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What is a ‘species,’ exactly?

Emily Singer | 
Most people do not get to use the tree-climbing skills they perfected as children once they’re adults. But for Jochen Wolf, ...

Does competition drive diversity of species?

Emily Singer | 
In Darwinian evolution, organisms compete for resources, and the winners get to pass their genome to future generations. According to ...

Under pressure, even evolution evolves

Emily Singer | 
Although Darwin’s ideas have clearly triumphed in modern biology, hints of a more Lamarckian style of inheritance have continued to ...
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Repeated patterns in DNA may be missing piece of the story of human evolution

Emily Singer | 
Science is just starting to unlock what we can learn from duplicated regions of DNA in the genes of humans ...

RNA plays role in cellular communication

Wynne Parry | 
For decades, researchers have been finding DNA and its sister, RNA, circulating in the body, outside the safe interior of ...

Evolution as opportunist

Wynne Parry | 
Evolution is littered with examples of opportunism. Hosts infected by viruses found new uses for the genetic material the agents ...

The surprising origins of life’s complexity

Carl Zimmer | 
Conventional wisdom holds that complex structures evolve from simpler ones, step-by-step, through a gradual evolutionary process, with Darwinian selection favoring ...
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