darkow columbia missourian

‘We have hit the iceberg’: NCAA doctors say playing college football in the fall is a bad idea

Billy Witz | 
“I mean, I feel like the Titanic,” [Emory School of Medicine’s executive associate dean Carlos] del Rio said on [August ...
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Worse than COVID19: Millions of deaths expected from other diseases as pandemic crisis sucks resources

Apoorva Mandavilli | 
Until this year, TB and its deadly allies, H.I.V. and malaria, were on the run. The toll from each disease ...
heavy drinkers more at risk for dementia according to new study

Why are Alzheimer’s and dementia rates falling in Europe and the U.S.?

Gina Kolata | 
The risk for a person to develop dementia over a lifetime is now 13 percent lower than it was in ...
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‘Looks can be deceiving’: People with anorexia don’t always look scrawny or malnourished

Jane Brody | 
[A]dolescents and young adults with disordered eating habits or outright eating disorders often go unrecognized by both parents and physicians ...
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Sugar and processed foods undermine body’s response to exercise

Gretchen Reynolds | 
[A] study, which involved rodents and people, suggests that eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods, which may ...
d bioprinting of organs ella maru studio science photo library

Bioprinting: Creating pinhead replicas of human organs to fight COVID-19 and other ailments

Ellen Rosen | 
Anthony Atala, the director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and his team are… creating tiny replicas of ...

Vaccines will be in short supply when developed. Here’s a way to prioritize who gets one

Gina Kolata | 
A preliminary plan devised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this spring gives priority to health care workers, then ...

Why do some children who eat enough calories still end up stunted?

Katherine Wu | 
Even when given enough to eat, [malnourished children] end up shorter than their peers and are saddled with cognitive deficits, ...
black maternal health x

CDC: US could prevent top-thirds of maternal deaths

Austin Frakt | 
[A] report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [says] the United States could prevent two-thirds of maternal deaths ...
Disability advocacy community both scared and excited about CRISPR gene editing

Disability advocacy community both scared and excited about CRISPR gene editing

Katie Hafner | 
While still highly theoretical when it comes to eliminating disabilities, gene editing has drawn the attention of the disability community ...
asymptomatic transmission coronavirus pandemic graphic x

Who are COVID-19 ‘super spreaders’ and how do they transmit the virus so widely

Carl Zimmer | 
Growing evidence shows most infected people aren’t spreading the virus. But whether you become a superspreader probably depends more on ...
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