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GM labeling bills on docket in Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
New England could once again be a hotbed of action for GMO labeling during this legislative session, with hopes particularly ...

Farmers who embrace science of GMOs often reject science of climate change

Don Carr | Politico | 
A contentious issue in the upcoming Colorado and Oregon GMO labeling referendums is the perceived safety of consuming genetically modified ...
Enviros file suit to block new Dow AgroSciences GMO herbicide and seeds

Enviros file suit to block new Dow AgroSciences GMO herbicide and seeds

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
The Natural Resources Defense Council asked a federal court to block Dow AgroSciences' new Enlist Duo product from entering the ...

Colorado GMO labeling campaign strapped for cash, national groups pin hopes on Oregon

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
Proponents of Oregon's GMO labeling ballot initiative have everything a campaign could hope for - from six-figure donations to a ...

Chobani seeks non-GMO milk for yogurt, faces supply challenge, high prices

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
Chobani, the yogurt aisle darling and maven of healthy snacks, is looking to check another box for ingredient-conscious shoppers: non-genetically ...

Dispute over use of GM seeds in El Salvador cited as cause of delay on aid package

David Rogers | Politico | 
Even as the White House scrambles to deal with the flood of child migrants from Central America, a $277 million ...
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U.S. food industry giants fire preemptive strike, seek federal GMO law

Giants of the U.S. food industry, who have spent millions fighting state GMO initiatives, are taking a page from their ...
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Northeastern states important GMO labeling battleground in 2014

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
In 2013, 26 states took up the issue of GMO labeling. Advocates are now eyeing Vermont and other Northeastern states ...

Grocery industry calls on FDA to define ‘natural’ to include GM food

Jenny Hopskinson | Politico | 
The Grocery Manufacturers Association has called on the Food and Drug Administration to define the ‘natural’ claim on food labels ...

Monsanto confronts devilish public image problem with public outreach efforts

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
Monsanto and other large agricultural companies are attempting to turn their public image around with greater transparency and increased dialogue ...

The battle lines on food labeling

Jenny Hopkinson | Politico | 
Washington state voters look ready to deliver the country’s first mandatory GMO labeling law with no strings attached early next ...

Let’s protect biotech crops from environmental zealots

John Block | Politico | 
The following is an excerpt. President Barack Obama signed a six-month funding bill on March 27 to little fanfare, with ...

Big Agriculture flexes its muscle

David Rogers | Politico | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Congress holds the purse strings, but who holds Congress these days when it comes ...

Concerns arise in Chinese bid for genomics firm

Politico | 
The pending sale of a major American gene-mapping company to a Chinese firm is sparking yet another dust-up over what ...
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