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dsm metformin in healthy aging

Metformin: First pill that purportedly treats age-related illnesses in review for approval for trials

Zachariah Wylde | 
In recent decades, we've come leaps and bounds in treating and preventing some of the world's leading age-related diseases, such as ...
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What are ‘supergenes’ and how do they impact evolution

Biologists identified 37… so-called 'supergenes' in wild sunflower populations, and found they govern the modular transfer of a large range ...

Ancient African savanna was like a ‘chess board’, broadening the minds of early humans as they hunted for prey

Northwestern University researchers recently discovered that complex landscapes—dotted with trees, bushes, boulders and knolls—might have helped land-dwelling animals evolve higher ...
skynews chimpanzee lips

‘Speech-like signature’: Chimpanzees’ lip-smacks rhythm may offer clues about how we learned to talk

Alice Scott | 
The evolution of speech is one of the longest-standing puzzles of evolution. However, inklings of a possible solution started emerging ...
como conocer la mente humana a traves de la piedra image

Tracking down the evolution of an essential human skill: self-control

Human self-control evolved in our early ancestors, becoming particularly evident around 500,000 years ago when they developed the skills to ...
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Combining acoustic waves and CRISPR to create gene therapies for cancer and genetic disorders

A UCLA-led research team [April 28] reports that it has developed a new method for delivering DNA into stem cells ...
istockphoto x

Infographic: Tracking coronavirus strains with genetic ‘barcodes’

Britt Faulstick | 
Drexel University researchers have reported a method to quickly identify and label mutated versions of the virus that causes COVID-19 ...

Bronze age gender inequality? Analysis of 2,500-year-old teeth shows different diets for boys and girls

Analysing 2500-year-old teeth has thrown open a window onto life and gender inequality during Bronze Age China. The University of ...
jgi lab

Artificial life forms—’with no mother or father’—could change the way we develop vaccines

Beat Christen | 
Every living creature on Earth has parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on—representing an unbroken line of ancestry all the way ...

Why it’s unlikely that humans gained the ability to speak through a single gene mutation

One of the most controversial hypotheses for the origin of the human language faculty is the evolutionary conjecture that language ...
TrioP jpg

Growing diverse crops may not slow climate change as much as previously thought

Fred Lowe | 
Integrating perennial crops into corn and soybean rotations doesn't consistently increase the ability of soils to store carbon, according to ...

‘It seems so obvious’: How parasites influenced the evolution of human brains

Christopher Packham | 
It seems so obvious that someone should have thought of it decades ago: Since parasites have plagued eukaryotic life for ...
3-26-2019 image e depression genes

DNA ‘hot spots’ may explain why we are different from one another

Charlotte Hsu | 
What makes one person different from one another, and how did these differences evolve? A study by University at Buffalo ...

‘Ancient genes’ could point to our last universal common ancestor

Keith Cooper | 
Around 4 billion years ago there lived a microbe called LUCA: the Last Universal Common Ancestor. ... If we trace ...

Can success in life be predicted by our genes?

Bob Yirka | 
A team of researchers from the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand has found genetic variants that appear to confer ...
For all types of life, genetic diversity is ‘about the same’

For all types of life, genetic diversity is ‘about the same’

Marlowe Hood | 
Who would have suspected that a handheld genetic test used to unmask sushi bars pawning off tilapia for tuna could ...

Did life begin in water—or some other liquid?

Lisa Zyga | 
[W]hile water is an indispensable solvent for all known life forms that exist today, water also inhibits the formation of ...

Scientists use genetics, climate reconstructions to track global spread of modern humans out of Africa

Research indicates the out-of-Africa spread of humans was dictated by the appearance of favourable climatic windows. By integrating genetics with ...