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Disgust over ‘unnaturalness’ of GMOs prime reason for opposition

Maria Konnikova | 
Feelings of disgust are often immune to rationality. And with good reason: evolutionarily, disgust is an incredibly adaptive, life-saving reaction. We find ...

Will synthetic biology face same fate as GMOs?

Nicola Twilley | 
On a cold weekend last month, more than two thousand undergraduate scientists took over two levels of Boston’s Hynes Convention ...

Axing of European science czar over GMO issues: 1 step forward for Greenpeace, 2 steps back for EU and science

Michael Specter | 
Since 2012, the distinguished Scottish biologist Anne Glover has served as chief scientific adviser to the President of the European ...

DNA music? OK Go band to release ‘genetic album’

Andrew Marantz | 
OK Go makes power-pop songs—verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. What sets the songs apart is the way in which they are ...

How Vietnam War vets aid in brain research

Emily Anthes | 
In 1967, William F. Caveness, a neurologist and veteran of the Korean War, began building a registry of living soldiers ...

Immunotherapy represents an entirely new strategy for cancer treatments

Jerome Groopman | 
Most cancers, once they spread, are incurable. Cancer researchers are desperate to raise the number of patients who go into ...
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New Yorker editor David Remnick responds to Vandana Shiva criticism of Michael Specter’s profile

David Remnick | 
The Vandana Shiva affair takes a new turn today with the release of The New Yorker Editor David Remnick's point-by-point ...

Michael Specter discusses his profile of Vandana Shiva

Michael Specter | 
In last week’s The New Yorker magazine, Michael Specter wrote about the work of the environmental activist Vandana Shiva, who has, for ...

Don’t need much sleep? Thank your genes.

Maria Konnikova | 
Allan Pack wasn’t always a sleep expert. He started his career as a pulmonologist and came to the University of ...
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Most GMO label supporters don’t really support ‘right to know’

Michael Specter | 
Editor's Note: Readers might also want to read the GLP infographic: Is labeling GMOs really about our “Right to Know”? *** ...
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Vandana Shiva by Michael Specter: Demagogue or visionary?

Michael Specter | 
Who believes that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the USDA, National Academy ...
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Feminist group struggles with defining ‘woman,’ accusations of transphobia

Michelle Goldberg | 
Is the feminist organization "Radfems Respond" falling behind the times by refusing to recognize trans women as female? Growing awareness ...

Is susceptibility to procrastination genetic?

Maria Konnikova | 
Want to hear my favorite procrastination joke? I’ll tell you later. Piers Steel, a psychologist at the University of Calgary, ...

One family, one kid with a one-of-a-kind disease

Seth Mnookin | 
The couple had their first child, a son, on December 9, 2007, not long after Matt completed his Ph.D. in ...
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What neuroscience can tell us about PTSD and how to rewrite our memories

Michael Specter | 
Fear and memory share many connections in the brain. By understanding that physiology and relationship, neuroscientist Daniela Schiller hopes to ...

Orchard of knowledge: Artist will insert Wikipedia’s catalog into DNA of apple trees

Patrick House | 
Last year, Joe Davis, the artist in residence at George Church’s genetics lab, at Harvard Medical School, received an unmarked ...
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Debating GMOs: Anti Michael Pollan and plant scientist Pam Ronald break new ground with dialogue

Amanda Little | 
Journalist Michael Pollan and plant geneticist Pamela Ronald set an important precedent when they convened the two sides of the ...

What de-extinction can’t bring back

Elizabeth Kolbert | 
There are a lots of potential problems with de-extinction, starting with the fact that, in any rigorous way, it’s probably ...

FDA v. personal genetic testing

David Dobbs | 
The United States Food and Drug Administration is not known for its prose. So the warning letter that it sent ...

What’s wrong with Jeremy Seifert’s “GMO OMG”

Michael Specter | 
I recently watched “OMG GMO,” Jeremy Seifert’s aggressively uninformed “documentary” about the corporate duplicity and governmental callousness that he says ...

Do genetic advantages make sports unfair?

Malcolm Gladwell | 
In “The Sports Gene,” there are countless tales of the genetics of athletic excellence, examples of all the ways that ...

The psychology of distrusting GMOs

Maria Konnikova | 
Psychologists have long observed that there is a continuum in what we perceive as natural or unnatural. As the psychologist Robert Sternberg wrote in ...
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Should human genes be patented?

Michael Specter | 
As the cost of genome sequencing plummets, we move closer to an era of personalized medicine, in which an individual’s ...

Mark Lynas: An environmentalist’s conversion

Michael Specter | 
It has been more than fifteen years since companies like Monsanto began intense efforts to export agricultural biotechnology from the ...