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Why turning to germaphobia won’t protect us from another pandemic

Sophie Strosberg | 
As someone who has spent years doing research in health geography, I understand that this collective turn to cleanliness serves ...

Powerful psychedelic drug ibogaine could help people kick opioid addictions

Ross Pomeroy | 
Somewhere around two million Americans suffer from opioid-related substance use disorder. Treatments like buprenorphine and methadone calm the brain circuits ...

Outside of ‘occasional surges’, biodiversity evolution has been largely stagnant for millions of years, studies suggest

Gareth Willmer | 
The traditional view is that species have increased in diversity continuously over the past 200 million years, particularly in the ...
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How did early humans avoid being wiped out by tuberculosis?

Ross Pomeroy | 
Tuberculosis is responsible for as many as one billion deaths in the last 200 years alone, but its murderous history ...
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First plants didn’t evolve flower color to attract pollinators, study suggests

Ross Pomeroy | 
Flowering plants feature a wondrous array of colors, the primary purpose of which is to attract insect pollinators. But this ...
screenshot beer in ancient egypt

Ancient Egyptians loved beer. Here’s the recipe they used to brew it

Ross Pomeroy | 
The ancient Egyptians loved beer. According to Mohamed A. Farag, a Professor of Chemistry at The American University in Cairo: ...
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Too many carbs, calories? Nope. Lack of fiber biggest problem with American diets

Ross Pomeroy | 
Ask Americans about what they think is the biggest problem with their diets and you'll probably hear a variety of ...

Viewpoint: 5 popular Netflix documentaries serve up pseudoscience about agriculture, chemicals and nutrition

Ross Pomeroy | 
Netflix brought in $15.8 billion in revenue in 2018 in part because the streaming service floods subscribers with a deluge ...

Viewpoint: Intellectual property tug-of-war could hinder the CRISPR gene-editing revolution

Ross Marchand | 
Conservative estimates place the value-added of [intellectual property] on the American economy at nearly $1 trillion annually... ... Take, for instance, ...
Viewpoint: New director of International Agency for Research on Cancer, under fire for promoting cancer fears, likely to maintain status quo

Viewpoint: New director of International Agency for Research on Cancer, under fire for promoting cancer fears, likely to maintain status quo

Andrew Magloughlin | 
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a World Health Organization subsidiary mired in controversy, picked Dr. Elisabete Weiderpass ...
GMO labeling bill defeated in Canadian parliament wrbm large

Viewpoint: The government can’t decide what a GMO is—so how is it going to require mandatory labeling?

Tirzah Duren | 
If the food industry and government cannot come to a consensus about what is a GMO and what isn’t, labeling ...

Gold mine in our body? Should researchers pay for using our plasma cells?

Ross Pomeroy | 
By donating blood plasma, you can make anywhere from $40 to $100 per week. But that's loose change to Ted ...

How does promiscuity in females impact evolution?

Stuart Wigby | 
Darwin’s original ideas about sexual selection were based largely on males competing for mates, either by fighting among themselves or ...
pesticides on food

Environmental Working Group wrong: Pesticide levels in food determined safe

Ross Pomeroy | 
A new analysis published in the International Journal of Food Contamination shows that pesticide residues in food are at levels ...

Scientists just calculated the total amount of DNA there is on Earth

Ross Pomeroy | 
The Earth is brimming with life, and within that life, is information, stored in strands of deoxyribonucleic acid: DNA. This ...

In Yellowstone’s hot springs, biotechnology revolution was born

Alex Berezow | 
Arguably, the most important enzyme ever discovered was found in a bacterium that lived in one of Yellowstone's hot springs ...

Letter to Dr. Oz: ‘Your rebuttal full of logical fallacies’

Alex Berezow | 
Dear Dr. Oz, As a TV host, book author, and "America's Doctor," you hold a powerful and privileged position to ...

Costco scares consumers about GM, yet most of its products contain GMOs

Alex Berezow | 
Last week, just days after I wrote a very critical article skewering Whole Foods for lying to all of its customers about ...

Future of biotechnology, scientific research threatened by pro-organic misinformation campaigns

Alex Berezow | 
The organic food market is estimated at $63 billion globally, with more than half of those sales occuring in the United States ...
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Genes matter: People marry mates with similar DNA but different immune systems

Alex Berezow | 
DNA research suggests that the adage that opposites attract is off base when it comes to marriage. Humans pick spouses ...

Genes may make the musician

Ross Pomeroy | 
A team of researchers has identified multiple genes linked to musical aptitude, providing further evidence that musical ability is heritable ...

30,000 year-old virus revived

Alex Berezow | 
As a general rule-of-thumb, eukaryotic cells (e.g., amoebae or human body cells) are about 1,000 times bigger than bacteria, and ...

Desire changes everything, and it’s genetic

Ross Pomeroy | 
Fairbanks, Alaska native Lance Mackey knew all about performance sled dogs, and nursed a burning desire to breed and race ...

Male or female? Why a cell’s sex matters

Ross Pomeroy | 
It may surprise you to learn that -- like humans -- cells can be male or female. The distinction is ...

How does Human saliva compare to a Chimp’s?

Alex Berezow | 
Humans (genus Homo) and chimpanzees and bonobos (genus Pan) share roughly 99% of their DNA. But that doesn't necessarily mean we share the same ...

Why do microbes kill some people but not others?

Alex Berezow | 
Why do some horrible infectious diseases kill an unlucky few and ignore millions of others? Perhaps the most infamous example ...

A sperm bank for honeybees

Associated Press | 
There's a lot of buzz at Washington State University over work to develop the first sperm bank for honeybees. Entomologist ...

‘Three-parent’ embryos: US should follow UK’s example and prepare for approval

Alex Berezow | 
The UK recently announced plans to approve "three parent" IVF techniques and both the United States and European Union should ...