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USDA moves to streamline biotech crop approvals by updating 30-year-old regulations

Liz Crampton | 
USDA’s new regulation updating its plant biotechnology guidelines is being reviewed by [the Office of Management and Budget], suggesting it’s ...

EU has ‘no plans’ to revise its strict regulations on gene-edited crops, European Commission official says

Emmet Livingstone | 
A European Commission official said [January 7] that Brussels has no plans to “put forward new legislative proposals” on genetically ...
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USDA, FDA announce plan to split regulatory oversight of lab-grown meat

Ryan Mccrimmon | 
The Agriculture Department and FDA laid out new details on [November 16] about how the two agencies plan to split ...

European Commission science advisers say political decision limiting crop gene editing will leave Europe a technological straggler

Simon Marks | 
Laws in the EU should be changed to allow plants developed through controversial gene-editing techniques to be more easily put on ...
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Why the USDA is finding it hard to combat surge in fraudulent organic products

Ryan Mccrimmon | 
USDA has an organic problem. The department wants to clamp down on fraudulent products, but needs to tackle inaccurate government ...
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Animal biotechnologist Alison Van Eenennaam questions FDA plan to classify CRISPR gene-edited animals as drugs

Ryan Mccrimmon | 
The [FDA in 2019]  will roll out several guidance documents meant to provide “intensive assistance” for navigating its guidelines for ...
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EU delays decision to re-approve ‘toxic’ copper compounds, widely used as pesticides in organic farming

Simon Marks | 
EU countries have delayed a decision on whether or not to reauthorize the use of copper compounds — chemical substances ...
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FDA, USDA tackle lab-grown meat label regulations at joint agency conference

Ryan Mccrimmon | 
[Ocotber 24 was] Day 2 of the joint USDA-FDA public meeting on cell-based meat — or whatever we end up ...
Biotech industry, anti-GMO activists face off over new NAFTA trade deal

Biotech industry, anti-GMO activists face off over new NAFTA trade deal

Catherine Boudreau | 
The U.S., Canada and Mexico collectively addressed agricultural biotechnology like genetically modified organisms for the first time in the new ...
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First ever FDA glyphosate study finds weed killer exposure ‘not concerning for public health’

Liz Crampton | 
FDA testing of glyphosate residues in food found no detectable amounts of the herbicide in over half of commodities tested ...
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USDA aims to debut ‘bioengineered’ GMO food labels by December 1

Catherine Boudreau | 
The USDA by Dec. 1 is aiming to publish a final rule on labeling food containing genetically engineered ingredients, Greg ...

Despite continued public debate, weed killer glyphosate is safe, EPA says

Liz Crampton | 
An EPA official said [September 10th] the agency’s work shows that glyphosate — the herbicide found in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup ...
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UK could retain Europe’s strict regulations on GMO crops following Brexit

Emmet Livingstone | 
In a position paper, [published August 23rd] the government said that EU GMO rules would continue to apply in the U.K ...
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Responding to Senator Schumer’s demand for glyphosate data, FDA says it found ‘no pesticide residue violations’

Liz Crampton | 
[The recent] media frenzy — and large dose of scientific criticism — over the Environmental Working Group’s glyphosate residues report, ...
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Roundup trial: California jury’s glyphosate verdict spurs effort to ban the herbicide in Europe

Simon Marks | 
A landmark court ruling in the U.S. holding Monsanto liable for causing cancer through its glyphosate-based weedkiller is adding fuel ...

Several European Union nations rebuked over efforts to sidestep neonicotinoid ban

Simon Marks | 
At least two EU countries continue to use emergency exemptions to sidestep a ban on pesticides that scientists believe harm ...

Amid activist claims Germany colluded with Big Ag to soften glyphosate regulations, Europe may switch evaluation responsibility to France

Simon Marks | 
Monsanto’s quest to keep its controversial weedkiller Roundup on the European market faces another challenge. The European Commission is pushing for ...
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FDA vs USDA? Federal agencies ready for a turf war, but may partner to regulate lab-grown meat

Catherine Boudreau | 
FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said [on July 17th] that the agency is working closely with USDA on early efforts to ...
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Viewpoint: Legal certainty, public support needed to unlock biotech’s potential in Europe

John Brennan | 
A new age is dawning in Europe, one that offers an opportunity to fully realize the power of biotechnology to ...
How Bayer-Monsanto merger might impact research efforts to find alternatives to the herbicide glyphosate

How Bayer-Monsanto merger might impact research efforts to find alternatives to the herbicide glyphosate

Nicholas Hirst, Simon Marks | 
Approval of the mega deal in Europe comes in the wake of similar decisions in South Africa, Brazil and China ...
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EU braces for landmark decision on whether CRISPR, other New Plant Breeding Techniques will be regulated as GMOs

Simon Marks | 
UPDATE: The European Court of Justice's advocate general has said gene editing technologies should be largely exempted from EU laws ...

Biotech advocates hope Trump tackles regulatory overreach on GMO crops

Jenny Hopkinson | 
The agricultural biotech sector is cheering President Donald Trump's assault on regulatory overreach, seeing its best shot in years to ...

Leaked draft of EU report reveals mixed findings on neonicotinoids and bees

Simon Marks | 
Draft findings from the European Food Safety Authority feed into a long-running, heated and so far inconclusive debate into why Europe’s ...
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How France, Italy and Belgium would profit if glyphosate is banned or restricted

Giulia Paravicini, Simon Marks | 
If Paris and Rome carry through with their plans to ban glyphosate, a small group of French, Italian and Belgian ...

Food fight: GMO labeling disagreements behind food lobby shakeup?

Catherine Boudreau, Helena Evich | 
Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, rocked food circles in late October with the news that it was leaving the ...
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USDA expects quick approval for genetically engineered virus to combat citrus greening disease in Florida

Jenny Hopkinson | 
The Agriculture Department is expected to allow Florida citrus growers to start using a genetically engineered virus to protect trees ...
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IARC rejects US House science committee’s request to testify on glyphosate cancer report scandals

Christine Haughney, Maya Parthasarathy | 
The International Agency for Research on Cancer will not comply with a House science committee's request related to the agency's conclusions on ...
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EU ban of globally used glyphosate would disrupt agricultural and food markets

Giulia Paravicini, Simon Marks | 
Some of Europe’s biggest trade partners fear a potential EU ban on glyphosate could hit exports of crops ranging from ...