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Glyphosate-cancer trials postponed while Bayer, plaintiffs negotiate potential $8-$12 billion settlement

Ludwig Burger | 
Germany’s Bayer has agreed with plaintiffs to postpone its next two U.S. lawsuits over the alleged cancer-causing effects of its ...
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China cleaning up 25 million acres of polluted farmland to meet soaring food demand

David Stanway, Muyu Xu | 
China has shut more than 1,300 heavy metal enterprises since 2016 as part of a long-term plan to curb widespread ...

Bayer’s Monsanto division pleads guilty to misdemeanor for spraying banned pesticide and storing hazardous waste in Hawaii in 2014, will pay $10.2 million fine

Jonathan Stempel | 
Monsanto pleaded guilty to spraying a banned pesticide on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and agreed to pay $10.2 million ...

Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat success spurs Chinese firms to develop plant-based meats

Brenda Goh, Pei Li | 
While China is no stranger to food using vegetarian ingredients to give a meat-like flavor, the buzz around Beyond Meat ...
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Burger King sued for cooking plant-based Impossible Burger on grill used to fry beef

Jonathan Stempel, Richa Naidu | 
Burger King was sued on [Nov. 18] by a vegan customer who accused the fast-food chain of contaminating its meatless ...

Access to plant genetic data sparks conflict between rich, poor countries trying to breed climate-resilient crops

Ahead of renewed negotiations to revise a global treaty in Rome on [November 11], rich and poor countries are at ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods eye 2020 expansion into China as plant-based meat market approaches $140 billion

Richa Naidu | 
Beyond Meat Inc aims to start production in Asia before the end of next year, as it gets closer to ...
Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef

Steak from protein powder: Next generation of lab-grown foods on the horizon

Thin Lei Win | 
It may sound like science fiction, but in a few short years the family dinner table may be laden with ...

Glyphosate-cancer lawsuit tally doubles to 42,700, as settlement talks attract more plaintiffs, Bayer says

Ludwig Burger, Patricia Weiss | 
Germany’s Bayer is now facing 42,700 U.S. plaintiffs blaming its glyphosate-based weedkillers for their cancer, more than twice the tally ...
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Thailand glyphosate ban threatens over $500 million worth of American crop exports, USDA warns

Thailand’s ban on three chemicals used in farming that its government deemed hazardous could threaten imports of American agricultural products ...

Bayer could face over 45,000 glyphosate-cancer cases as settlement talks continue

Ludwig Burger | 
Bayer expects the number of claims in the United States related to Roundup herbicide to have surged in the third ...
s reutersmedia net

Bayer faces first glyphosate-cancer lawsuit in Australia as US plaintiff count tops 13,400

Melanie Burton | 
An Australian farmer has launched a legal case against Bayer AG’s agricultural chemicals unit Monsanto after being diagnosed with a ...

October glyphosate-cancer trial delayed as settlement negotiations continue, Bayer says

Tina Bellon | 
A pending U.S. lawsuit over claims related to Bayer’s (BAYGn.DE) glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup has been delayed, the company said on ...

Bayer plan to launch GMO dicamba-resistant soybean in Brazil sparks pushback from some farmers

Ana Mano | 
A genetically modified soy seed technology from Germany’s Bayer set to launch soon in Brazil has sparked concern from some ...

12 technologies that will help feed 9 billion people without wrecking the planet

There is a big challenge not just to produce food in a more sustainable way for the sake of our ...
Bee on canola

EU rapeseed could recover from poor summer harvest, but neonic insecticide ban poses ‘painful’ challenge

Rapeseed sowings in major EU producers could increase after this summer’s poor harvest although restrictions on insecticides are causing problems ...
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EU glyphosate battle: Monsanto list of policy makers, journalists not illegal, Bayer says

Ludwig Burger | 
Bayer said a law firm it commissioned to investigate lists compiled by Monsanto of European journalists, politicians and researchers had ...
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Battle over cancer warning label, glyphosate ban could complicate Roundup lawsuit settlement

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG is in mediation to potentially settle thousands of U.S. lawsuits claiming that the company’s Roundup weed killer causes ...
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20 French mayors ban glyphosate, spurring new legal battle over Bayer’s controversial weed killer

Forrest Crellin, Pierre-Henri Allain | 
Some 20 French mayors have banned glyphosate from their municipalities, defying the government, which is now taking legal action to ...
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Bayer may enter plant-based meat market as protein provider for Beyond and Impossible Burgers

Tina Bellon | 
A Bayer executive ... said the company was closely watching the plant-based meat market which has seen booming demand in ...
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Impossible Foods ramps up supply as Burger King plans nationwide GMO plant-based Whopper launch

Jane Lee | 
Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods on [July 31] announced a partnership with major meat supplier OSI Group, a longtime producer ...
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GMO Impossible Burger soy ingredient that ‘bleeds’ approved by FDA, clearing way for US grocery store sales

Tina Bellon | 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on [July 31] approved a key ingredient in plant-based burger patties made by Impossible ...
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Bayer scraps launch of Monsanto worm pesticide over safety concerns as glyphosate-cancer legal battle rages

Tom Polansek | 
Bayer AG has scrapped plans for wide sales next year of a chemical that is intended to protect U.S. crops ...
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Glyphosate on trial: Bayer would consider settling all cancer lawsuits on ‘reasonable terms’, as suits now number 18,400

Ludwig Burger | 
Bayer on [July 30] said it would consider settling with U.S. plaintiffs suing over the German group’s Roundup herbicide only ...
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Scientists recruit drones, GMOs and weed-killing robots to help farmers thrive as climate changes

Laurie Goering | 
In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or ...
Bayer faces expensive lawsuit in Brazil as more farmers challenge firm's GMO soy patent

Bayer faces expensive lawsuit in Brazil as more farmers challenge firm’s GMO soy patent

Ana Mano | 
Germany’s Bayer AG, which completed the takeover of U.S.-based Monsanto [in 2018], has been dealt a legal blow in Brazil ...
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Bayer trial: Judge cuts ‘excessive, unconstitutional’ $2 billion Monsanto glyphosate-cancer damages to $86.7 million

Tina Bellon | 
A California judge on [July 25] reduced a $2 billion jury verdict, slashing the award for a couple who blamed ...
monsanto roundup

Home-field advantage in Missouri trial could boost Bayer’s fortunes in glyphosate-cancer legal battle

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer .... facing an upcoming trial in St. Louis over allegations that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer, has recruited ...