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Brazil soy cultivation

China approves imports of two GMO soy varieties, green lighting production in Argentina

Dominique Patton, Min Zhang | 
China has approved the import of two new genetically modified (GM) soybean varieties, including one developed by local firm Beijing ...

Hospitals face chronic shortages of injectable opioids. The COVID-19 pandemic made things worse.

Dan Levine, Lisa Girion, Robert Respaut | 
For years, hospitals chased supplies, sometimes resorting to inferior substitutes. The shortfall grew so dire in 2018 that a drugmaker ...
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New COVID-19 treatment guidelines coming after inexpensive steroid cuts death rate among hardest-hit patients in trial

John Miller | 
Trial results announced on Tuesday [June 16] by researchers in Britain showed dexamethasone, used since the 1960s to reduce inflammation ...
turkey skeleton

What the ‘lady in the well’ tells us about ancient population movement in the Middle East

Will Dunham | 
The bones of a woman of Central Asian descent found at the bottom of a deep well after a violent ...

COVID-19 treatment could be ready by September if Eli Lilly’s experimental antibody therapies are a success

Carl O'Donnell, Michael Erman | 
Eli Lilly and Co could have a drug specifically designed to treat COVID-19 authorized for use as early as September ...

US hospitals have ‘pulled way back’ on hydroxychloroquine use after studies identify safety risks

Deena Beasley, Michael Erman | 
U.S. hospitals said they have pulled way back on the use of hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug touted by President Donald ...

Coronavirus fears spur drop in childhood vaccinations and could lead to new measles outbreaks

Vishwadha Chander | 
Researchers have documented a drop in child vaccination rates in Michigan since restrictions were imposed to slow the spread of ...
s reutersmedia net

Bayer takes ‘tougher stance’ in glyphosate-cancer settlement talks amid COVID-19 financial strain

Ludwig Burger, Patricia Weiss | 
Bayer said the economic downturn and the need to preserve cash means it is taking a tougher stance in talks ...

Locust invasion has jeopardized the livelihoods of 20 million Africans—now a second wave is coming

Nita Bhalli | 
Billions of desert locusts have swept across east Africa, threatening the livelihoods of more than 20 million people. Now a ...
Monsanto Supreme Court Seed Dispute

Farmers running ‘unprecedented race’ to secure fertilizer, seeds and pesticides amid coronavirus outbreak

Rod Nickel, Tom Polansek | 
North America’s biggest farm suppliers are accelerating shipments of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural chemicals to crop-growing regions in an unprecedented ...
Bollgard II seed Pack x

India cancels royalties seed companies pay Bayer for GMO cotton, threatening foreign investment in nation’s biotech crop sector

Mayank Bhardwaj | 
India has axed the royalties that local seed companies pay to German drugmaker Bayer AG for Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) ...

Africa’s locust outbreak: Proof we need GMOs, pesticides and every other tool in the toolbox to combat crop-destroying insects

Nteranya Sanginga | 
A perfect storm of conditions led to the locust attack currently tearing through East Africa and Pakistan, where countries are ...

Soybean damage caused by Bayer’s drift-prone dicamba herbicide spurs farmers to use competing GMO seeds, weedkillers

Rod Nickel, Tom Polansek | 
Bayer AG’s takeover of Monsanto has been beset by problems, and now a decades-long dominance of the $4 billion U.S ...

Trump urges Colombia to restart aerial glyphosate weedkiller spraying to wipe out coca crops

Luis Acosta, Oliver Griffin | 
Colombia will have to restart aerial spraying of the herbicide glyphosate in order to destroy crops of coca, the chief ...
bayer ag logo pd v z a par a l

Bayer in ‘no rush’ to settle Roundup-cancer litigation following endorsements from EPA, Department of Justice

Ludwig Burger, Patricia Weiss | 
.... Bayer was at pains on [Feb. 27] to quell expectations it was nearing an out-of-court settlement laying to rest ...

Bayer Chairman to step down as potential $12 billion Roundup-cancer litigation settlement looms

Ludwig Burger | 
Bayer Chairman Werner Wenning, one of the architects of a $63 billion takeover deal that has left the German crop ...
As France phases out common pesticides, regulator says farmers still need crop chemicals to control new plant diseases

As France phases out common pesticides, regulator says farmers still need crop chemicals to control new plant diseases

Gus Trompiz | 
France needs to retain pesticides to combat new plant diseases spread by international trade and climate change even as it ...
sloevnia vi

Bucking US pressure, key European politicians pushing to make its farming policies a global green standard

Andrea Shalal, David Lawder | 
Ahead of a much-anticipated ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy to accompany the EU Green Deal, some EU policymakers say Europe’s food ...

Bayer appeals last year’s $86 million California Monsanto Roundup glyphosate-cancer trial verdict

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG has asked a California appeals court to overturn an $86 million verdict that found it was responsible for ...
s reutersmedia net

Roundup-cancer settlement could include clause that bars plaintiffs’ lawyers from soliciting new clients

Arno Schuetze, Ludwig Burger, Patricia Weiss | 
As Bayer AG tries to settle U.S. lawsuits claiming that its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer, the company is considering a ...
file as pz

Bayer reportedly discussing halt of Roundup weed killer sales to consumers as part of glyphosate-cancer settlement negotiations

Michelle Martin | 
Bayer is considering stopping sales of the weedkiller glyphosate to private users who apply it in their gardens, German newspaper ...
Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

Bayer, plaintiffs postpone latest glyphosate-cancer trial to facilitate possible settlement

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG said on [Jan. 24] it has reached an agreement with plaintiffs’ lawyers to postpone a Missouri jury trial ...

China issues safety approvals for herbicide-tolerant, insect-resistant corn and soybean, paving the way for local GMO crop cultivation

Dominique Patton, Hallie Gu | 
China’s agriculture ministry issued biosafety certificates on [Jan. 21] for domestically grown, genetically modified (GM) corn and soybean traits, moving ...

EU bans Bayer neonicotinoid insecticide thiacloprid, citing threat to human reproductive health, bees

Robin Emmott | 
The European Commission decided on [Jan. 13] not to renew approval for a pesticide linked to harming bees, effectively banning ...
krogeremerge smaller

US grocery stores roll out private label plant-based beef to compete with Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods

Richa Naidu, Siddharth Cavale | 
Cashing in on rising demand for imitation meat, major retailers including Kroger and Walmart recently began to carry Beyond Meat’s ...

Impossible Foods cancels plans for McDonald’s GMO plant-based burger

Hilary Russ, Richa Naidu | 
Impossible Foods is no longer trying to win a coveted deal to supply McDonald’s Corp with plant-based burgers, telling Reuters ...
unnamed file

Bayer asks appeals court to toss ‘speculative’ $25 million glyphosate-cancer verdict

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG on [Dec. 16] said it has asked a U.S. federal appeals court to throw out a $25 million ...
france roundup

France bans 36 glyphosate weed killers, citing products’ potential to damage DNA

French health and environment agency ANSES said on [Dec. 9] it was banning glyphosate-based weedkillers that represent most of the ...